Learn the history, dates back to the promised land flower Lotus Japan rule age nature tour

Hualien hotel "Flower Lotus ideal Earth passed Crowne Plaza Hotel Promisedland Resort & Lagoon Promised land resort & Lagoon "in the hotel activity、Is cycling out of the hotel and explore the calm city of Hualien.、You can learn the history of the Japan rule age "natural nature tours (Nature tour), journey" there!

Bicycles is the ride for one person、You can choose for two passengers and the、This time the、That set up a rainy afternoon、By bicycle to coursesKim s.Is it under the Guide、Let us ride hotel!

The lotus flowers、Obsolete historical cultural assets of Japan rule age related and cultural heritage、This "natural nature tours (Nature tour), travel",、Shou Feng South village to visit、Largest sugar base in Japan during the colonial period in history to "Japan sugar mill Valley" and "the hoanden、"Bali rice field village"、"Flower Lotus Bali rice field sentence history archives"、"Blue Lotus Temple(Bali rice field God company)"、"Bali successfully country elementary school (formerly:Toyota elementary school"、Must see attractions such as the "good" really resonates with me!

Japan colonial period、Immigration is a village in the three "Pacific village"、"This forest village"、Moved to "Yamashita village.、 1913Toyoda village integration years (0/1913), a village。This area still remains beautiful countryside、At that time、And pioneering Japanese immigrants were desolate wilderness waterway a built as a fertile。And、Is named "Toyota" land rich paddy fields from。Would be the closest station "Toyoda station (Hualien County)) ' To!

In front of the station、ホテルオーナーの梁清政さんがボランティアの一環として、 2008年8月にオープンさせ運営しているリサイクルショップ兼多目的ハウス「五味屋"there is!

Here you will、地域の貧しい子供たちが立ち寄り勉強をしたり遊び場にしたり、Or、ビジネス方法を学んだりしながら子供たちの共有スペースとして様々な活用をされています!




After that、豊田村の中心地となり、1914年(大正3年)に日本人移民によって建てられた「豊田神社(現在碧蓮寺 )」へ!


In the environment、当時の台湾総督・長谷川清総督が建立した「開村30周年紀念碑」があり当時の石灯篭や井戸も残されています樹齢100年は超える大木が日台の重なる時代を静かに見守っているようです!





この地域では現代の子供たちにも正しい歴史を教え伝える様子が随所に見られ日本と台湾の深い関係性を学び知ることができるため、Would you have time、Right or wrong、歴史探索の旅に出掛けてみてください!

Promised land resort & Lagoon
Promisedland Resort & Lagoon
Flower Lotus ideal Earth passed Crowne Plaza Hotel
Location:Hualien County Shou Feng village ideal channel 1 No.

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2018/4/22Taiwan travel /Promisedland flowers Lotus Vol.4


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