Asakusa flourished from "Asakusa" Edo is still flooded downtown is fully loaded!

Senso-ji Temple from Tokyo landmark Tokyo sky tree、As the Thunder gates、Mix of old and new, downtown is overflowing.、To "Asakusa (Asakusa), the most popular to the tourists!

On this day、Be fine in warm weather and winter beauty、Sunday may、Crowded with many tourists!(Be é ∀ ' Nono & # 8217s; '-Chi & # 8217s; ' ° Chi

Down with the Ginza line Asakusa Station、1Exit before crossing walk suddenly present. "Senso-ji Temple"The gate"Kaminari-Mon gate"To!

Create a column of each company gate Boulevard、Twink waiting while Barker and 俥 husband appearance lined up! Of the lower body is weak or if you will be accompanied by small children、Also fashioned for each course in a rickshaw in Kumamoto city。Is 1 example、"浅草 時代屋 "The rickshaw in using suitcase or baggage evening until 17:30 free in crib、A lot of baggage is recommended usage period!

And the slip as a commemorative photo spot filled with most people "Kaminarimon (officially called a wind Thunder gate from enshrining the"statue of God of Thunder"in the image of God left to the right).、Nakamise street lined with souvenir shops close to 90 hotels on both sides of the Causeway across the approximately 250 m much crowded!

Also one of the great joys "eating out" is also at Asakusa、This temptation is full enough of the stomach in the street!

浅草で最も歴史のある人形焼を提供する老舗「木村屋本店」ではひとつひとつ素早く型に入れて焼き上げる熟練の職人技ともいえる手仕事が伺えこちらの人形焼は浅草に因んだ「鳩提灯、Five-story pagoda、雷様」の4種類がとてもチャーミングなデザインで「餡入り」or「餡無し」の2種類があるのでお好みで購入できるのも嬉しくわたしは無類の餡好きなので「餡入り(8個)」600円をお土産として購入!


First of all,、お水舎で手を清め常香炉にお香を供え煙を浴びて心身を清めてから本堂にて礼拝(神社とは違い拍手せず合掌して一礼)


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