Renovating the old folk house of Gamagori "Panbyses" in Aichi! A popular bakery that values the taste of ingredients

Renovated old house and opened in 2017、Hard bread, bread, etc.、Reasonable bread that values the taste of the ingredients、Gamagori's popular bakery "Pan Buses" is supported by local fans。 On the way back to Hamamatsu from Mikawa through Gamagori、I was fascinated by the cute store.、When I found out that it was a baker, I couldn't resist the temptation、Immediately make a U-turn。 Here you will、There is a small bakery "Panbyses" on the right.、In the back, a beauty salon and nail salon run by a friend "Hair & There is a "Nail Rapuchi"、Parking is shared。 I visited around 15 p.m.、Maybe it's because it's raining.、Happily, there is still enough to choose from。 The baker's husband, Kunio Yamamoto,、He traveled to France many times during his training years and worked hard to study.、independence。Because I used to wear glasses、The catch phrase of the store name is "Bakery of glasses"、The name of the store "Pan Buses" is not "Pan Buses"、In the "Panbyses" without delimitation、It is said that the word was coined from the Japan manga "Cambyses Basket (*)" by Fujiko Fujio Fujimoto Hiroshi。"The Basket of Cambyses" is a story about a man and a woman who are in a world after the Doomsday War.、An epic sci-fi short comic strip that questions the meaning of human life。 I'm not sure which one to choose.、As I looked into the bread, he recommended a tasting。When I asked if the two of you were a couple,、It seems that you are about to get married.、Congratulations! This bread, which makes you imagine a fluffy texture from the looks of it, is "brown rice and millet domestic wheat bread"。 No matter which bread you look at、It looks good and delicious.。And、The most surprising thing is that、The price of all the breads is set very reasonably。There is no pretentious atmosphere、The naming of the bread is simple and easy to understand, which makes it easy to pick up。 Choosing bread while considering that you will take it home and eat it the next morning、I also got the bread that was recommended, but my wife was cute and good at sales (laughs) Although it was a limited product,、Among them, the fluffy and soft "bread" is the most popular.、Let's have this "bread" in the morning the next morning。Normal、If you buy 6 types of bread at the bakery、I expect it to be about ¥2,000.、The total price here is ¥1,134、I couldn't help but look at it twice。As a bread lover who wants to eat it every day, I am grateful for the pricing.。 To return home.、Brew coffee with "Mameyakafu" coffee beans、Pick a sweet snack bread。 "Chocolate Croissant" ¥ 120 "Chocolate Croissant" with chocolate sticks sandwiched between a fluffy and light croissant。The small size is just right。 "An Butter France" ¥ 190 Uses 100% French flour, the same as French bread baguettes。Even though it's a hard system, it's not too the outside.、The inside is fluffy and chewy。The bean paste has a gentle sweetness.、It has a sweet and salty taste with thick butter.、Satisfying snack bread。 "Brown rice and millet domestic wheat bread" ¥ 100 This bread that I sampled。The gentle aroma of wheat and the texture of brown rice and millet、While having a simple taste、It is fluffy and easy to eat as meal bread.、Above all, the price range of ¥100 is cost-effective.、It also shows its excellence as a bread that is eaten every day。 "Glutinous Custard" ¥ 180 Another one recommended by my wife is "Glutinous Custard"。Although the name emphasizes "glutinous"、With a chewy feeling that does not disappoint、Girls will surely like the texture。It is filled with sweet and gentle custard。 "Glutinous Bread 1/2" ¥ 220 Half size of the most popular "Glutinous Bread"。When you hold it in your hand、You can feel its fluffy softness。I tried toasting it lightly.、It has a lot of water and is moist and chewy。This is for everyone from small children to the elderly、Softness loved by a wide range of people。 "Walnuts and Oranges" ¥ 240 French bread dough kneaded with flavorful walnuts and refreshing oranges is "Z-shaped"。"I've heard that customers often call me an 'S-shaped guy'、If you look closely, they are all "Z-shaped"。The muttering of the owner who talks on the Instagram dedicated to the store、Somewhere, I feel a smiling compassion for bread (laughs) There is not much explanation of bread on the Instagram of "Pan Buesses".、You may be ♪ able to get in touch with the personality of the baker's master Panbyses Address:2-358 Aimachi, Gamagori-shi, Aichi TEL:0533-95-2778 Hours of operation:10Open from about 19 o'clock Closed:Monday、Tuesday

Aichi Mikawa "Coffee GOU" Nostalgia café with a dog run that sticks to specialty coffee

Spend time with your dog、In search of a café where you can enjoy delicious specialty coffee, I went to "Coffee gou" in Koda-cho, Aichi Prefecture。 This is a doggie OK café run by a couple of dog lovers.、4A small shop with only tables。The interior of the store has a nostalgic atmosphere somewhere.、It is filled with a space full of attention to detail by a Japan owner couple who like China。 The "狗-gou-" in "Coffee Coffee-gou-", which is also the name of the restaurant, means "dog" in Chinese.、Naming unique to a dog lover couple。 Doggie goods are displayed everywhere in the store.、The owner's favorite brand "MARRONE"、「dogstreet」、Selling "Free Stitch" merchandise。 There were many things that I liked in terms of fabric selection and design.、There are many sizes that fit medium-sized dogs.、It seems that it was a little too big for our chocolate。 "Horse meat jerky" and "autumn salmon jerky" from the dog snack specialty store "Umakanro"、"Tuna paste"、"Autumn Salmon Paste"、"Young chicken paste", etc.、Safe and delicious treats that care about your dog's health。 Handmade and hand-knitted necklaces, etc.、Cute systems are also available。 Harness on collar、Reed and doggie goods are also lined up by type、You can even enjoy shopping at the café。 In the store where you can see the Mao Zedong series scattered everywhere、We are creating a unique space full of love for China。 Introducing the signboard dog kept by the owner and his wife Simako-chan who became a star in the sky Chairo-chan、gou-chan, which is also the name of the store、Sumiko-chan、There are days when you go to work at the store。 The dog run attached to the backyard is、It is divided into a small dog area and a large dog area.、If you abide by the terms of use and terms of use、Available for a fee (¥300 per owner / ¥300 per dog)。 Because there is a notice on the wall saying "Nice to meet you" and precautions for accompanying your dog.、perusal。For the survival of the valuable store where your dog can enter the store、These basic rules are something we want to adhere to strictly。 With the permission of the store,、Homemade rice brought to the hungry chocolate。 Mao Zedong Poster Mao Zedong, who lived from 1893 to 1976,、He is a politician of the People's Republic of China.、1945He has served as chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China since 200、In the Communist Civil War after the Second Sino-Japanese War, the government of the Republic of China led by Chiang Kai-shek was expelled to Taiwan.、1949The founding of the People's Republic of China was proclaimed on October 1, 2010。 A number of posters that make you feel the times A desk lined with the manga magazine "Monthly Manga Garo" published by Seirindo from 1964 to 2002。It was supported by readers in a relatively older age group, such as university students at the time.、Sticking to its own line in the midst of an original magazine and legendary financial difficulties、A monthly manga that has produced many authors who are considered to be extraordinary talents in the manga world。 Including the animal comedy "Animal Doctor" by Japan manga artist Michiko Sasaki、There are plenty of other dog-related books。 The pasta and sandwich you ordered are ready、It smells good。 "Italian Spaghetti" ¥ 850 Spread beaten eggs on a griddle、"Italian spaghetti" served hot。With a firm seasoning of ketchup sauce entwined with plenty of chewy pasta、Onion、Green peppers、Shimeji mushrooms、Bacon and royal Neapolitan style。Grated cheese and Tabasco are available to your liking、The nostalgic taste of the old days makes you feel relaxed。 "Ham Sandwich" ¥ 700 A sandwich using homemade natural yeast organic bread using wild herbs from "Soramimi PAN" in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture、Layer crispy lettuce and ham、It is served with rich mustard mayo。The bread is also delicious.、Simple yet exquisitely assembled! The mini salad that comes with the sandwich plate is、Coleslaw and taro、Carrot、With a light stew of konjac。 I asked for a coffee and cake set after the meal。 "Winna Coffee" ¥ 650 "Winna Coffee" is a standard coffee from an old-fashioned coffee shop.。I'm also on the menu and、I just order it。Because coffee originated in Vienna, Austria、Although it is called "Vienna coffee" in Japan、In Austria、It is called "Einspener", which means a one-horse carriage。 Old、While waiting for the master to spend time in the café、From the fact that the people who operated the carriages drank to keep warm、That's how it got its name。The base has a、Using the shop's original bean "gou blend"、With the sweetness of whipped cream and the marriage of bittersweet coffee、Even a cup is a highly satisfying substitute。 "GOU Blend" ¥ 550 / Cake set ¥ 850 This coffee bean is、Using specialty coffee from "COFFEE KAJITA" in Nagoya City、Each cup is carefully hand-dripped。The shop's original coffee bean "gou blend" is、Even though it is mild、It has a unique taste、It is a delicious coffee that you can feel the thick richness。If you like a thick and strong flavor、We also recommend "gou blend strong", which is slowly extracted with a large amount of beans over time。The "WEDGWOOD" coffee cup is also wonderful ♪ "Cheesecake" A moist and rich cheesecake with plenty of cream cheese。The bittersweet base of cocoa and the sweet and sour blueberry sauce accentuate it。 It was the second day when it rained.、I was able to find a very cozy café、A relaxing time with chocolate。Going out with your dog、It is often affected by the weather.、There are also such wonderful encounters。 The shop "Coffee gou" filled with the commitment of the owner and his wife The design of the stamp card received at the time of payment is also Mao Zedong.、I felt a unique consistency until the very end。It was a wonderful café that I ♪ would definitely like to visit if I have the opportunity again Coffee gou Address:58-1 Gohigashi, Koda-cho, Nukata-gun, Aichi TEL:0564-63−2266 Business hours:Monday, Thursday & Friday 10:00To 18:00(Lo.17:00Saturday and Sunday 11:00-19:00(Lo.18:00) Closed:Tuesday & Wednesday、1st Monday of the month、3rd Thursday of the month (Temporary closure) Parking:In front of the store

Aichi-Mikawa "Mikawa Onsen Kaiyutei" Wedding Anniversary Trip (4) Calligrapher Art and Breakfast of "Away Yuragi"

A hot bath inn with a panoramic view of Mikawa Bay and all rooms where you can spend time with your dog on the oceanfront "Mikawa Onsen Kaiyutei"、The newly established guest room with an open-air bath, "Away Yuragi -yuragi-", was born in April 2022。In the corridor that connects the second floor of the main building、Set up an art gallery to exhibit the works of calligrapher Setsuhi Shiraishi, who was in charge of the logo of "Away Fluctuations".、It is a delight and fascination for the eyes of guests。 Calligrapher Setsuhi Shiraishi Interested in calligraphy from an early age、22Obtained a master's degree at the age of。 Collaborations with other arts, etc.、He has a unique worldview that sublimates calligraphy as a comprehensive art form and is active。 Conveying the world of traditional calligraphy、It has a unique style、Collaborations with music and art, etc.、 We are also active overseas.、Attracts a large number of fans around the world。 In the production of the work, I was impressed by the work of the painter Pierre Soulage.、 He is working on a group of works based on the motif of "Ichi", a work on the theme of enso.。 2014 FIFA World Cup Japan National Team's new uniform concept "Enjin" volatilization。 ITALY THA SO6 EELL PROJECT Catalog/Press Release Logo。 2015 Installation at the Japan Pavilion Certification Event at the Milan Expo, Italy。 2017 Invited to France on tour with guitarist Yvan Knorst to perform and lecture in 10 venues。 2018 Shiseido Co., Ltd. Clé de Peau Porté Selected as "Six Women"。 2018 Solo exhibition held in the main lobby of the San Francisco Public Library。 Invited to the JAZZ Festival held in France、 2019 Performance tours in France。 Japan Created a three-floor mural painting for Oracle Corporation。 2021 Yukiko Shiraishi Online Calligraphy Lecture with French Interpretation。 2022 Popular game series "Touken Ranbu Warriors" logo volatilization。 Expanding activities beyond the framework。 Title of work: "Loving the days of existence" (left photo) "Ink Landscape: The Whereabouts of the Wind in a Flat Heart" (right photo) From the touch of a delicate and fragile thin ink brush、Even the bold and bold power of the brush that exudes vitality、 It entertains you while showing a different expression for each work。 "Away Yuragi -yuragi-" The oversized curtain of Mikawa cotton that decorates the entrance is made by "UZUiRO"、Hand-dyed and processed in the image of the sea。The logo of calligrapher Setsuhi Shiraishi applied to the Mikawa cotton welcomes guests "Away Yuragi -yuragi-"。 Here you will、3 types including suites with modern and stylish open-air baths、4Prepare a room。Only 2 of the rooms are pet-friendly and popular。 "Fluctuation Comfort" Bright guest rooms based on white and natural wood grain、"Yuragi Comfort" Type featuring a Japanese modern living room with a skip floor and tatami mats。It is spacious with an area of 56 square meters.、Relax in a spacious double bed。The fabric panel that colors the wall is also made of Nishio's fabric dyed with "UZUiRO".、In a healing space where you can become one with the sea。 While soaking in the open-air bath in the guest room facing the sea、The best location with a panoramic view of Mikawa Bay。 "Dining Nagi" exclusively for guests staying away。The sign board with the calligrapher Yukiko Shiraishi writing her own brush is also eye-catching。 Guests staying apart can choose to have dinner here (additional fee)。You can enjoy the blessings of the land where you can feel the four seasons of the three rivers nurtured by rich nature。 Breakfast time is 7 a.m.:30〜、or 8:00You can choose between two options。After taking a bath first thing in the morning, we went to the large hall where breakfast was held.。 Each room has its own table.、Breakfast with a pure Japanese set meal where you can enjoy local flavors。 "Homemade tofu"、"Hot Spring Egg"、"Salad (sesame dressing)" "Grated whitebait"、"Simmered Hijiku"、"Natto (condiment)"、"Pickles" "Dried mackerel" Dried mackerel grilled in a net。Grilled fish is generally said to be "the sea (fish) is from the flesh。Because it is said that the river (fish) is basically grilled from the skin.、Grilled from the flesh、Turn it over and bake the skin。I can't stand the rice served with freshly baked dried fish with plump meat。 "Red soup stock" The happiness of being able to enjoy soup without getting cold。 A very satisfying breakfast with all well-balanced Japanese set meals laid out beautifully! On the second day, I was hit by terrible weather.、The light rain does not stop in the cloudy sky。 Huddling together、Countless seabirds drifting on the surface of the sea。 Morning 10.:00When you check out to、In the lobby, we chatted with a family with a Chihuahua of the same breed, LULU。When I'm traveling with a dog、You will be blessed with various encounters。Due to inclement weather、We will have to make a big change in our plans for the second day。The staff of Kaiyutei、Thank you for your help! If the weather is favorable,、Stretch your legs to Kira Waikiki Beach in the next town、I was going to spend a relaxing time at a facility around the coast.、If you have your dog, you will be using the terrace seats.、On this day, I just drove around Kira Waikiki Beach and gave up.、On another occasion。While searching the internet for a restaurant where you can have lunch with your dog、Research pets allowed in the store。I was able to find a café with a good feeling.、Immediately、Let's head to our destination! Mikawa Onsen Kaiyutei Address:186-2 Kasagai, Terabe-cho, Nishio-shi, Aichi TEL:0563-62-6666 Check-in:15:00/Check out:10:00 Parking lot:100台可能

Aichi / Mikawa "Mikawa Onsen Kaiyutei" wedding anniversary trip (3) Creative kaiseki to taste the seafood of Mikawa Bay

There were dishes that used plenty of seafood caught in Mikawa Bay.、At the hot bath inn "Mikawa Onsen Kaiyutei" where you can spend time with your dog in a heartwarming hospitality, it's time for dinner。After taking a bath, take your dog Chocolat for a walk along the seaside walkway。 It is a 1-2 minute walk across the road to the beach of Mikawa Bay in front of you。On this day, the sky was cloudy and I couldn't see the sunset.、A beautiful blue sky night sky spreads out。 Nearby are the lights of the "Ocean Community"、In the distance, you can see the lights of the neighboring town of Nishiura here and there、 Because there are few street lights and few cars on the street.、In a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle、You can enjoy a magnificent location facing the ocean。 This dining venue is prepared in the large hall on the second floor.、The restaurant on the right is "Umirasu"、It will be a restaurant where you can bring your dog。 "Umirasu"、The works of calligrapher Setsuhi Shiraishi decorate the hall and Mikawa local sake from the brewery "Emperor Kuramoto" in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture are lined up.、 A souvenir that can be left as a memory of your trip、Bags and pouches of the women's casual wear brand "UZUiRO" in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture made from local fabrics、Hair bands and coasters、Small items such as hand towels are provided。 Because "Umirasu", which can be accompanied by your dog, was full.、For your dog Chocolat in your room for a while、Let them stay home。 Here you will、A chef who trained at a first-class restaurant in Nagoya and is dedicated to Japanese cuisine、From menu planning to selection of ingredients、Offering a creative kaiseki using seafood from Mikawa Bay that is particular about cooking methods。This day is the anniversary of our 12th wedding anniversary.、There was a pleasant surprise gift of sparkling wine from the inn.、I will ♪ enjoy it with a meal (thanks) "Matsukaze yaki"、Squid Menta、Crab pressed sushi" Made-up "Luxurious boat serving of lobster and abalone" For the boat serving、Sea bream on tuna、Three kinds of amberjack and thick sashimi are included.、 The main dish is lobster and abalone! Ise shrimp that has a firm elasticity but a sticky and strong sweetness。 It is finished in sashimi that is easy to eat with a hidden knife.、Thick abalone with a crunchy texture and a strong flavor。 Savor the scent of the sea that overflows with every bite。 A table that is gorgeous at once with the presence of a boat "Steamed clams and shrimp" "Large clams" and shrimp, which are famous for tide hunting on the uninhabited island "Kajishima", are steamed and grilled.、Enjoy the rich flavor。 "Mikawa Pork Shabu-Shabu" Put the vegetables first in a small pot with broth、Look at the time、Shabu-shabu thinly sliced Mikawa pork、Chinese cabbage and bean sprouts、Roll up the mizuna、I will dive into the sesame sauce。It has a beautiful light red color, and the tender and fine flesh melts with just the right amount of fat。 "Tempura" Freshly fried shrimp tempura、Pumpkin、Sweet potato、Shishi Tang tempura grated with tempura sauce。 "Steamed teacup" Finely chopped chicken and small shrimp、Shiitake mushroom、Bamboo shoots、Hot steamed tea bowl with ginkgo in it。 "Rice, shimeji red soup stock, incense thing" One dish at a time、The creative kaiseki that is carefully cooked with hands、It was served in just the right amount for me who has a small meal.、Delicious and complete until the end。 Sweetness "Matcha Pudding Chocolate Cake" Enjoy dessert with tea after dinner、1Dinner finished in about an hour and a half。 After enjoying a meal、After all, I went to the public bath。You don't have to feel that you can't go to the bath because you're in too much pain because you've eaten too much.、I was able to enjoy a well-balanced meal that did not put a burden on my body。Next, I would like to introduce the newly established "Away Yuragi -yuragi-" and the next morning's breakfast。 Mikawa Onsen Kaiyutei Address:186-2 Kasagai, Terabe-cho, Nishio-shi, Aichi TEL:0563-62-6666 Check-in:15:00/Check out:10:00 Parking lot:100台可能

Aichi Mikawa "Pizzeria Ocean" Wedding Anniversary Trip (1) Stone oven pizza on the terrace overlooking Mikawa Bay

Stone oven pizza lunch at "Pizzeria Ocean", which stands along the coast of Mikawajibe and has a terrace seat with dogs that overlook Mikawa Bay! On the premises where the group's "Ocean Community" spreads, there is a "Uminomae store"、"Pizzeria Ocean"、"Italian Food and Wine Kisaku"、Currently, these three stores are lined up like a collective facility。 "Uminomae store" This is eco-friendly clothing and accessories.、Accessories、It will be a select shop that stocks foods and ingredients that are gentle on the body.、Holding exhibitions and events with artists and artists。Also、As a marine sport in Mikawa Bay、Uninhabited Island Sea Kayak Tours and SUP、kayak、Trekking to SUP YOGA Trial Lesson、Activity tours are planned and held.、You can receive a play experience that makes use of nature.。 Park your car in the parking lot、If you go up the wooden stairs next to "Uminomae Store" and go to the right, you will reach "Pizzeria Ocean"。This year、Our wedding anniversary, which celebrates the 12th wedding anniversary and becomes a "silk wedding ceremony / flax wedding ceremony",、I came to "Mikawa Onsen" in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, which can be reached in about one and a half hours by car from Hamamatsu。To be a doggie trip with your dog Chocolat、Go to dog-friendly restaurants and cafes。 "Pizzeria Ocean" A chewy and unique dough made with pesticide-free ground flour and homemade brewer's yeast is freshly baked in a stone kiln.、Enjoy authentic pizza at "Pizzeria Ocean"。 Like the exterior, the interior of the store is full of cuteness in a natural style using wood grain。 If you are accompanied by a dog、It will be a meal on the terrace、Orders can be placed at the cash register in the store while holding the dog.。On this day, it was reserved in the store after exactly one turn.、It is so popular that the Soldout menu has already come out。I can't make a reservation.、From the official website、By accessing the online order reception online before entering the store,、There is also a grateful service that allows you to check the number of people waiting.、Peace of mind even when visiting from afar。 Counter seats with a view of Mikawa Bay。 The number of seats in the store is limited.、Setting up 2-3 people in a small table。 The staff is friendly and polite.。 The round stone kiln resembles the head of an octopus.、A cute structure with sea blue and octopus legs on the wall。Pizzaiolo's older sister wearing a turban like MISIA。While burning firewood and adjusting the temperature of the stone kiln、The dough is made with natural yeast and slowly fermented for at least 36 hours, and the sauce and ingredients are lined up and quickly put into the kiln。The moment when you pull your hand to unload the dough from the top of the pizza peel at once、A small sound of "swoosh" resonates。 The baking time is only about one and a half minutes, and it is baked all at once。 We with a dog、While the pizza was baking, I headed to the terrace seats.、Let's wait for it to be finished。 Despite the rain forecast、Miraculously, the rain lifted and even the sun peeked out on this day。You can enjoy the view of Mikawa Bay from the terrace seats。 Terrace seats、There is also a covered space inside.、There is no problem even if it rains a little、Don't worry if you don't like the strong sunlight of summer days。 Water in a glass on the counter、Hot water is prepared in the pot.、You can enjoy it freely on your own。 On the blackboard, there is a guide map to the sister restaurant "Williams Gelato / Williams Gelato" in the neighborhood and recommended menus、Event introductions are depicted。 The terrace seats on the wooden deck are spacious and comfortable.、There are more than enough seats。Here it is still、Let's sit at the counter seat along the coast with the best view。 Kajishima is an uninhabited island floating in Mikawa Bay in front of you。It is famous for its "large clams" that become the brand Asari, and tide pickers are also popular。 Even though it is a warm winter、2Because the outside air of the moon is cold、If you ask the staff、Hot water bottles and blankets are available for free。 While admiring the scenery, the freshly baked pizza is ready! Enjoy it with your dog Chocolat、The terrace seats overlooking Mikawa Bay are the best view! "Margherita" ¥1,300 Ocean's original craft beer "Sunset Ale" ¥900 Stone oven self-roasted coffee beans "Hot coffee" ¥500 The best combination of freshly baked pizza and craft beer。They will also provide you with one pizza that you ordered for each.、You can share it while it's warm。I should have ordered coffee after dinner、When I told you that it has cooled down、Reheat it、The hospitality and service spirit are also outstanding! The coffee brewed with coffee beans that are roasted in-house in a stone oven has a fragrant and mellow taste and is very easy to drink。 Ocean's original craft beer "Sunset Ale" ¥ 900 Ocean's original craft beer created in cooperation with the brewery "HYAPPA BREWS" in Nishiura, Gamagori。An Australian-style ale beer with a slight bitterness in the light mouth.、Because it is inspired by a sunset and roasted malt is added to add color and flavor.、Vivid colors that make you think of the sunset! I would like you to drink slowly while looking at the sky of Mikawa Bay、And、It is a craft beer with such thoughts。 "Margherita" ¥ 1,300 This fabric is、We use wheat grown with pesticide-free and chemical-free fertilizers from the directly managed farm of the Wappa Chita Collaborative Office.、With fresh wheat because it is milled to order、When you bite into it, the aroma spreads、It has a gentle sweetness、The scent of wheat softly passes through the nose、Chewy and chewy texture。The cheese is made from the cheese workshop "Santolcio", which has been handmade since 2001 in Kira-cho, Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture。Particular attention to the selection of fresh milk as a raw material、No additives、Formulation and manufacturing method of lactic acid bacteria、The cheeses are carefully handmade one by one with the utmost care in aging, and are fresh。And、Oil、No chemicals are used、Without deodorization or decolorization、Uses precious domestic rapeseed oil that is made by the traditional method and is particular about 100% purity。Sticking to the material、Stone oven pizza baked by artisans。 Among the pizzas, the standard menu "Margherita" that you must order。Tomato sauce with a good balance of sweetness and acidity, fresh mozzarella cheese from Aichi Prefecture, and fine cheese、Served with fragrant basil、The cornicione (ear part) is crispy and fragrant、Appetizing saltiness is felt,、A piece where you can enjoy a flavorful pizza that blends in with the chewy dough。 Despite the fact that the chocolate is also after eating my own rice、I'm tempted to eat pizza (laughs). "Tonno" ¥1,550 in Italian”"Tonno" means "tuna"。Plenty of tuna on board、Mozzarella with fine cheese、Fragrant basil on sweet onions、And the black pepper accent tightens the taste of "Tonno", which is easy for children to eat。 A change from light rain、Mikawa Bay with a beautiful gradation of the sky。 Thanks to the blanket wrapped in a hot water bottle, it will be warm from the feet、2I was able to enjoy a leisurely meal on the terrace seat of the moon。 After the meal, take a stroll around the grounds of the Ocean Community。 The Italian restaurant "Italian Food and Wine Kisaku" on the slope of the pizzeria is closed on this day。A restaurant where you can easily enjoy wine, pasta, and one-dish dishes to match your meal。 The trailer house next to the Italian restaurant is also on a small hill overlooking Mikawa Bay.、1It is rented out with a plan that allows you to share a timeshare limited to one group per day。From early in the morning, active activities such as SUP and kayaking (April to October)、For lunch, enjoy pizza and an Italian lunch course at your leisure、Looking at the sea and having tea in the garden、BBQ is also a place where you can enjoy it with friends and family。 This excursion to Mikawa is、Spend a relaxing time looking at the sea、Soak in the hot springs、It is an anniversary trip to heal the fatigue of daily life。In search of delicious stone oven pizza、I would like to visit again when the weather is nice! Pizzeria Ocean Address:186-36 Kasagai, Terabe-cho, Nishio-shi, Aichi TEL:0563-65-2016(Reservations are not possible, online order reception is possible) Business hours:11:00~ 17:00 Closed on Mondays:Tuesday & Wednesday Parking:In front of the store

Yaizu French cuisine "Kenichi Nishi" moved from Hiroshima to Yaizu in search of fresh fish from Sasue Maeda Fish Store!

Shizuoka is Yaizu、Han leads fresh fish from Suruga Bay not only in Japan but also in the world、In search of fresh fish provided by the long-established fresh fish store "Sasue Maeda Fish Store" led by Mr. Naoki Maeda、Moved from his hometown of Hiroshima to Haruka Yaizu and changed his name to "Kenichi Nishi"、2022/6/18A French restaurant opened in Yaizu。 Although it was a migration opening in the Corona disaster, it quickly gained popularity、The momentum is unstoppable、A guide to authentic restaurants from France "Gault & Millau / Gault&Millau 2023" won 2 toks、The Tabelog Award 2024、Earn Silver as soon as possible。It has now grown into a restaurant where it is difficult to make a reservation with a six-month waiting list。 "Kenichi Nishi" here、Compete with one chef's omakase course。Kenichi Nishi, Owner and Chef / Kenichi Nishi (43 years old)、He traveled to France and studied French cuisine.、Trained at the French restaurant "Kaeriyama" in Tokyo。After that、After training at the famous Japanese restaurant "馳走卒啄10" in Hiroshima, which is his hometown, he became independent.、Received the name of "Feast"、Using French and Japanese techniques that have been studied for many years、Opened "Feast 2924" in Hiroshima.。Triggered by the fact that I was in charge of transactions with "Sasue Maeda Fish Store" in Hiroshima、The relationship of trust with Mr. Maeda deepens.。At the same time、I was keenly aware of the difference between the quality of the fresh fish landed on that day and the freshness of the fish delivered.、I decided to move from Hiroshima to Yaizu。Located only 5 minutes from "Sasue Maeda Fish Store"、Changed the name and opened "Kenichi Nishi"、Offering innovative French cuisine using fresh fish from Suruga Bay and local ingredients,、Shizuoka's famous restaurants "Seisei" and "Onseki"、"Simples"、Continued from "FUJI"、It is making a name for itself。 The interior of the store is unified with cobalt blue walls that feel the sea.、In the center is a glass-walled indoor garden.、The sense of space and the Japanese modern atmosphere are calming。 A luxurious space with only 8 seats followed by a single-panel counter that spreads out in a Japanese modern space。 In the indoor garden, you can feel the atmosphere with the setting of shishiodoshi using green bamboo。 A beckoning cat of "Baccarat" that was given by the customer sits at the door and welcomes you。 On this day, all 8 seats are reserved、Valentine's dinner among friends without hesitation、18:00Simultaneous start from。 On the background of the counter、It has a world map with painted walls.、It's artistic.、It's also interesting as a design、A wall that stands out。 Toast Champagne、"Claude Casal Chapelle du Clos Grand Cru 2017"、"Drumotte Brut Blanc de Blanc 2014"、"Taittinger Brut Millésime 2015"、"Laurent-Perrier Millésime 2008"、"Nicolas Fiat Cuvée 225 Brut Millésime 2004"、Sakai Select from among the outstanding faces。 Champagne "Taittinger Brut Millésime" 2015 / Taittinger Brut Millésimé" has a strong and mineral feel、Floral and citrus scents、The mellow taste of the fruit spreads、A harmonious Champagne with a plump appearance due to aging。 Valentine's Day dinner spent with members of 4 couples who are good friends。Mr. and Mrs. Ikunobu Mori, the owners of Hamamatsu's kimono shop "Kyohama", and Mr. and Mrs. Masako, who appeared glossily in a wonderful kimono。Toast to the home-roasted coffee bean shop "Mameyakafu" in Fukuroi, aka Hama-chan, and Mr. and Mrs. Akemi, who are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year! From Hama-chan to everyone、To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the opening, we received an original cookie made to order at the confectionery shop "Confectionery SUZUKI" in Fukuroi。Looking forward to Mameya's coffee beans, which will continue to be a must-have in our home、10 more years、20 year、30Good luck with the year。 Fukuroi's beauty salon "SWITCH" / Switch+" owner Daisuke Sakai and Tomoko-chan have a reunion dinner for the first time in a while。 On a night out for the first time in a long time、Fun time with your favorite friends。Thank you to my dog Chocolat for being smart enough to stay home by myself。 What is the meaning of "24 VINQ" embroidered on the towel?、The number "24" in French is called "vingt-quatre" = "VINQ"、"24 = West" refers to Chef Nishi's name。 A lively feeling that unfolds with a breathtaking combination of chef and assistant。The first dish is a dish where you can fully enjoy the aroma of the sea and the flavor of the ingredients as they are。 "Clam" For "clam soup" finished with only Yaizu clam extract and water、Finally, drizzle a little sesame oil as an accent、Add aroma。The meat of the clams containing umami is thick, elastic and plump、The rich taste spreads。You will drink all the soup that permeates your stomach。 "Flat mackerel" For "flat mackerel tempura" that is freshly fried as it is、Serve with melt-in-your-mouth light snow salt if you like.。Pickled red turnips are refreshing and refreshing。The taste is bland flat mackerel, but、It goes well with oil, and the softness of the plump and loosened meat is hokuhoku.、Tempura is the right answer! A small amount of spices on top makes a good accent。 Showing off the bean mackerel that entered at a special time。The bean mackerel that is beautifully arranged in the bowl、The arrangement of large flowers that bloom like a chrysanthemum flower is a wonderful outfit。 Because you can enjoy the whole bite-sized bean mackerel from head to bone、This is fried。 While the mackerel is fried、Staring at the next white wine、Sakai Select that chooses carefully and seriously。 To put the freshly fried food in front of you as it is in a bowl、Being able to serve it hot is also a real pleasure unique to the counter。Chef Nishi seems to be ambivalent、When I look at it, it seems that I can go to the right and left。The body is also large with a height of 185 cm.、When he was a student, he played volleyball。It has a shoulder width that makes you feel the remnants of an athlete。 "Bean mackerel" Simply fried "bean mackerel" that has been pre-processed、This is also served with light snow salt if you like.、A taste that can be fully enjoyed as it is。If you take a bite from the head、The condensed flavor of the fish spreads。 A sense、The owner of my house, who is called a bean man, is lined up in a row for some reason、While enjoying the visuals、"Only beans in the bean shop" jokes out loud (laughs) "Matro Meursault Premier Cru Blaney 2017 /MATROT MEURSAULT 1ER CRU BLAGNY" Meursault's prestigious Matro。Strategically located between the villages of Meursault and Puligny-Montrachet, Blaney、Emits a mellow and bewitching scent、You can enjoy a deep taste that expresses delicacy。 "Mackerel" Cut the swimmer's "mackerel" that was just caught this morning into thick pieces、Combined with colorful spring chrysanthemum sauce and sour sauce。Edamame and bean leaves、With a thick texture and sweetness, it is served with gentle pecoros.。The mackerel with outstanding freshness、You can enjoy the tension and elasticity of the plump。 Among the many shrimps, "red shrimp" is considered to be the highest quality。The body color is bright orange、The name lobster comes from the fact that it is reminiscent of the color of the young leaves of the plant Akaza.、In the Toda region, it is also called "scampi shrimp"。It is a shrimp that lives on the sandy muddy bottom of the deep sea at a depth of 200 to 400 m.、The fishing place is also limited, so it is a valuable substitute、She also has the title of queen of shrimp。 Thrust the blade into the back of a lively lobster that is about to rampage with a dash、Open the brain in half from the top to the tail、Carefully remove the wadding,、The precious shrimp miso is made into a sauce as it is。 Open lobster、Lightly broiled with charcoal、We will finish it in a rare state。 Wrap it in a sauce made with shrimp miso.、Sprinkled with micro-herbs。I am grateful to be given the precious life that is laid out in front of me.。 "Red lobster" "Red lobster" is in season from December to March。The charcoal broiled with a rare finish is fragrant.、You can enjoy the sticky and strong sweetness and richness of the meat。Double the depth with a sauce made with shrimp miso。Served with cherry tomatoes with an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity.。 "Nudan Puligny Monrush Reforatiere 2015 /Nudant Jean René Puligny Montrachet...

Hamamatsu Wholesale Honcho "Ally's Winter and Summer Re.13 Refulgent 2024" 180 groups of creators gathered!

Every year、Twice a year in winter and summer、In Hamamatsu's wholesale headquarters, which creates a nostalgic atmosphere of the good old days of the Showa era, a complex special exhibition "Ally's Winter and Summer Re.13 Refulgent" gathers a variety of creators, mainly crafts, from all over the country.。2024 year、Vol.13 of the Winter Period、2/10(Sat)-2/11 (Sun)、180A large gathering of creators from the group! The venue is、It is held mainly at "Hamamatsu Wholesale Center Allura" and uses the surrounding buildings.、The parking lot also serves as a temporary parking lot、250 cars will be available during the event。 This year's theme includes:、Hold up a sign that says "Refergent" = "shining light"、An event where the once-in-a-lifetime brilliance brought about by the encounter between the works of the creators and the visitors sparkles。 We、The second day, Sunday morning, 9:00Towards the opening of the、8 minutes before the start 30 minutes:30Wait from the、Stand in line for the "baked goods people" you want the most、We will keep a sign board from the visitor in the front row to signify the last one and wait。 According to the entrances on all four sides of east, west, north and south、There was a long line in front of the store where everyone was looking for。Sometimes it is said to be a city near the sea、Although the winds of Enshu are blowing a little,、In the February climate of the hope that the warm winter will save you、I'm grateful that I don't feel so bad about waiting outside in the early morning。 The entrance opens 10 minutes before the start time.、Moving forward without disrupting the line,、Finally inside。While you wait with excitement、When I talked to the couple in the front row、I've heard about your participation in this event several times.、A lot of recommendations and a great harvest。Even if you don't know who you are,、Just having the same aspirations (aiming for the same store) is enough to create a buzz、Event magic that makes you get along。These encounters are also good memories。 The entrance hall on the first floor of the venue of Allura is、In addition to confectionery shops and coffee shops, food is distributed in a well-balanced manner.、It is crowded as soon as it opens。 At the popular baked confectionery shop "Baked Confectionery People" in Handa City, Aichi Prefecture、Seasonal tarts and original scones are sold mainly at events。 After seeing it on Instagram、I fell in love with its beautiful visuals at first sight.、I was finally able to meet the tarts that I had tried several times but couldn't get my hands on。This time, the scones are varied in 6 types of tarts, such as "strawberry tart, Mont Blanc chocolate tart, Earl Grey and orange tart, apple and walnut crumble tart, caramel tart with tree nuts and honey, and chocolate cashew nut tart"。 You can also see the children who give off the strongest visual of scones with plenty of bean paste and butter sandwiched between them。 The shopkeeper himself、Face-to-face sales with customer service that provides careful explanations to each customer。Everyone、I was not sure which one to get, but I was full of smiles.、It seems that the heartbeat will be transmitted to us as well。 It's my long-awaited turn、I ordered the tart and scones I was aiming for。 The refrigerated "Ogura An Butter Scone Sandwich"、Appeared from the refrigerator。Because the fabric is also different for each、Select the children you care about。I'll introduce you when I get home。 Next is "Yeti Fazenda COFFEE", which I was interested in on Instagram.™️"What。some time ago、The couple who asked for various recommendations also said, "The coffee and canele I received last time were the best!"、Don't hesitate to try canele。I was also interested in the specialty coffee roasted in-house.、I gave up because I was not good at drinking while watching the venue.、On another occasion。 Canele starts with a simple "classic vanilla"、There are 5 types in total, including the popular "Pistachio / Orangette / Framboise / Black Sesame Salted Caramel" that is popular among women。There are also other baked goods such as scones。 Nagoya's take-out onigiri specialty store "Onigiriya-san"。Onigiri, which is made by holding white rice or brown rice cooked in a clay pot with standard and seasonal ingredients, is popular。 Onigiri、From the front left row, "Oysters are cooked"、Popular No.1 Ajitama-chan / Plum licking mushrooms / Scallion miso / Brown rice with red beans / Plum meat brown rice / Fukino no tou miso"、In the back row on the left, there are 14 types of "burdock, bacon and ginger cooking, cherry shrimp and rape flower cooking, loosened salmon with sesame flavor, extreme salted white rice, green chili pepper shishito miso, sesame salted brown rice, ojako and ginger"。This is also after returning home。 With a bag full of loot、Load brochure guide map、Gems that you can touch while relaxing in the hall。"Please pick it up and take a look。While being called out、You will have an exciting time touching the warmth of the wood。 There are also a wide variety of kitchen cars outside of Arura Building.、It is overflowing with items that will satisfy your stomach。 In the large hall on the 2nd floor of Allura、Clothing and dyes、Leather goods and accessories、Works such as ceramics are lined up、It will be an exhibition that is easy to move around。 Including stair landings and corridors、It is opened using all kinds of spaces.、It's like a treasure hunt。 In the center of the first floor of Allura、Glass or wood、Works such as ceramics are lined up in a relaxed manner。 "BEN Pottery" where you can encounter surreal works with taste and hand-painted ceramics made by hand、I can't help but stop and look at it。 "Mt. Beyond、The Grains of Our Shadows。At a woodworking artist's shop、I also saw a bowl that fits in my hand and a bear figurine.、More than anything、When I stopped at the coffee drip stand made of brass stand on a stand finished with white lacquer from tamo wood, I stopped.、The couple of the previous customers were just、When I was prepared to jump off the stage of Shimizu and decided to buy it,、I was so happy to encounter such a wonderful moment that I couldn't help but ♪ say, "You can enjoy the best coffee."、The Honmachi Building is also crowded with more than 60 stores on the first and second floors。 The round and small tarts of the handmade tart specialty store "QOTART", which has its main store in Nagoya Osu, are also popular。 "Kiki Craft" by a writer couple who moved from Kanagawa to Yamanashi in the mountain village of Minobu Town, which is rich in nature。 Woodworking works with the theme from felling to production are available.、Wooden vessels that are light and surprising when you hold them in your hand, lampshades that are comfortable with warm and soft light, etc.。 I was interested in a small bonsai that fits in my hand "yama9"。A bonsai that I would like to welcome as an interior decoration of my home someday。 There is also a flower miscellaneous item "caillou" that can be seen in various scenes。Mimosa wreaths, swags, etc.、There are also bright pink tulips that make you feel spring。 In the leather artist's "komachi"、I also looked at the fashion of a fashionable artist couple、I was curious about the elongated handbag that stores bottles such as wine bottles, and I was shown it。It can be folded and carried easily。If you give it as a gift, it will be appreciated! There is warmth in the construction of the wall and the color of the light bulb.、A room on the 2nd floor of the Honmachi Building where you can feel the atmosphere of the Showa era strongly。 Often meet the temptation of the fragrant aroma of coffee。Hyogo is a specialty coffee specialty store "Yuge Roastery" that roasts itself in-house from Nishinomiya。 When you hear the phrase "frying pan for a lifetime," you will want to get your hands on it someday.、If my house is not IH (laughs)。In the iron frying pan "studio SHIMONE"、I'm worried about the cute egg bread that I picked up.、It's not as heavy as I thought and it's easy to handle。 Japanese in Italian、Giotto, which sells handmade Italian home cooking。If you heat it in a microwave oven such as lasagna, you can eat it deliciously。 Cheesecake specialty store "Jolie Cheesecake" that claims to be an adult cheesecake。It was a temptation with visuals that cheesecake lovers couldn't stand、This time, I saw off crying and crying、On another occasion。 Japanese confectionery shop in Inabe City, Mie Prefecture、Dorayaki with plenty of bean paste is lined up at "Inabe Confectionery Shop Hachisha"。Every shop is a storm of temptation with amazing visuals that attract the eye! In the kitchen car "Wood-fired kiln cooking beard acorn" that lives in Aichi and moves、From the classic "Margherita" to "cheese, walnuts and honey" snack pizza、Up to one-coin pizza that you can eat with one hand。 At the north entrance on the 1st floor of Allura、We have an event headquarters。At this event, a "Noto Peninsula Earthquake Donation Box" was set up。The illustrator in charge of producing the main visual this time, "Nameki Miho",、From the theme of "referent" = "shining bright"、Remembering the brilliance of encounters、It depicts foxes and plants that glow in resonance with the Northern Lights.、In this collection of donations、1000As a gift in return for the yen's donation, a limited number of special handkerchiefs with the main visual are provided at the landing on the north side of Allura。 Shizuoka's apple candy specialty store "Rainless Apple"。Plain or Salty、Cinnamon and coconut chocolate are available.。Girls are riveted by the adorable visuals of the whole apple candy。 At the north entrance on the 1st floor of Allura、Accessories and leather goods are set up。 The savory smell of "COWCOWGRILL" is popular for its beef steak bowl that is grilled vigorously。 MASS TRADING, the overseas business division of real estate company Mastre Co., Ltd., also provided a space as an event venue。 The "Kamome Coffee Shop" that I met at Mikatsu Station also opened a store and was busy with the fragrant aroma of freshly brewed coffee。 At the craft ginger syrup factory "TEMTASOBI GINGER" in Toyohashi、Bottled craft ginger syrup and ginger ale are also available。In winter, hot water splitting also looks delicious。 Hamamatsu's kitchen car, which was opened in front of the Mastre Overseas Business Department, is a special butter curry specialty store "PATICANA"。The signature menu item "Butter Mackerel Curry" was very intriguing。I would like to take on the challenge again。Return to home、Let's have lunch with your dog Chocolat who was smart enough to stay at home。 Nagoya's onigiri specialty store "Onigiriya-san" 3 types of white rice and brown rice balls cooked in a clay pot、From the right: "Popular No. 1 Ajitama-chan / Cooked cherry shrimp and rape flowers / Green onion miso"。The soaking of the ajidama and the deep flavor of the green onion miso were delicious.、Personally,、The rice cooked with cherry shrimp and rape flowers is light and elegant.、I love the savory aroma of cherry shrimp and the texture of rape blossoms! Popular baked confectionery shop in Handa City, Aichi Prefecture "Baked Sweets People" Buy long-awaited tarts and scones for adults "Strawberry tart / Mont Blanc chocolate tart / Earl Grey and orange tart" Tart lovers are fascinated by the deliciousness、Gems that made me shiver。The crispiness of the tart dough and the way it unravels are exquisite.、I was impressed by the well-balanced and precisely calculated compatibility with creams and sauces。Not to mention the lightness of the sweetness、1I can't hide my surprise at the lightness of being able to eat each piece。Strawberry tart、The balance of sweetness and sourness of fresh strawberries is also exquisite.、Fruit-based tarts are relatively easy to crumble.、Without falling apart、It has a very easy-to-eat finish、Everything is a perfect tart! Scones "Plain / Chocolat Orange / Sweet Potato Black Sesame / Coffee Maple Walnut" Ogura An Butter Sandwich "Fig / Salted Caramel / Hojicha Almond" "Yeti Fazenda COFFEE™️"Classic Vanilla / Orangette / Framboise" Although my heart is excited in front of a large number of baked goods,、You can't eat everything in one day。However,、The good thing about baked goods is that they can be frozen。If you thaw and rebake it well, you can eat it deliciously.、I would like to have a snack time every day little by little。The day you got the loot from the event、At the same time, we should have a tea party, which ♪ I walked around for about two hours from 8:30 in the morning and watched "Aly's Winter and Summer Re.13 Refulgent"。You can get your long-awaited baked goods、I was able to spend a fulfilling time interacting with the artists and interacting with the works。I'm looking forward to meeting many creators at the next event! Ali's Winter and Summer Re.13 Refulgent (held twice a year) Double Project Exhibition:Ally's Winter and Summer Re.13 Refulgent Date and Time:2024/2/10(Sat)10:00-17:00、2024/2/11 (Sun) 9:00-16:00 (*This event has ended) Location:Hamamatsu City Chuo-ku Wholesale Honcho 37 Hamamatsu Wholesale Merchant Center Allura All Buildings and other surrounding buildings Free admission, rain or shine, free parking 250 cars [List of exhibitors] natsuglass .hitohira....

Hamamatsu newly opened "Boulangerie Taniguchi" Iwata's popular bakery expands to Hamamatsu and Hirosawa!

Hiroki Taniguchi, a former chef and boulanger who continues to stick to basic bread that you don't get tired of eating every day, runs a popular bakery in Iwata called "Bread Kobo totokaka"、Expanding into Hirosawa in Hamamatsu、2024/2/3Newly opened "Boulangerie Taniguchi" on (Sat)! The location is the site of the high-class raw bread "Nishikawa" in Hirosawa, Hamamatsu, and it has become a bakery battle zone.、This sign board is a landmark。 Open at 6 a.m. every morning、Despite the early opening time for a bakery、On the first day, there is a long line even before the sun rises。 With colorful flowers celebrating the opening of the store、Glamorous storefronts and interiors。 The inside of the store is a face-to-face style where you order and receive bread lined up on shelves and showcases from the staff。 Iwata's "Bread Studio totokaka" has jointly opened a second store called "88Bakery" in "café Asmo" handled by "Asumo Real Estate".、We also operate a store where you can eat in delicious bread。Preparing for this new opening、"Bread workshop totokaka" is temporarily closed (scheduled to be closed from February to April).、5It is scheduled to reopen as a sales office in the month。Currently, he is fully focused on Hirosawa! Owner Boulanger's Hiroki Taniguchi、This foray into Hamamatsu is with extraordinary thoughts、It is a new challenge。Two years have passed since I grew as a bakery loved by the locals in Iwata.、By expanding the scale in a new place、Including the introduction of equipment、By gaining a foothold in a better environment、He has decided to relocate in order to realize his long-cherished ambition to fulfill his dream of participating in competitions。 Iwata's store name "totokaka" is、Use the names of family members one letter at a time.、The eldest son and the second son's "TO" and "TO"、To my wife and daughters "KA" and "KA"。The entire logo is shaped in the image of the initial letter "Hi" of the chef's name。It is filled with the meaning of wanting to cherish "family" and support each other as a "family" at all times.、We adopted the one devised by the kindergarten teacher who is indebted to us.。The name of the new store is simply the last name "Taniguchi"。 There is more than just bread in the store.、For fresh extra virgin olive oil or fruity Kalamata olives、Vinegar and lemon juice, which are indispensable for making dressings, are also on sale.。 More than 20 people lined up from 6 o'clock when the store opened、Bread orders come in like flies、About 30 minutes passed until my turn came.。 A simple meal bread is the best sandwich for breakfast.、Hard breads such as campagne and desserts are also available。 There are about 30 kinds of freshly baked bread in the showcase。The No. 1 most popular is "melon bread" ¥260。I thought it was sold out、I was relieved to be lined up in the back。 The No. 1 most popular sandwich is the "Ham Tama Sandwich" for ¥400! "Bakery's Super Smooth Purin" ¥ 320 Exactly、When I lined up, the person in front of me、I was the owner of the steamed yokan "Heccharaya" that I bought before.、I couldn't help but enjoy the standing talk。There are no barriers between lovers of delicious food (laughs) "Pan de Mi", which is indispensable for daily meals, is ¥ 390、There is a mountain shape and a square eclipse.、Her favorite bread with raisins "Madame Raisin" ¥ 500、Authentic brioche "Brioche Vendène Orange" from the Vendée region of southern France with orange peel hidden in brioche dough ¥ 420。 For bean paste lovers, the "An Cream Sandwich" ¥ 300 and the seasonal "Cherry Blossom Cream Cream" ¥ 320。 "Petit Canele (5 pieces)" which is ideal for coffee breaks ¥ 600、rusk、Cookies, etc.。 The limited quantity of "croissant" is almost hand-folded to ¥ 300、"Pain au Chocolat" wrapped in Belgian chocolate ¥ 300。 The chewy texture of rye "Turtu de Sègle" is ¥ 800、Campagne that makes you get lost, etc.。 Finally, it's my turn、I'd like to buy them all.、I will endure it and examine it。 Because it is baked sequentially、If freshly baked food is placed from the back next to the cash register、Of course, it is tempting to buy。 As for the drink menu,、Coffee (Hot/Ice) and latte、Red and white grape juice、Prepare apple juice and other items。 Among the many celebratory flowers、The name you see is familiar (laughs), and the producer of our beloved "Angel Sound Cantaloupe":Congratulations from Masaya Kageyama have arrived! Back to home、Arrange the bread you got、Let's brew a delicious coffee of "Mameyakafu" and come to the morning! "Croissant" ¥ 300 The outside has a crunchy texture and is crispy and fragrant.、The inside is composed of a fluffy and light layer and has a good texture。Blend 3 carefully selected types of flour、The quantity is limited because the fabric is carefully and carefully made by hand.、If you get it, you're lucky.、A chef's specialty dish。 "Aosa Mentai Cheese" ¥ 320 Raw green seaweed is kneaded in abundance、It goes well with the richness of the cheese.、The sourness of the lemon with a faint scent gives it a refreshing aftertaste。 "Pan de Mi (Kaku)" ¥ 390 Kakushoku bread made from domestic wheat Yumechi from Hokkaido。 "Bread Compré (3 pieces)" ¥ 390 Nutritious bread made from whole rye flour。 You can slice it to your desired thickness、Cut it in half horizontally and use it as a sandwich。 The popular No.1 sandwich "Ham Tama Sandwich" ¥ 400 Sandwich plenty of eggs and ham on popular salt bread。Lots of fans、It is by far the most popular sandwich bread。 "Ham Tama Camembert" ¥ 420 "Baguette" ¥ 350 A baguette that uses the new bread manufacturing process Respectuspanis manufacturing method advocated by the French Ambassador d'Or Association.、A manufacturing method that maximizes the natural sweetness of grains。 "Campagne Noah Raisin" ¥ 580 Bread dough made from rye and whole wheat flour with plenty of raisins and walnuts、Satisfying to eat。It's delicious as it is, but、It is also good to combine cream cheese and honey for party specifications!! Popular No.1 product "Melon bread" ¥ 260 Melon bread with adorable crispy cookie dough is the No. 1 popular bean paste product。Bread dough made by adding yogurt to cookie dough with almonds to make it crispy、A popular melon bread that adds aroma with butter after baking。 "An Cream Sandwich" ¥ 300 A snack bread that cannot be missed by bean paste lovers with plenty of bean paste and cream hidden in a fluffy and moist milk bread。 "Petit Canele (5 pieces)" ¥ 600 The outside is crisp and fragrant、Moist inside、Also I click。A full-fledged canele with a small but flavorful rum aroma。Shelf life is 1 week when stored in the refrigerator。If you want to rebake、180The manager told me that it is 5 minutes in the oven at °C! Five types of new children purchased on the second revisit "egg×egg curry bread" ¥ 370 Even though it is called curry bread, it is a light curry bread that reduces guilt without frying.、Delicious curry bread with a mellow sauce of boiled eggs and egg paste on top of curry。 "Crawfin" ¥ 300 What is "Crawfin"?、Croissant dough baked in a muffin pan with bread that originated in Australia、It is named "Crawfin" because it combines croissants and muffins。Rich bread with Danish dough and rum raisin cream。 "Ume Shiso Salad Chicken" ¥ 370 Plum meat, shiso and chicken、With a combination that can't be matched、Crispy and fragrant、Flavorful bread with the aroma of shiso。It looks beautiful with cute ring epi molding.。 "Takana Wiener Cheese" ¥ 390 A combination of Takana, sausage, and cheese、Sesame oil-scented delicatessen bread。 "Jumbo Bacon Epi" ¥ 490 Long size about twice the size of normal bacon epi。The crunchy dough is soaked with the sweetness and aroma of bacon。 Newly opened "Boulangerie Taniguchi" in Hirosawa, a fierce bakery battle zone。On top of not getting bored with a wide variety of items、Easy to fit into everyday dining without being too sharp、From small children to bread connoisseurs、A bakery that everyone can taste deliciously with a smile on their face has been born! Boulangerie Taniguchi Address:Shizuoka, Hamamatsu-shi, Chuo-ku, Hirosawa 3-26-7 Opening hours:6:00〜売り切れ次第終了 定休日日・月曜日 駐車場:In front of the store

Happy New Year 2024 "Kyoto Cuisine in Kyoto Okazaki Supervised by Ajimano Exquisite Gorgeous "Suiyanagi"

【 Happy New Year 】 We pray for the safety of everyone who has suffered enormous damage from the Noto Peninsula Earthquake in Reiwa 6, an earthquake that swept in during New Year's Day and observed a maximum seismic intensity of 7。 Thank you very much for your patronage of the web magazine lade during the past year。 2024The year is Koshin、It will be the Year of the Dragon, which is also the year of birth of the master of our house。 「龍の如く猛々しく新しいことに挑戦する年」 皆様のより一層のご支援・ご鞭撻を賜りますよう心よりお願い申し上げ 新年の挨拶とさせていただきます。 Thank you for your continued support of your dog Chocolat this year。 This year's New Year's flowers to welcome the New Year、Like last year, I asked "Hanakoubo Kitano"、An arrangement using a vertical and powerful bamboo tube as if a dragon soars to the heavens。It's a warm winter and a new year、Rain forecast is coming earlier、Fortunately, New Year's Day was blessed with good weather。Feel the warm sunshine、It was a comfortable New Year's Day without the need for heating appliances.。 As in the past、In the morning, the couple stood in the kitchen.、Although I work hard to prepare this and that、This year, like last year, we will order and enjoy the festive dishes。This year, he is the fourth generation owner of the 126-year-old "Kyoto Cuisine Ajimano" in Okazaki, Kyoto.:Daisuke Kashimoto supervised by、New Year's Day of Mouth Happiness at the Finest Gorgeous "Green Willow"。In a three-tiered paulownia box with high pedestal work, colorfully laid out、Each weight is equipped with high-quality ingredients in a well-balanced manner, and the motto is "delicious even when cold"。Using lucky charm ingredients、You can see that each dish was cooked with a commitment to the ingredients and manufacturing method.、You can enjoy the elegant taste unique to Kyoto cuisine、An elegant festival suitable for the new year。 Exquisite Gorgeous Weight Suiyanagi Ichi no Shige Kumquat with Leaves / Black Sesame Paste Pie Baked / Nodokuro Gabion Lotus Root / Fuyu Persimmon and Turnip Eggplant / Lobster Yellow-Flavored Mayo Grilled / Sweet Potato Lemon Braised / Wakakusa Thick Grilled Egg / Kazuko Tosa Pickle / Seafood Colorful Salad / Abalone Steamed / Hokkai Mashed Wasabi / Rice Making / Green Kelp Roll / Temari Mochi and 14 items with lobster and boiled abalone as the main dishes。 Finest Gorgeous Weight, Suiyanagi Sushi, Boiled Conger Eel Kenchin, Small Sea Snapper, Grilled Sea Snapper, Nishiki Chicken, Pounded Burdock, Brown Sugar Roast Pork, Grilled Chicken with Salt Koji, Boiled Shrimp with Salt, Boiled Red Azuma Honeydew, Baby Ayu Stewed Bitashi, Uguisu Tofu, Ichō Fu, Momiji Fu, Pickled Ham with Orange, Paprika, Red Yellow, Shrimp Sayori Terein, Yellow Flavored Sushi, Pickled Octopus, Chinese Jellyfish, Pickled Cucumber, and 18 Items.、The weight of the crossbow that stretches out your hand。 極上絢爛重 翠柳 参の重 Cranberry walnuts / Dried tomato compote / Nishiki egg / Apricot syrup pickled / Kasumi plum / Ebi Naruto cheese egg / Apple kinton / Chestnut honeydew stew / Red and white eggplant / Seasoned salmon roe / Black bean honey stewed from Tamba Sasayama / Red fish Saikyo grilled / Silver salmon ginjo kasu pickled / Silk pods / Takano Kenchin / Manganji chili pepper / Carrot twisted plum / Simmered with wormwood noodles / Simmered with shiitake mushrooms / Grilled yuba、Enjoy a total of 52 items of three-tiered weight that are tailored without sparing any effort。 "Twelve kinds of sashimi centered on the tuna large toro"、Tuna、Red meat、Cold 鰤、Sea bream、Flounder、Horse mackerel、Scallop、Shrimp、Salmon、How much、A luxurious assortment of Tsukijimaru Taka's tamagoyaki and 12 kinds。 "Hokkaido crab" This year's crab is available at a surprisingly good price even with a large capacity.、A satisfying "sloppy crab" packed with meat up to the tips of the fingernails。 "Nigiri Sushi Gokan" Every year、On New Year's Day, the owner's nigiri sushi is held while remembering the time when sushi lovers were so strong that they stood at the counter as sushi chefs。From the foreground, the main tuna large toro、Shrimp、Scallop、Greater amberjack、Shrimp and how much warship Gokan。 "Hokkaido spilled salmon roe with gold leaf" commonly known as:It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is gout sushi "spilled salmon"。Fill a bite-sized crisp with this and how much、Your favorite sushi that will make you smile even though you are about to drown in your mouth when you bite into it in one bite。 The popular program "Zawatsuku! New Year's Eve" broadcast in the "Japan people's favorite food ranking Tetsuko Kuroyanagi & Shinichi Hatori and the 1st place championship"、"Sushi" won the glorious first place。We love it too。 "Kanto-style ozoni" Daikon、Carrot、Turnip、Taro、After boiling each ingredient in Japanese-style broth、Light soy sauce and mirin、Add a little Japan sake、Combined stew、A light Kanto-style ozoni made by grilling freshly pressed rice cakes with BALMUDA and then serving them。 From morning to noon on New Year's Day、Surrender to the gradual flow of time、A special time to relax with the family。 This year, we will compare the drinking of "Kubota Manju Junmai Daiginjo" and "Rokunokoshishu Junmai Daiginjo" from Niigata's famous sake "Asahi Shuzo"。 Drinking Japan sake on New Year's Day has become a staple in our house.、Every year、I decide on a theme and enjoy comparing drinks。 "Rokuno Koshishu Junmai Daiginjo" has a depth suitable for the highest peak of the "Koshishu series"、Layers of flavor elements、Show various expressions "Rokunokoshishu Junmai Daiginjo"。 "Kubota Manju Junmai Daiginjo" With a gorgeous aroma and a plump taste of deep sweetness、Feel the rich time "Kubota Manju Junmai Daiginjo"。 New Year's BGM to welcome the new year、Playing the koto's "Spring Sea" etc.、While being soothed by the sound of a professional player、Pull out the koto, which has not been touched recently, and tune it。I want to play together as a couple for the first time in a long time。 Lighting artist "Toshiyuki Tani" work "RON (侖)" If it's a normal New Year's、Tea sweets are the place to receive kamisei sweets.、This year, I was lucky enough to be able to make a reservation for the limited edition "Japanese chestnut galette des rois" at the end of the year from the popular baked confectionery shop "épanouir".、Let's get this。What is "Galette des Rois"?、With traditional French New Year's sweets、A simple pie baked with almond cream。"Loi" means "king's galette"、There is a small ceramic doll (phebe) inside.、The person who won the phebe when cut into pieces and ate、Be the king of the day、We are blessed by everyone。And、It is said that the good fortune lasts for one year.、It is truly a "traditional confectionery that carries happiness"。 Baked confectionery shop "épanouir" limited edition "Japanese chestnut galette des rois" Épa's galette des rois、Marron pie made using Kakegawa's Japanese chestnuts that arrived last fall。In a crispy puff pastry with delicate and beautiful incisions and elegant almond cream、Japanese chestnuts that are satisfying to eat are now available.、The gentle sweetness of moist and rich Japanese chestnuts spreads throughout your mouth.、Blissful coffee time。Who won this year's fabe of our house、Please come to the New Year's greeting at the right time、Ran-chan, my friend's daughter who accompanied me to tea。When I put the attached crown on it, a cute princess was born。 The damage caused by the earthquake seems to be an unpredictable situation.、 I hope that everyone will continue to be safe and that this year will be a peaceful one for all of you.。...

Hamamatsu hand-made soba "Soba House Omori" New Year's Eve is freshly ground and freshly boiled New Year's Eve soba

Gensoba noodles selected from all over the country are pounded with different powders every week.、Hamamatsu, which offers extreme soba noodles, is at Nakajima's "Soba House Omori"、I had New Year's Eve soba for the first time in a long time、2023Wrapping up the year。 New Year's Eve opens earlier than usual at 10 a.m.:15~ 14:00It will be the opening hours of the、It will end as soon as the soba noodles are sold out。Although it is lined up at the same time as the store opens、The waiting time outside is about 1 hour。Despite the fact that it is New Year's Eve、The outside air is about 15°C, which is unusually warm.、The rain that I was worried about had stopped and I was looking into the sun.、I didn't have to worry about waiting outside。 When it was finally my turn, my name was called and I went inside the store.。The custom of eating soba noodles on New Year's Eve began in the Edo period.、It is said to be "New Year's Eve soba noodles" as a culture in Japan。Eating New Year's Eve soba is meaningful.、There seem to be various theories、Here are five of the most influential stories。 1.Because soba noodles are easier to cut than other noodles.、Eat New Year's Eve soba with the hope that "the calamities and hardships of the year will be cut off and not carried over to the next year"、The most famous theory。Cut ties with the bad from it、It has the meaning of wanting to welcome the new year comfortably.、It is also said that it has another name, "rim soba noodles"。 2.Prayer for longevity because soba noodles are thin and long noodles、It is said that eating it while praying for life extension and longevity is the meaning of eating New Year's Eve soba。The moving soba that you give when you move also has this meaning。 3.Prayer for health Buckwheat fruit, which is the raw material of buckwheat、Even if you are exposed to heavy rain and wind, you will be fine as soon as the sun shines on you in the sunny weather after that.、It is said that it has come to be eaten as a good luck for health。 4.Fortune rises in the old days、The goldsmith made buckwheat flour into a dumpling and attached gold powder or silver powder to the dumpling.、By putting the dumplings in water and dissolving buckwheat flour、was collecting gold and silver powder。Also, when extending the gold leaf, buckwheat flour was also used.、It seems that the idea that soba is a good luck charm that gathers money was born。 5.Rising luck In the old Kamakura period, to the poor at Jotenji Temple in Hakata、I was serving soba mochi called "Sekai soba noodles" for New Year's Eve。 It seems that the people who ate the "world-reserving soba noodles" had good luck from the following year.、From there, I began to think of soba as a good luck charm.、The theory that it was connected to New Year's Eve soba。 Here is、The current owner, Masato Omori, painstakingly made hand-ground soba noodles、I was able to enjoy tempura that my wife, Mieko, was carefully fried、A shop run by a couple。In the last few years、The fact that Mr. Omori, who is 75 years old, was starting to think about retirement、My daughter and my daughter's husband began to help as heirs.、Even now, the business continues with the cooperation of the family。 Today's buckwheat flour is、Seiro ni "New soba Fukui Ohno"、In the countryside 28, "Ibaraki Hitachi Akisoba"、In the countryside, it is "Hokkaido peony species"。 The menu has also changed from the previous astringent vertical writing menu to a hand-drawn and adorable horizontal menu。 Shop、10And the room's name and counter 腰掛kereru about 4 people and small shops、High ceilings、A space overflowing with the warmth of wood。It seems that the seats facing each other have been stopped.、A single-piece table is placed on both sides.、Align horizontally。 "Mori Seiro" ¥ 900 "Seiro Soba" from Fukui Ono where you can enjoy the aroma and sweetness unique to new soba。You can enjoy the goodness of the buckwheat flour that has been cut out and ground with an electric stone mill with 28 buckwheat flour。First of all, to enjoy the scent、It is recommended to add a little salt on the tabletop。After that, let's enjoy it with soba wort。 "Tempura" ¥ 900 Vegetables are eggplant and squash、Seared、Maitake mushroom、Carrots and 5 kinds、The tempura that comes with one shrimp tempura is served with matcha salt。 "Duck Nanban" ¥ 1,700 "Duck Nanban" with duck and grilled white onions in warm soba noodles。The fat of the duck dissolves in the juice and becomes umami.、It can be enjoyed as a winter treat。 Hand-made soba noodles of "Omori" that I received for the first time in a long time。Enjoy the aroma of new soba noodles and the skills of skilled craftsmen。 The soba noodles that have been rotated about three times、It becomes a thick soba noodle soup、A heartwarming bite。 Just the other day、Mr. Omori, who was sick and lying down, also greeted me cheerfully, saying, "Stop by again when you have time!"、I was relieved to see him in good spirits.、I haven't seen him for a while, but I've become a grandfather for a long time (laughs)、His wife, Mieko, said, "Because、It's Grandpa."、I was happy to hear the same three-branch bushi, even though it was ♪ a very busy store.、Feeling the cohesion of Mr. Omori's family、Delicious New Year's Eve soba、New Year's Eve。I was able to see a lot of smiles on the faces of the people who took care of me this year、Thankfully, we were able to pass the year safely.、I'm glad。We look forward to working with you again next year.、Thank you for your understanding。 Soba House Omori Address:Nakashima 1-31-1 TEL, Naka Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture:053-463-2879 Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 Closed on Mondays:Moon、On Tuesday、Friday、First Sunday (please check the calendar on the official website) New Year's holiday:2024January 1 to January 5 (regular business from January 6)

Morimachi French "noyau" French restaurant & café overlooking a quiet satoyama is now open!

Based on the concept of "countryside, food, and music"、Overlooking the quiet satoyama of Enshu Mori Town、In a place where the countryside spreads out below、Go to "French Restaurant & Cafe noyau", which just opened on November 1, 2023 this year。 In French, "noyau" means "seed."、The sign of the store name is said to have been drawn by the son of the old tree owner and his wife, who is a child when he was a child。There is an indescribable taste in that hand-drawn sign.、I can feel the compassion for my child。 The design of the restaurant building was done by his wife, Seiko's father.、It is designed by visiting from Kagoshima many times。 Mr. and Mrs. Furuki, who will be the owners of this place, are a migrant group、It has been three years since he moved to this area, and he has been steadily preparing to open the store。This place, which is a small hill,、You can see the countryside of the long quiet satoyama.、Feeling the changes of the four seasons、An ideal place where you can also grow vegetables。 Opening hours、Lunch time 11:30-13:00(L.o) and Cafe Time 14:00~ 17:00(L.o)、Closed on Sundays。 A sign board that serves as a child's hand-drawn autograph is also cutely displayed on the wall of a simple galvanium steel plate。 The interior of the store has a simple design based on white.、There are 16 seats in one row by the window。Admire the view from the window、You can spend a leisurely and peaceful time。 It is built with a high ceiling and is full of a sense of openness、Corkboard walls create a warm softness。 His wife, Seiko, who is also a pianist and composer, goes from grandmother to mother、One piano that has been passed down from mother to daughter Seiko。During lunchtime, you are busy with serves.、At café time, there seems to be a menu called "Improvising original songs for you"、It seems that you will have a happy time to play just for yourself。 Mysterious art on a snow-white wall。In fact, this is also an enlarged picture that was traced by the two sons when they were 3 years old。 In the corner of the loft、Ebisu-sama with a small format in his hand that makes you feel warm unexpectedly。 Owner and chef Daisuke Furuki、1983Born in Hamakita-ku, Hamamatsu City。After graduating from university, he moved to France.、2006Over 8 years from 2014 to 2014、Studying at hotels and restaurants、After returning to Japan, he worked in Osaka at the Michelin-starred restaurants "Tourmonde" and "Adok"。I decided to open a business in Ichinomiya, Fukuroi no Mori Town.、I moved here with my family about 3 years ago.、「フレンチ食堂&カフェ noyau/ノワイヨ」をオープンさせます。 The lunch menu is only one omakase course.、"Gougère、Seasonal soups、Appetizers、Main meat dish (can be changed to fish dish for +1,000 yen):Reservation required)、Dessert、After-dinner drinks"、It is ¥3,200 (excluding tax)。 Even though this day is a weekday after Christmas、Already fully booked at the time of booking。Ask for a free schedule、I was able to slip in safe。 「ジンジャエール」¥400 「グジェール」 チーズの香りが楽しめるプティサイズのシュー皮でふんわりとしたグジェール「香味野菜のポタージュ」 香味野菜をたっぷりと用いたポタージュは、Served with croutons and smoked bacon from Morimachi's popular "Iruka ham" shredded。 「ホタテのミ・キュイ かぶと柚子」 帆立の貝柱をミ・キュイ(mie cuit)の半生で仕上げ、A colorful dish served with carefully chamfered and marinated turnips and turnip leaf oil、Refreshing yuzu scent。 「自家製パン」 ふわふわでもっちりとした軽い口当たりの自家製パンは、It will be entangled in the sauce。 「豚ロースロティ 季節の野菜添え」 静岡県産もっちり豚のロース肉を使用し、Roti in the oven until moist and tender。Served with stick señor grown in the garden and thick, flavorful raw shiitake mushrooms harvested in the back mountains。 「クレープ・ショコラ みかんのジャム」 ショコラの香り高いクレープ生地に、Slip in a melt-in-your-mouth smooth chocolate sorbet、Accented with dense jam that condenses the taste of tangerines。 「コーヒー」 食後にあっさりといただけるアメリカンなホットコーヒー。 Product shelves are prepared in front of the store.、「Enshu Olives/遠州オリーブ」のEVオリーブオイルやオリーブリーフティー、Selling handmade olive soap and other items。 Baked goods that are ideal for tea sweets are also available.。 奥様・聖子さんのピアノアルバム「un noyau」¥1,500も販売されており、It was created with the hope of creating an album that would gently accompany your daily life。The album, which bears the same name as the name of the store, seems to be weaving sound with the hope that "the seeds of sound will bloom a small flower in your daily life"。 A picture of a son with an adorable hand-drawn touch。Forks and spoons、Is it a ladle? A casual illustration of a child who grows up watching the back of his father, who is a chef, is framed.、It decorated the front of the entrance like a small work of art。 While borrowing the forest and rural scenery in the back mountains、Spend a long quiet time in the satoyama "French Restaurant & Cafe noyau"。Mori Town, a small 1 hour from Hamamatsu, is、Because it is near Oguni Shrine、It is ♪ recommended for lunch while enjoying worship & driving French Restaurant & Cafe noyau Address:4847-7 Ichinomiya, Mori-cho, Shuchi-gun, Shizuoka TEL:0538-74-7304(Lunch reservation priority) Lunch:11:30-13:00(L.o) Cafe:14:00~ 17:00(L.o) Closed:Sunday + irregular holidays

Hamamatsu / Lake Hamana "Bentenjima Yamamototei" Lakeside lunch overlooking Lake Hamana and enjoying fish riverside cuisine

As one of the resorts of Lake Hamana、Swimming and fishing、clamming、Cruise ship、Hot Springs、Enjoy fireworks and more、Bentenjima in Maisaka Town is crowded with many tourists。 Surrounded by towering palm trees、Bentenjima Seaside Park is in the best location overlooking the red torii gate floating on the lake and Lake Hamana。It is a 3-minute walk from JR Bentenjima Station, and transportation is convenient.、It is also a recommended spot that can be guided when visitors from outside the prefecture。 Benten island in Lake Hamana.、Lunch time overlooking Lake Hamana at "Bentenjima Yamamoto-tei", which offers fresh ingredients from the local Lake Hamana in the best condition。 Bentenjima Yamamoto-tei、1975Established in 1975、It was running across the street from this place.。Is here.、As a sister store of "Bentenjima Yamamototei" which is the head office、2017Opened in March 2008 under the name "Uogishi Restaurant Taisuke"、2020In February 2008, the two stores merged to leave the name of the historic head office.、Reopened as "Bentenjima Yamamototei"。 Bentenjima Yamamoto-tei This is where the sons of the previous generation succeed、The eldest son is the second generation, and the second son is supporting、He is active as a brother。 Second-generation owner:Kosuke Yamamoto was born and raised in Bentenjima, Maisaka Town.、After knowing all the materials of Lake Hamana, he trained in Kyoto。 After that、More than 20 years of learning knowledge and experience under a master who is also my father。Father's will、Taste taken over、 We will continue to pursue the taste of the region that will satisfy us even more.、It has been inherited from Yamamoto-tei。 younger brother:Shuji Yamamoto trained in Kyoto。After that、Experience cooking abroad and learn a variety of techniques.、 Currently, he and his brother are supported as the main pillars of the store。 From facing the lakeside、Boasting a great location overlooking Lake Hamana in front of you、Local people started.、Support from tourists is also thick、A popular restaurant that shows a lot of buzz。 Although there is mild sunshine on this day,、Lake Hamana in winter, when the sky wind of Enshu, which can be said to be a seasonal wind, blows, makes the lakeside feel chilly。 Here you will、We handle ingredients representing Lake Hamana such as eel and chin、From an affordable set meal、We have a course meal tailored to various scenes、The varied menu is also one of the most popular。 We have prepared a hand-watershed with a magnificent Suppon sculpture that makes it clear at a glance that it is a Suppon dealer。 Japan's Suppon、1879It began when it was farmed in Lake Hamana in the year.、Served as a specialty dish in a place related to this place。It is purchased from "Hattori Nakamura Yoriba" in Lake Hamana, which is famous as the best Suppon brand in Japan.、Taking advantage of the natural environment of Lake Hamana、High-quality suppon grown over 3 to 4 years by the method of open-world aquaculture、You can enjoy an elegant, refreshing and habit-free taste。 A large water tank is installed in the spacious store、The popular "Ise Shrimp Festival" is being held.、100g Available for ¥1,650。 Lobster、After all, the torso is fun as sashimi、For the head, miso soup is recommended.、You can also enjoy it with salt grilling or tempura。 1On the 1st floor, there is a counter seat surrounding the raw spoon and a horiki-style tatami room seat that is a semi-private room style with a small rise.、2On the floor, there is a Japanese-style room table and table seats.、Can also be used as a banquet table。 There are about 80 seats in total, which is a generous number of seats。Also、Completely private rooms are reserved by appointment and a room fee will be charged separately。 Underground seawater at a depth of 50 meters is pumped up and used.。Pumping and circulating wastewater、2By cleaning the cage once a week、A cage that is kept in a clean condition。 Starting with the river pig, which is a winter feast、Abalone and mollusks、Flat-eyed red snapper、Lots of mackerel and more。 This time, at the 2nd floor seats, which have a relaxed Japanese-style room with a calm atmosphere of tatami mats.、You will enjoy it while overlooking Lake Hamana。 "Assorted sashimi (2 servings)" ¥ 4,230 I had "Haze" included in the recommendation of the day.、2Order a stab in front of people。Red sea bream、Haze、Flu liver、Tiger prawns、Scallop、Squid、Tuna、It is a seared tuna and a sumptuous stab。Haze was the image of tempura, but、The sashimi is also exquisite! The flesh is moist yet elastic、You can enjoy the sweetness。 "Haze's Bone Crackers" Bone crackers that come with Haze's sashimi。It is crispy and fragrantly fried.、It's spiced and perfect for sake.。 Winter limited "fried oyster set meal" ¥ 1,760 Oyster season has arrived again this year。Raw oysters are also delicious,、The best small oysters from Lake Hamana are fried oysters。 "Buri daikon set meal" ¥ 1,500 Fatty yellowtail、Moist and soft、The radish is soaked in broth and has a strong flavor。 "Live Shrimp Tendon" ¥ 2,310 Straight and beautifully fried prawns are lined up.、Three live prawns、A sumptuous live shrimp tendon served with eggplant tempura and shishito ten.。 2There are also table seats on the floor.、If you have weak legs, it is a good idea to let us know at the time of reservation。Overlooking Lake Hamana、"Bentenjima Yamamoto-tei" on the shore of Lake Hamana, where you can enjoy fresh live fish dishes that make you feel the blessings of Enshu Nada。Recommended for those who are looking for lunch around Lake Hamana。 Bentenjima Yamamototei Address:3212-3 Bentenjima, Maisaka-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka TEL:053-592-1919 Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:30、Dinner 16:30To 22:00(Last order 21:00( 2) Parking lot:16Stand (free) Closed:Thursday ...

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