In jinguash the Mystic Yin Yang Sea Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi tunnel!


Taipei North 1 day sightseeing tourThe、In the afternoon15oclockWe are approaching a。
In the rain paratsuku、Temperatures in the northern Taipei2MoonThe average temperature falls below、Pretty cold.。
Also 1-2 month period in northern Taipei、Climate is very insecure.、Because often it's going to rain
Folding umbrellaWill make sure to bring it.


A strange shore dyed two colors of yellow and blue Yin-Yang Sea
The official name of the Yin-Yang Sea 'Shuilian cave Bay"But it is、From blue and ochre contrasting two-tone views formed in the Gulf "Yin yang Sea"Of takes the nickname。


Yin yang SeaThe、ChinkuashihThe rock layers, a large amount ofPyriteIncludes
It is said that leaked into the sea are yellow。
We are in the unfortunate weather I have、Sunny and more color brilliantly crisp and divided into two colors of yellow and blue
The boundary blend the yellow and blue、Beautiful Emerald can be!


Elevation is 588 m.、An extinct volcano in volcanoes, Keelung (Jilong)

Keelung mountain is that long ago.、Chicken basket mountainAlso known as、From the shape of the mountain was like a cage and。
Continued to trail up to the top and climb to the top360Degree panoramaSpread、
Pacific、Based on Keelung、Jioufen、Taipei CityUp also is overlooking.


13 layer remains site

Most major tourist destinations in northern Taipei at "Jioufen"From as close to theChinkuashihIs the village said.
From their mountain villages descended towards the sea coastSunam-dongThere。
ChinkuashihStreet and place names、Before the war this areaGoldThe village prospered。
The Taiwan before World War IIJapan colonial periodNext、Gold mine that was owned by the company of Japan。
And the company、JX holdings, Inc.、Its predecessorJapan mining
Its also the predecessor、Launched in Kamaishi iron industry2Second generation-choubei TanakaLed byTanaka gumiAnd will be。
Click hereChinkuashihNot initially"Gold"That was mined
"Copper"And get out more、Of the coastlineSunam-dongOn the construction of refining facilities、At its peakOrient mineAnd will be。
After the defeat of Japan、And in the possession of the Taiwan Government, advanced mining mining output is decreased、1985 yearThe closure of。
After the closure of the、See in the wasteland and abandoned。
13-tier siteThe、On the traces of the smelter,、13 layersThe smelter located in the terraced fields across the land。
And that now only some foundations remain、You can think of。
The person is covered in lush green meadow、Than a Brownfields、Exudes a castle like appearance。


Gold Museum MuseumTo the way "Fish LEONG River Bridge"From I look at the river and jumps out a strange sight!


The River in this area、Large amounts of rock formationsPyriteOf the orderGolden colorAm。


Pollution prevention equipment washing Tower




1905 yearIn the developedChinkuashihThe output from the mine
Kim takes gold and copper, sulfur, etc.、 Sorting、Metallurgy、Of the refining process for all actions
Smelter site was the important base for the smelting work at the time。
The factory1933 yearTo be established、Closure1985 year1987 yearThe plant closures will be greeted。
Turned out to be ruined like this nowadays by frequent typhoon damage, etc.。


Mountain climb.、Leave your car, getting to the ruins.、Let's look ahead proceeded to wander about alley!


13-tier siteOverlooking the、BelowSunam-dongThe village area andYin yang Sea。
Haze's Seting in order、Probably the best views of。
However、Here a fence without any place for、Dangerous earnestly at the feet Please note!


See the units gold shuilian Dong wrought copper factory flue'

400 m from 70 metres above sea level.To growth、Altitude difference is about 330 m.The 架se flue and followedBlack chimneyis3Book、Ask the mountain at the back。
The length of the chimney、Each1kmOn the &、The total length of2.9kmExceed the、This isLong Jin (iii) flue gas pathIt is。
Flue wayThe、The tour is possible、For white soot indirectly many heavy metals are accumulating in the、Avoid touching the hands。

Chimney in bend and snake on the trail up by car.、Also goes down and。
On foot、May be a pretty hard place。


Golden falls

Here isWaterfallRather thanMountain streamOf the like.。
Rain water in this region included oozes to the surface veins、Contact with pyrite and arsenopyrite copper、In the catalysis of the redox reaction with iron
As has become a spectacle tinged yolks with acidic water underground water, the area is。
In the lush green hills Golden rocks are exposed and、Metallic odor and keep drifting。
The billboards' Has large amounts of heavy metals mixed with the note "So we said、Touching the water、It's too unapproachable taboo.。


Exhort je Dang

Shares by recommendedThe、From the jinguash people "Prayer Chapel mausoleum"The commonly known、It's named after the prayer 堂路, has been named。
1896Year、Located on the Golden melon stone villages 'ishio"located altar brothers Huang finished spring and Huang Jin Xiang、Worshipped the Holy Kwan-Kun。
This isShares by recommendedThe forerunner is。
And buzzing with crowds of devotees after、Detention for no longer
1902YearTo built a temple in the mountain range of the current tea pots and infinite。
Shares by recommendedThe、Seki、Lu、Zhang、4 he Lord of the KingBesides being enshrined as a major God、Bagua soshigaya、Merit positive GodAlso enshrined。


1991 yearThe、25 ton、Height 35 feetHand to pure copper of which has a spring and autumn Shosatsu ofHoly Kwan-KunThe statue is enshrined。
ChinkuashihOf that became the symbol for this deity.、Southeast Asia's largestConcerning public statueBut。
The readings from the mist in heroic appearance、It is filled with powerful bulk。
With the 書冊 statue... rather in JapanKinjiro ninomiyaFor so that those who loved the book?!


50 m from the old Fort、Report: mountains up to 250 mStairs and written。
On top of this、Nothing jars tea mountainThe lead in hiking trailsAsahi-TeiObservatory said that Vista is best。
And in this destination、That "Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi' Of the model and of theAlleSay that!


Tunnel that became the model for the 'spirited away'

On this day、Thick haze takes、1 inch ahead rather than mysterious and become dark shining white、The atmosphere is exactly what film scene itself!
And、Just see the movie
"...、Through this、The world awaits! 」・・・And
Incite fear even little tunnel。
Gingerly grabbed her husband's arm and、In the wholeChihiroThe time to look around and restless
Bent back step... also one step... and slowly go。
Be honest、I really scared (lol)


The first sight this tunnel、Would you like go only where you can enjoy views and (lol)
Now、Next in line、Gold Museum MuseumTo and go!

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Rui Fang Golden waterfall

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