Valentine's day is a Bliss coffee with homemade fondant

In severe cold、One large event increasing women's power "Valentine's day (St. Valentine & # 8217s; s Day) "will do!

As an annual Chocolate Festival "Entetsu department store"In the、1/24(Thursday)-2/14 come to being held for one month until (Thursday) 'amour Sion Sono (Amour du Chocolat)"、Many visitors gather in、Has been seen in the world of chocolate、Every home will invariably handmade chocolates!

This year 2019 chocolate candy、Bake in the oven heat decide (Fondant au chocolat) of simmering fondant au chocolat! The ganache、Moving celebration Zucchini that Shinji Tsuchiya (Shinji Tsuchiya)Capped the Kavalan Whisky SOLIST Cask Strength into a secret sauce, decorate with adult taste!

[Fondant au chocolat (Fondant au chocolat) muffin cups (diameter 6.5 x h 5 cm size 2 for)]
(Dough) 70% Cacao bitter chocolate 50 g、1 egg、Unsalted butter 30 g、Sugar 30 g、Flour 20 g、Cocoa powder 10 g
(Ganache) 70% Cacao sweet Choco 30 g、Whipped cream 20 ml、1 teaspoon of KAVALAN SOLIST Cask Strength (in your choice of whiskey or brandy items)

< Recipe >
(1) making ganache
70% Cacao sweet Choco warmed cream and blending、While the hot water melt。
(2) (1) to the mix put a teaspoon of KAVALAN SOLIST Cask Strength。
(3) (2) cool down rapidly and put in the freezer。

(4) in the fabric manufacturing, cacao 70% bitter chocolate and unsalted butter and hot water while melting。

(5) eggs is often in a bowl、Better add the sugar and mix。

(6) (5) to (4) little by little into a couple of times, and will mix into。

(7) (6) to flour and cocoa powder while hung 振rui, was slowly mix。


(8) (7) in the muffin cups of dough approximately 1/3 sink put、Put the ganache in the Middle、Cover the remaining dough on。

(9) in the oven at 200 ° C Preheat. Bake 15 minutes。

(10) remove from muffin cups the machine、Furikake with sugar powder、Complete you whipped cream to garnish!


Fondant au chocolat (Fondant au chocolat) × Valentine blend coffee machine:Noritake (Noritake) tart plate & Coffee Cup & Saucer, design / Frank Lloyd Wright (Frank Lloyd Wright)

Does coffee fit hot fondant au chocolat、Fukuroi home roasting coffee roaster "Blister and Japanese restaurant"At this time and marketed in a limited、For limited quantities、Enjoy Valentine's day blend coffee beans become sold out early 200 g 1000 ¥!

Sweetness of fondant au chocolat was at least up in fluffy dough with、Melted ganache wrapped in the scent of single malt whisky, dares, adult flavor to taste!

Better compatibility with dark chocolate、With Valentine blend and enjoy the mellow almost gone stiff coffee break!

Please spend a moment of bliss with our delicious chocolate!

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