"The Sherwood Taipei" Executive suites like a house of relaxation!


"Your Home Away From Home"The concept that、To provide with its warm cozy
"The Sherwood Taipei"The、2008Birthday year renewal、
A relaxed tone on each floor of soft atmosphere to change、
By providing high-quality space than ostentatious decoration elegant and elegant European-style。
20StoreySherwood TaipeiThe rooms are、8type, 343 guest rooms。
This time、We will take care rooms、
The same 19F-1906 room "Junior Suite"But it was、
The next morning、"Famous GM"OfAchim V. HakeMore surprise and、
"Junior Suite"From the
Hotel room, 18F-1805 "Executive Suite"In
Whats the upgrade!


"Executive Suite"The、89square meters and boasts an elegant size、
Atmosphere like there came into play in the whole House、
We lie wrapped in a luxurious suite.


Room to move、The Porter took the suitcase to be fromHitori、
Until the new room closet carrying a carefully and help us!


Executive SuiteThe、Divided into three living, dining and bedroom、
The elegant rooms perfectly arranged、And now filled with the luxury to every detail sublime、
By closing the door of the bedroom、You can keep the private space、
Calm even in the visitors dressing is possible。
There was a spacious living and dining area、Guest en suite toilet and closet provided for、
Very useful for when you have guests.


Sr.Assistant Manager Japan languageJacqueline WuTo
While you translate、
"Famous GM"
OfAchim V. HakeTo tell you thank you for upgrading and、
Achim V. HakeThe teachings on the chest、
"Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd."The new brand"Johanas"of
"Barge silk Pocket square"Me and endured、Was very happy!


The living room is、Soft natural light and form、
And the spacious sofa space featuring a coffee table、
Wi-Fi is available with、Twist is seen in the Interior.


Comfortable king size bedroom、
There was a relaxation Chair furniture order、Ideal for relaxation。
Also、Business travelers are happy and comfortable marble work desk、
There was a irmzuophischair was designed based on human engineering、
Drawer stationery toy features galore、There was free Wi-Fi and wired Lan、
Now available with non password、Business travelers can take advantage of the useful!


Rooms are very well equipped wall-mounted LCD TV、
Enjoy relax in bed watching movies.


Relaxation Chair placed near the window became a furniture order、
Fluffy and very tenderly wrapped the body with good cushioning、
If you stretch the Ottoman foot relaxing relax!


Closets are spacious with pride、
As for featuring a cushion of canapes at a good height units、
And without bending the waist pack、Kakemasen the burden on the body.


In the closet、There was a wooden hanger and bathrobes、
Security box is also provided.


Because closets are spacious bathroom、
If you close the door as private、Also serving for guests dressing、It is very useful。
In the marble bathroom、And whirlpool bath tub、
Enjoy the bath, bath salts to put、Tired enough to care!


In the bathroom、Standalone bidet toilet
Equipped shower room made of glass、Functionality is excellent!


Is base item、The Executive room or class room、
Strong impressive "Hermès"Has been adopted、Includes bath salts。
Towel is hand.、Face、One bath towel and a range of two becomes complete.、Mats also available。
In the sink、Very nice double-sided makeup mirror with
There was a Wicker Chair、Be very helpful in the morning appearance.


Capsule coffee prepared in the mini bar "Nespresso"In the
Serving a delicious coffee。
The electric kettle、Hot water has been prepared、Tea Pack is free of charge。
Tumbler or glass、As well as mugs are available.


In the table on Taiwan fruits are freshly prepared and、
Achim V. HakeFrom just had a lovely bouquet、
Staff was let go、Shows the bright colors in the living room.

The Sherwood Taipei
Location:No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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