No1 Italian is touted as the "SALONE2007" traditional rebuild and leading Yokohama


Yokohama、Shibuya 2、Minami-Aoyama、In Osaka and all have 5 store developmentSalone del Mobile SALONE group
Italy regional cuisine with creative cuisine, offering a reputation for restaurant group。

Such a thingSalone del Mobile GroupThe flagship store is "SALONE2007"Mr.。
Always seeking cutting edge culinary Italy、To rebuild the new while retaining the traditional Italian, pride with technology、
Anniversaries and celebrations each and、Fit to produce an extraordinary special moments、
Fame has on hand as Yokohama's Ristorante。
7At the end of year 11/2014The original from the back alleys of Chinatown were small shops
"Barneys New York Yokohama store"Of the originalMoeshaAnd relocation in the basement was、Store has been extended!

Hosoda, KentaroNewly appointed chef and chefNagashima YoshikuniA double chef chef
Based on the tradition of the ItalianCucina creativa (*)Continue and deepen research food and
Is a fine Ristorante where you can enjoy wine mainly natural all over Italy.

And * Cucina creativa、
Italy food traditional cuisine and regional specialties by utilizing the latest technology and the rebuilding of。
There is so much in each region in Italy cooking local rule.、
By complying with the rules、Refers to the dish evolved from the world of gastronomy (gastronomy)。


1Down the stairs from the entrance on the floor, please proceed to the basement floor。



Space was perfectly moist with a royal blue colors。
Iron art chic, modern design is impressive.


It's smiling face greeted us with us、According to ManagerYosuke YamashitaSan。
5Greeted the birthday month、Is a young Manager has just been finally stepped into the world of the thirty.


Shop wine glass glittering drift restless atmosphere with modern, filled with。
20Front seat only for shops、This has been extended to 16 table 32 seats。
Sometimes a basement floor、As the atmosphere day and night、Will be moist and enjoy the world of adults.


On this day、Best dinner in Yokohama, organized monthly
CENA Corso di 8 Piatti may of course 12960 YenPlease have a。
(10% service charge will be added)
Bright Navy Blue table Napkins、
Next to it、Provides a stylish menu carefully written letter.


with a seat、When you get to the chef'sHosoda, KentaroMr. goes to say hello to each table.。
It's great to see the chef's face before you cook.。
Here you will、In the kitchen.HosodaAnd the chefNagashimaChef and other sushi、5The course is assembled by the staff of the name.。
A former hairdresser turned career you haveHosodaI'm a chef.、
In terms of manufacturing,、There may be things that the world of beauty and the world of food can pass.。
In it、It is the beginning of a time of bliss♪

Here, we offer full and half pairings to match Italian natural wines for each dish.、
If it is full, it corresponds to one bottle per person.、If it is half, it seems to be able to enjoy the amount of about one bottle of wine by two people.。
Also、If you want to reduce the number of cups、It is also possible to have it adjusted at any time。
First of all,、The champagne of the toast is Caposara who is in charge of wine.Oshiro SAE Yu-RIIs it in order!


Edmond montelena Brut cult Noir glass 2000 yen

Richard Schullan、70% Pinot Noir under the Negossian brand、30% Chardonnay。
The grapes、Harvested from an average 25-year-old tree。
The palate is、There is a refined plumpness of Pinot Noir、
Crisp acid and well-balanced fruitiness、Comfortable fun even after I feel good!


"inizio / introduction"
A5 sirloin and potatoes and truffles

Only 2 dishes here, exc. inizio / prologue & seafood soup filosofia / philosophy、
And specialties offered in style have been unchanged since opening。
In your appetizer and the meat of the A5、Also changed、
It is a dish to grip the stomach of all the guests who were hungry.。
Sirloin with a white truffle scented make-in puree。
Soft, high-quality meat quality、With a taste full of gravy every time you chew、It is true that gastric juice begins to work actively in one bite.。
against the stomach、It is a reliable dish that inspires motivation as a signal that the meal has started♪


Hall staffAt the end of vast Daisuke.Mr. a、I hear you're from Osaka.、The splendid Kansai dialect does not come out at all.。
However,、While it is a soft serve、The area where laughter is put in tightly is a Kansai person of the meteorite (laugh)


"stagione / Sicily fragrance"
Blue tomato, ricotta, bonito

Using the blue tomatoes used in Sicily at the moment.、Finishing with gazpacho and a。
Blue tomato slices、With a cinnamon-scented ricotta cheese、Spearmint、Skin-Muscat、
And then marinated in various spices、Served with cold cooked bonito。
Fresh bitterness of blue tomato blue feel wrapped in mild ricotta cheese、
And sweet scent of mint and Muscat.、Produce a refreshing cool glass、It is suitable for summer appetizers!


fusione / fusion
Pig, mullet roe, pistachio

In Italy、Many dishes combining seafood and riches of the soil、This is a combination。
Piglet fillet surface to clothe [mustard、And then burned at a low temperature, soft finish、
Sauce is filled with delicious melted crowded broth made from pork and Sicilian tuna and mullet roe。
Pistachio paste and powder and malt sec、Interweave crushed pistachios also in flavor and texture than can be enjoyed。
With the texture crisp green asparagus。
Potion in one bite you feel very very good volume。
Bizen-yaki is also nice、Carefully hand built pottery differs is per 1 plate 1 plate!


filosofia / philosophy
Fresh fish, Octopus and clams

Here as well, exc.、Vapore fresh fish specialties provided by the style from the first。
The marbled sole pleuronectes yokohamae with Octopus from Akashi and Chiba prefectures, clam、Are raised tender steamed clam broth alone。
Tender and flavorful I can't believe my stomach is pressed with orange olive oil smell very refreshing soup.


"Trebbiano d'Abruzzo damigiana 2013 Rabasco "in Abruzzo, Italy

Age 40-using 60-year la Sarita field Sangiovese & canaiolo.。
In making fermented and aged in large glass jars of damigiana wine、Conducts the dipped peels。
Without giving the fragrance oak、The worry about bacteria and oxidation than amphora damigiana、
Aged ideally rounded wine。
Pesticide-free cultivation、Oxidation inhibitor additive-free、Damigiana fermented and aged and natural。
Like a natural、Guests can enjoy the flavor condensed into a mellow taste.


Homemade bread

In Heidi's white bread、Beautiful round bread white。
At 140 ° C oven for lower than normal bread being baked、
White finished with baked slowly while adding humidity to。
Easy to combine dishes without heavy、Produces soft, light fluffy bread are aiming so、
Very sweet and、Fits good in the sauce or soup.


"nostalgia / nostalgic"
Agnorottone beef & hazelnut

2Species produced pasta 1 item。
Traditional pasta dishes agnorottone of Northern Italy-Piedmont。
If I and is packed with a juicier Angus beef stew。
Must be accompanied by Swiss chard cake flavor of hazelnut puree with beef bones from source。
Dark Cherry candied sour cherry syrup accents will delight to changes in taste.


mare / sea
Paccheri squid, raisins and pine nuts

2Pasta products、Southern Italy is the paccheri with elastic body in regional pasta originated in Naples。
Configuring the pasta where you can enjoy both the North and South of Italy is nice。
The paccheri food sense of fun, have a large cavity、
Align the source with a rich taste using Squid intestines、Direction as to resemble real squid have?。
Sweet raisin and texture of real pine、And、To enjoy with garlic sauce。
Source is rich because、Enjoy the texture even squid still have a flavor full of taste.


see ristretto / taste enrichment"
Oysters, blue Apple yogurt cardamom

In the shop here in popularity once pane series every time change is。
This time the、He wishes the ham rock Oyster from Ishikawa Prefecture, Green Apple sorbet、
Yogurt and pickled shallots under the crunchy taste a piece、Scented with herbs fennel and cardamom.。
And his bite is so enjoy、So if you fancy in the juicier taste becomes deep dish。
Increase the number of chewing about 30 times、Enjoy the taste not gobble till the very end!


LOGO NOVO 2012 Tuscany Italy

Tuscan red wine、Located in the west-facing slopes of the southern part of the Brunello di Montalcino logo now vo。
Black Cherry、Leather、Aroma reminiscent of spices you've got、Support the rich fruit and ripe tannins。
With 14.5 percent alcohol content, is a powerful、Can be enjoyed neat, balanced taste.
Grape varieties:54% Sangiovese、24% Merlot、8% Syrah、Sagrantino 7%、7% Petit Verdot


See PERCEVAL and Perceval"France

Say your favorite chefs around the world、France-Auvergne region table knife brand
"PERCEVAL and Perceval"The 9.47。
Perceval knife、Hardened and ground、Assembly、Whole process ranging from Polish、Built with craftmanship、
Handle material is ebony.、Tsuge、Desert iron wood、Ivory、Meteorite、Adopt a rare materials such as jade (Jadeite)。
From the beauty of the finish、Award is presented to a workshop in France of artisan handicrafts products the most brilliant success
Has won Grand Prix in 2012 in Star and Arts et Métiers。
9.47Changed naming it、
Had been drinking when you came up with this knife making
Bring nature faction wine brewing House of Auvergne "para" Stefan MAGION
It is coming from alcohol 9.47% Nouveau。
Enjoy the best meat dishes served in the knife which combines so amazing sharpness and a sleek design.


rebuild / rinascita
Veal and foie gras, Marsala

A traditional stew of the Piedmont arranged recipes that Cook finance la。
Veal stew with Marsala and chicken entrails, etc, are burned。
Thick cream paste of foie gras with whipped cream stretched with plenty of happy。
Cabbage taste accented with balsamic vinegar。
From beautiful shades、Staff going on between、In red is known as Ferrari's eyes also looking forward、
And、By Perceval cutting knife、Has a beautiful cross section stress-free meat。
Its flavor is、Filled with unique flavors unique to veal and pork、Very creative!
Marriage of wine you have selected and also nice!


inventiva and idea generation and innovation
Baba ligrizia whiskey

Italy's Neapolitan specialities baked in Baba。
Instead of rum syrup、Bubba here made with whisky、Fillets of trickle down and foaming。
We used good good tablets with "ligrizia" in Italy、
A kind of medicinal plants include yomeishu in Japan "licorice root (glycyrrhiza glabra)" comes to gelato。
Adults can enjoy the bitter-sweet sweet flavor、Ligrizia is good for the throat and stomach、It is lifted。
Whipped cream、Mint、Must be accompanied by chocolate。
First of all,、I'm looking forward to the richness of the Baba、In order to complete by then to freshen up and mouth in a gelato dessert.


binario / platform
Petits fours

"I want you go you also"
I think not naming ride the platform。
Sweet and candied grapefruit Peel, with granite or jams。
Corn cookies polenta。
Add chilled hazelnut rice cooked in milk and chocolate, encased、
Traditional Sicilian wrapping with cinnamon-scented cake or Riso's Nero。
A refreshing passion fruit chocolate。
By Marshmallow syrup fluffy texture and Green Apple、Which means cloud in Italy, new Bora and is named。
That ugly but delicious meringue cake-bultimaboni。
Until the last final pastry one shaped carefully!


"Caffè o Tè"
Café or tea

Will taste expensive smell after dinner coffee.


Whats the course illustration menu meal we received today! (Surprise)
In the menu titles only、Presentation and materials used has been faithfully reproduced!


In a group store、This menu is painted with a delicate touch must be created each month、
With 1人1人 you will receive。
Assemble the course chef's hand-painted I think when and、
Staff responsible for the illustrations I was in each of the shops、
Is present at Salone del Mobile、Click hereShirakawa Yumi childWho is responsible for。
The original、It is started to remember the staff menu illustration menu.、
From pleasing your food log or blog、Every month without fail, has continued to service?。
The menu was completed at the end of each month chef and staff are drawing up a configuration、To start from the beginning,、
Extension of the number of days to create illustrations just 1.、2But instead, it's hard、
Because our customers are pleased、And it is encouraging that。
Course briefly we ever look back at once、Illustrations of great taste like what it is.

Is your store、That is not to mention the wonders of food and arranging、
The staff got all but one heart、
"1One of those guests enjoying their meals, hope!"
Thoughts and that is we feel the spirit chest thanks for serving。
Food and natural、Enjoy the。
One of Yokohama's is billed as the Italian、That is precisely the attitude?。
Also increased one's favorite restaurants!


Staff open hands last I let out the voice peopleHosodaAnd the chefNagashimaPhoto around the chef's。
During the visit in Yokohama.、I always want to visit!

SALONE 2007 Salone duemillesette
Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohama city in Ward 36-1 yamashitacho B1F TEL:045-651-0113
Hours of operation:12:00-13:00(L.O)18:00-20:00(L.O)Closed on Mondays:Sunday、Monday No. 1.3

Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohama city in Ward 36-1 yamashitacho

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