lade SUPPORTERS registration form

people who support the lade seeking at all times。
How to provide leading-edge information、How to introduce the topic of、And help with fundraising
introduce our cooperation in the management of the lade on the supporters page will。

Provision of information and referral in form below、Take advantage so you can contact us donations support。

From here we'll contact to our appreciation
You will be shooting portraits at you convenience, will be posted to the supporters page。

The donation helpsBank transfer to the account designated、
Or from the following website credit card payment is available。

[type = pix_button”second_color” size =”large”]Credit card payment site[/pix_button]

At the same time ask for this form。

still、Provision of information、Biographies、Donations support is available again。

[pix_contact_form data_form=’contact’]

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