Delicious! "Shin Tung Nan Seafood" Seafood Taiwan restaurant of the popular long-established in local people of Taipei!


TaipeiThe locals in popular established seafood Taiwan restaurant opened more than 30 years '"Shin Tung Nan Seafood""The、
Order preserves a huge shop、漁re is famous for fresh seafood offer in approximately more than 60 recipes。
This time the、Super gourmet in the Taiwan friends of doctorAtaru Lu.
Seafood lunch invitation、Taiwan cuisineIn essence it shows!
The location "Taipei Botanical Garden"In the near、
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall StationThan within 10 minutes by car、
Will be in the corner of the intersection of migiwa Zhuzhou road further along.


Super gourmet Taiwan people's friendAtaru LuLet's us refer a friend Japan language、
AtaruAnd it's a junior、Aimed at physicians medical college studentsQiu Jinyu (Jin Yu Chiu)Visit us-Kun! (Xie Xie! )
In addition、Two women alsoAtaruIs it the friend "Kanpai Group"The staff and
Section Manager,Public Affairs Section Corporate Planning Dept. of
Ketty HsuAndLin Xinyi (Megan Lin)Highly recommend!
"Kanpai Group"、
In JapaneseShoji HiradeJust launched in 1999、Other stores and eateries、TaiwanThe company spread the culture of Japan。
In the hometown of her husbandToyamaThe sake "Masuda sake brewery"ofRyuichiro MasudaAnd I'm both business and、
TaiwanIn "Masuizumi"It is covered!
2 people、At workJapanAndTaiwanMany back and forth、For spoken fluent Japan language、Very helpful!


Over-the-counter and tank Cup fresh seafood、At picking ingredients harvested from the crowd.


Fresh 漁re fresh seafood offerings!


To preserve crammed with fish!


Luxurious ingredients giant clams and crab!


Behind the ingredients and are fitted with a menu Board、
Photo for food、Dish, what do you imagine that, appreciated.


The dining floor is on the first floor and second floor、
Even to this day was set up at the entrance to the reservation Board、Buried in the name of the reservations of many thriving!


Sushi counter in kitchen、Mask with Hat、Lined up in clean and Cook!
Seems have ordered large funamori is gorgeous!


Main dining room crowded with all seats filled thank you!


Ataru.、Behind big round table was reserved.


The doctor who is a friend of TaiwanAtaru LuWith the、
lade-The "RAW"The read the article since the connection is。
For foodiesAtaru LuWith the、Well the food tastes better、
More than anything、To each other in the manga artist in JapanAkiera JyoAlso a fan of the teacher、His favorite book is.


Jin Yu Chiu-aimed at doctors.


Ketty Hsu bright and charming!


Caring Megan Lin!


Plum juice

Taiwan hot drunk as drinks becoming the summer of、Here "Plum juice"。
Dating back more than 1000 years from now、Drinks were developed during the Qing dynasty。
Thick, and smoked incense、Is a unique sweet and sour plum juice.


"Sakura flower shrimp fried rice" 240 TWD (Japan Yen:About 870 yen)

TaiwanThe is a unique has shaped the popular one dry shrimp fried rice。
Feel the deep flavor of spicy dry shrimp tasty fried rice that is!


"Incense hiruzen in rolls"
(Sauteed squid)

420TWD (approximately 1510 yen)


"Welfare bamboo black plate of pepper iron sintering"
(Asparagus with black pepper teppan-yaki)
240TWD (approximately 860 yen)


"Pearl onions"
200TWD (approximately 720 yen)


Delicious dishes ""Rice noodle soup pomfret""Coming in a large saucepan.
Gourmets and taken years no (laughs)


"Rice noodle soup of Butterfish" 1280 TWD (approximately JPY 4610)

Finished fish broth-based soup is hearty flavor is thick!
Pomfret fried meat tender、Is the sweet onion and shiitake mushrooms.、
Flavor soaked with plenty of seafood and vegetable soup with rice flour rice vermicelli is served in the light taste.


The camera's foodies are patronized by the Cannon 5 DAtaru LuSan。
My husband has conceded in looking for a good composition (lol)
The delicious dishes you know、Is food look even more tricks than you know!


"Thailand-style shrimp curry" 1260 TWD (4600yen)

In a kind of courage VI "tiger prawns、Well said prawns。
With a cloth, fried、Thailand like a spicy curry sauce will make wrapping!
The outside crispy and savory、Enjoy a tender texture while、Delicious flavor spice becomes a habit.


"Red throat roasted" 1190 TWD (Japan Yen:Approximately 4280yen)

In Japan and high-quality fish that "birth Guro throat" (red predator) to salts、Savory baked dish!
The lighting and softness is surprisingly relaxed trickled and exquisite!
A wearing thick white meat and flavor is excellent!
As you'd expect、AtaruAnd we shop our selection、Eat anything delicious!


"Steamed Virgin Club" TWD 2160 (7780 yen)

"Steamed Virgin Club"The、Mangrove crab and Stone crab、TaiwanAquaculture is thriving。
Those that do not have incubation of Mangrove crabVirgin Mangrove crabTo say、Is eating meat or miso!
Remove the shells, and with cover、Miso is irresistible rich and depth of flavor ♪


Ataru Lu! Xie Xie!

"Shin Tung Nan Seafood"
Address:No. 105, Section 1, Tingzhou Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00、17:00-23:30

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