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"Imperial Hotel" The history of taste and food unchanging over its founding from the time 125 years "The Legacy of Food"



"Toyo Keizai"Publish"Weekly Toyo Keizai"of2016On February 6, no."Furious hotel! 30-year once booming"In the、
Chosen as the best Tokyo hotel industry experts who choose "IMPERIAL HOTEL"。
That's whyImperial HotelThe in Tokyo, President & General Manager (President and General Manager)
Hideya SadayasuMr. a、Toyo KeizaiOf this was mentioned in an interview。
"Empire Hotel is located in a privileged location, location。
Room number 931、Banquet Center 26、Restaurant, bar, and lounge 17 and variety、
Personal travel、Group travel、Business use、Weddings and training、International Conference、
A variety of purposes、Our strength is poised to meet the needs of。

We want to be representative of the made in Japan hotels"And。
The word Street、The view from the 17th floor is on the top floor of the main building、Excellent location surrounded by greenery of the Imperial Palace and Hibiya park pride.、
Also is the traditional food has been handed down in a wide variety of restaurants、
Too old now,、Exaggeration to say has gripped many guests ' hearts and stomachs are not。
This time the、And so Empire Hotel's 125 year history "Passed down food traditions"I introduce the ♪


On the 17th floor of the top floor of the hotel provides restaurant and lounge、
This year2016/3Until the opening 125 anniversary commemoration period and、17On the floor "The Legacy of Food"And entitled、
Has featured the introduction of the original menu has been loved since inception and famous people associated with weekly!


Of Public RelationsKohta ShigetomiAnd it's by Guide、We will explain the views from the top floor, the 17th floor.


From the top floor, the 17th floor、Overlooking the Park on your left、You can feel the atmosphere of the Imperial Palace in the back。
From spring to summer、More trees and lush green、
In the time of cherry blossoms greet directly、Foreigners started.、Many guests enjoy the scenery and carried feet。
Pale pink right hand building、"Takarazuka Revue"Next、
Even members of Takarazuka's wish list is a passionate fan。
In the surrounding area、Imperial Theatre, live theatre and、This region called Hibiya district、Those who like Theatre is often used。
Current、"Mitsui real estate"Maker"New Hibiya project (tentative name)"As、1960Of the year (0/1960) was completed.
"Hibiya Mitsui building"For in the ruins、Promotes a holistic redevelopment plan、
Aiming at the completion of the fiscal year 2017、Construction site buildings.


"The Legacy of Food"And the Board was entitled、
And the original menu with pictures and over the years many guests has been loved taste、
Produced a dish of celebrity anecdotes, such as it is written.


The first chef of the Imperial Hotel, the dutyKanekichi YoshikawaWas born in 1853 in 0/1853。
Pioneer Japan France food in "Grand Hotel Acapulco"In the Western learning、
In the guest house "The rokumeikan"With the experience、1890Opened in the yearImperial HotelThe became the first chef to。
At this time、Kanekichi YoshikawaThe 37-year-old is。
After that、1905In the years (0/1905)Hirobumi ItohFrom、
"Take dynasty after he served as the Cook of the Meiji Emperor"And is 熱願、
Kanekichi YoshikawaThe、Hirobumi ItohOf the countries struck by the feeling, and one、
Imperial HotelDecided to retire in 1906 (0/1964)。
Imperial HotelThe first chef under、Put one of leading Western cuisine dishes.


Imperial HotelThe first chef, the dutyKanekichi YoshikawaThe Cookbook (recipe book)、
Kanekichi YoshikawaAnd sons as imperial cooks wereRinzou Yoshikawais、
By hors d'oeuvres from concept to the details of 286 different recipes or ingredients to dessert、
Were recorded for France cooking table manners are obsolete in detail and fidelity。
Yoshikawa HouseSo this cookbook (recipe book) is wrapped in a furoshiki、Into the Bako、Care had been kept、
Only when、Its very existence have been forgotten and、Just recently in 2009Yoshikawa HouseOf the identified descendants、Imperial HotelTo be donated。
To be found、At that time had not been retained as a recordImperial HotelIn France menu。
It is、It had been left by the original chef is! (Surprise!-
This Cookbook (recipe book) will be replicated。
Here, based on、And reproduce the dishes in the Meiji era、
Events provide a twist to suit modern taste has held in the past.

Renne Elizabeth

"Gratin of Prawn and Sole “Queen ElizabethII”-
Reine Elizabeth

Then in 1975 (0/1975)、When her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom and Prince Philip visited。
Is your two-way、1975June 7, and will stay in Japan until the 5/12、
To stay in Tokyo are guests at the Akasaka State Guest House。
Imperial HotelTo the、5On April 9, and visitors、"For Fuji", Attended a luncheon hosted by the Anglo-Japanese Association held。
Upon the visit of her Majesty the Queen、At that time he used to head chefNobuo MurakamiThe、
So went his Majesty's favorite homework through the British Embassy in advance。
Preferred fish and shellfish found in the Straits of Dover and knowing、Considered using to cook seafood、
Because the island is surrounded by the same sea both the United Kingdom and Japan、Wants for served seafood in Japan means and、
We will devise a menu using the sole of the Tsugaru Strait and Kumamoto prawns。
Is her Majesty Queen Elizabeth、What one leaving at the luncheon, served in a beautiful and、
After、Through the United Kingdom Embassy、That bears the name of the dish has been accepted。
The menu is、Now "Reine ElizabethOf that followed handed Imperial Hotel by name
"Shrimp and sole gratin "Queen Elizabeth" wind (Gratin of Prawn and Sole “Queen ElizabethII”-"What it is!

The menu here is、Imperial HotelIn "La Brasserie"Serving at!

Restaurant - BR-cuisine - Armenia steak 2 MB

"Chaliapin Steak"

Vocal music House of RussiaIvanovic Fyodor ChaliapinThe story was named steak。
At that time Japan in Japan in 1934 Ivanovic Fyodor ChaliapinThe、
Imperial HotelTo stay、Restaurant "New grill"That was utilized as great meat dishes like。
And eat my favorite steak for toothache had beenIvanovic Fyodor ChaliapinThe、
Orders issued or not soft meat dishes。
At the time "New grill"The chef was inFukuo TsutsuiTo meet this demand、
Marinated onion beef thinly stretched down 摩ri、
Season well with salt and pepper, and grilled、That has put the onion in the butter over a。
This is、Over the meat and onions "Sukiyaki"Tips on what was。
"Sukiyaki"Now、From large successively of beef and green onions、Use the onions that come up。
Ivanovic Fyodor ChaliapinThe、TsutsuiInto liked a lot the head chef has created for this steak.、So well was in order。
Back to Japan in 1936 Ivanovic Fyodor ChaliapinTo、
General Manager at the time,Tetsuzo inumaruFrom ask you your name in the menu name、
This steak without sauce. "Chaliapin Steak"And has been named the。
Took the name of his "Chaliapin Steak"The pie version
After introducing "Media social gathering"The buffet is provided.

This menu also、Imperial HotelIn "La Brasserie"Serving at!

Pancake scale

"The Imperial Pancake, with Strawberries"

In front of the iron plate of thickness 3 cm、Skilled staff each day keep this color、
Since its inception in 1953 (0/1953) as the original menu、
Now "Parkside Dinner"The pancakes are loved。
Was the predecessor of this、1967Opened on 11 April (0/1967) "Coffee House"。
On the ground floor can come directly from the streets of the city、The style had been selling quick service、
Acclaim from Ginza shoppers and business travellers with limited time。
Particular type of steel there is not、When you eat、With the same size, and provided、
On the flat plate polished、Commensurate with the skills、Adjust the thickness of、
Same texture、Is that reproduce the same taste!

The menu here is、Imperial HotelIn "Parkside Dinner"Serving at!

New:Vegetable Curry

Vegetable Curry

Imperial HotelThe eighth chefBunjiro IshiwatariIs a story of curry invented tradition。
"2 - 26 events"Heavy snow was in Tokyo of the day took place in 1936 (0/1936)。
It's rousing revolt by junior military officers、And stop all the streetcar running in Tokyo、Soldiers took to the streets to guard hit groups。
Only under martial law、An unusual tensions Tokyo, wrapped。
In this case with great、Imperial HotelThe traditional Curry is born。
At that time、Here one is checkered troop encampment、Because guards soldiersImperial HotelSoup kitchen.、
The food menu is "Curry"It was the is!
Saute some 500 people in Guard troops number、And do not be available quickly and in large quantities、
To build up their strength and warms the body was chilled to the core。
Bunjiro IshiwatariThe chef、
In these situations, determine at the moment and、You must select the appropriate menu was。
Warm and nourishing、What can provide a large number of minutes。
Something in the 1 plate rice and side dishes、It is exactly "Curry' Is!
At that time、Yet Curry is popular before it was、"Tasted great!"And soldiers from around the country gathered home f when you return、
From widespread oral tradition、Also said Curry has focused on world 1 section。
This 'Curry"The、India, not handed down from Europe、And inspiration、
And the sense of response of eating dare leave it feeling without straining the Curry。
Photos of the time "Curry"But not、"Vegetable CurryIt will be "♪

The menu here is、Imperial HotelIn "Parkside Dinner"Serving at!

Main chef Ichiyanagi, k. and annex chef Nobuo Murakami


Just like like the taste "Viking"、Is a wasei-Eigo now spread in Japan。
However,、This unique food style、Actually,、Imperial HotelDid you know that originated?
At that time in 1958 (0/1958)Imperial HotelThe、Buffet restaurant "Imperial Viking "buffet""Opening。
"Imperial Viking "buffet""The、Nordic Scandinavian cuisine "Smorgasbord (*)"The adopted style、
"Favorite dishes、Enjoy as much "is quite popular at the time as a restaurant。
(*) Take potluck food brings friends and acquaintances、It is said that evolved from the relish with bread and butter。
Before the opening of the new restaurant、Became a public company name。
Chosen from the various suggestions made in、
His film starring Kirk Douglas became a topic of conversation at the time pirate-themed "Viking"With name。
Name of the pirates won ISAM in Europe、Scandinavian traditions、
You could say the image comes from the bold style of the all you can eat right and naming。
"Imperial Viking "buffet""The、Despite the charges cannot be said as never handy、Very popular is called。
Rates are、Day 1200 yen.、Evening 1600 yen.、The starting salary for college graduates is 12800 Yen、
Imperial HotelThe charge is at 1800 Yen、That is quite costly in。
The menu is、Pork meat and egg dish topped with caviar、Boiled corned beef、And Germany-style ham smoked、There are fancy food、
"Imperial Viking "buffet""The、Popularity of the packed every day、Even celebrities are used。
Thus、"Imperial Viking "buffet""Spread the proposed new food style、
Soon、In Japan, this form of generally "Viking"And will call。
This is in Japan "Viking"The history is。
With a history of 125 years thus handedImperial HotelThe appeal continues.

Vikings、Imperial HotelIn "The Imperial Viking Sal"Serving at!

Location:1-1-1, uchisaiwai-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Private accommodation bookings (Reservations) TEL:03-3504-1251

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"Imperial Hotel" It opened as Japan's first State Guest House, first-class hotel in the western greet the 125 anniversary "Imperial Hotel" spend an elegant time along with the green location in a top-floor restaurant and bar
"Imperial Hotel" It opened as Japan's first State Guest House, first-class hotel in the western greet the 125 anniversary
"Imperial Hotel" spend an elegant time along with the green location in a top-floor restaurant and bar


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