Support choose one destiny, enchanted fountain pen "PEN & # 8217s; S ALLEY TAKEUCHI"


Colorful fountain pen made in Europe

From Toyohashi City, Okazaki city ran in the route 1, and、Fountain pen was drawn remains in the eye。Copy is written thereI wanted to see this fountainAlso impressive.。Is this sign of Takeuchi Showa 5 year established stationery shop.。Nestled in the heart of Okazaki in store.。Takeuchi stationery shop opened its predecessor current Meitetsu Higashi Okazaki station。At that time the main wholesale than retail in、Paid stationery Asuke, Chita。The predecessor idaman had in war、Transfer from munitions factories, steel、The selling stationery.。Breeze galas pen and ink、Other paste、If you put anything sold so。0/1952、In the readjustment of the new station building was moved to its present location。

Along with the times、Changes we sought。Start to copy and office equipment such as、The expanded business scale、StationeryThe prevalence of Internet sales and、Street shops resulting from exposure to adverse。Now from 10 years ago.、Considered to 畳mou shop、Seek and desperately want to defend the store built by predecessor、Found the way out is the fountain pen。As strategic products。Now it's time1500BookAbout matching、Many people go from the other prefectures。 An enthusiastic pen lovers、Collectors around the world and he。


50Years to 60 years ago stocked galas pen


To clean the tip of the pen tool we

The store manager who married third Takeuchi stationery shopSachiko Takeuchi.Mr. a、Convert this strategy from awakening to the fountain pen、And learned things from our customers are familiar with。Takeuchi ManagerGood in poor taste in the letter writing with a fountain pen?Love and the squinting their eyes while watching one。Exchange of words, knew the taste、Writing to encourage her to know、Store managers say fate can make face-to-face sales from one election to help you。Highway sign copies、The request itself would。The Manager can take the fountain pen talk overnight that prompted writing、Do not hold many years so not sure。Gingerly put pen to paper and、At least force began to move smoothly。The sense of strength, can express stop and pay his resurrection、Taste wroteThe word that comes to mind。Depending on the angle with a stylus or pen、To completely change the impression of the character interesting.。In junior high school students、Is not many people got a fountain pen。High school application is written in fountain pen memory。Taste for sensation of the season、A gift from my grandmother might be sleeping somewhere in my parents ' House、Became desperately try to find。

Sixty-year-oldOther multiples.、From advanced aging、3/1/2014、From the old store 3 minutes walkNew storesTo have moved.。This machine、More specifically to the fountain pen, expanded exhibition space to。Corner of the write is also expanding、Shopping and the opportunity to write a letter to、Scattered throughout the various。Fountain pen courses for beginners、Various events are performed by、The importance、Or recommended to people who want to debut。
* Hold regular events such as the fountain pen lecture for beginners!


Takeuchi France patronized parquet
Fountain pen and ink case


Old Takeuchi stationery shop store

PEN & # 8217s; S ALLEY TAKEUCHI (formerly Takeuchi stationery store)
Okazaki-shi seikoin-Cho 36 hours: 10:-20: TEL: 0564-21-0864

East Mikawa & far-West, West Mikawa, Minami Shinshu cheer magazine so 42 publication of 3/10/2014 magazine
Statement:露久保 Mizue / Photos:Satoshi Harada beauty

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