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"La fete Hiramatsu "while overlooking the city of Osaka in the top floor of a high rise tower hours of bliss



At Osaka Umeda neighborhood redevelopment is significant from four suji South go、
Cross a bridge over the dojima River.、Nestled between the tosabori and dojima River sandbar Nakanoshima。
From a bridge overlooking the Festival Hall、2009 yearFrom demolition to、
"Glowing"As new2012/11At the completion of、
200 meters above the groundThe AC Santo Mauro proudly landmark tower。


Grand staircase leads from the entrance hall to the Festival Hall feeling atmosphere。
Music fans look forward to the new Festival Hall、2013 April,A has been opened。
Prior to it2012On December 3rd.The、
On the top floor overlooking the breath-taking panoramic view luxury37 floorTo、
Grandmaison's fusion of French and Italian modern classics
In France culinary greats of JapanHiroshi HiramatsuLed by Mr
"Hiramatsu group" Of "La fete Hiramatsu"Let's open, has attracted attention.


1982 yearOn the establishment and、Started with one France food shop "Hiramatsu"Mr. a、
Now、Pushing pushingHiramatsu groupNext、Kansai's first foray store of the group "La fete Hiramatsu"Mr.。
And La fete "Festival"Means and、Literally force and is put on the wedding、
Cooking、Wine、Service、Space、Underscoring its increased commitment to pursue the "best" in every restaurant to make、
From the top-floor location with pride、Provides a colorful stage。
Here is、Hiramatsu groupThe will be in most big stores!


Hiramatsu groupThe、As a Japanese chef
For the first time won the real France Michelin starsHiroshi HiramatsuMr. cuisine "Restaurant Hiramatsu"And、
Described as the pinnacle of France cuisinePaul BocuseMr. restaurant、
Nationwide expanded numerous restaurants and cafés、With refined service and delicious food attracts many people。
Also famous as the pioneer restaurant wedding、
"Culinary guest hospitality you want"It is said、Has gained support from the bride & groom's picky!


To the Maine dining corridor。
Using illumination like spaceship、On the inside of the opera lyrics are engraved。
In the entrance and main dining room chandelier、
Tin followed from the Edo period Osaka pewter technology are used in abundance、
Dunhuang and and maybe world awaits!


On the walls of the restaurant all over、PainterNukaga katsumiHe painted still lifes are decorated。
To hear、4 brothersHiramatsuAnd the eldest son of the painterNukaga and Mr sadakazu MasamiHe's a、Art dealer's son、
And 3 guysHiramatsuHe is a chef、Four men are teachers of mathematics will have it! (Terrible)
Your brother as well as active as it is,、
Glimpse also decorated restaurant's own brother of the brotherhood、
And a nice 4 brothers.


Restaurant offers two dining rooms and 4 rooms。
It is possible that up to 30 people to use room dividers with。
Views from Osaka Castle town during the day、
Memorial and an important partner for food and
"Here!"That is me helped as the night dating scene!


Here's where all men to use you want to TOILET (lol)
Charm in the glass wall、Create black and white and modern world using photos of Paris。
I think the exhilaration of writing for that purpose over that。
The women's、Basin area is open and the glass.


Through the looking-glass approach、To the high-ceilinged spacious main dining room。


Is composed of multiple dining options and private rooms、
The designer in the world "GLAMOROUS co., Ltd."ofYasumichi MoritaMr has been engaged in interior design。
While interweaving contemporary essence、Elegant and gorgeous Interior、
And Memorial Day entertaining、Will be directing us to glamorous party and various dining scene。
Unleash the breathtaking pomp Tin was involved in the Central chandelier。
The floor area of all venues、What7500㎡Even so there is! (Surprise)
The spacious space、Keep a distance of luxury too much Roundtable。
To glance in all seats、Often the number of staff.


North Yodo and hokusetsu mountains.、South of Osaka Castle、Farther west in the Osaka Bay、On sunny days in Kobe to Awaji island and Akashi Kaikyo Bridge views、
Earth is the panoramic view from the 200 m、Moment of bliss。
At this time though the weather、Unable to see cloudy、And during the sunny mountain and sea views。
While here you can enjoy the atmosphere of luxury、
Overlooking the city of Osaka in addition、Nice location it can enjoy even views are provided.


Chandelier-shaped fountain、One was made for the first time in the world。
The medal part of the chandelier decoration、Decorated with design related to Osaka, Osaka Castle, Ginkgo biloba.


By utilizing the terrace spaces have not been used up to now and the open beer terrace 200 m above the ground。
Titled [heavenly garden terrace]7March 15 (water) ~ August 31 (months)open!

As a taste of summer to enjoy the garden terrace、This terrace is open in summer only。
As meat dishes served at the summer appetizers and grilled four、
Other chilled with wine、Extra cold beers enjoy freezing and freezing highball。
Available as a beer garden overlooking the sky of the night sky ♪

Ei industry time17:30-20:30(L.O.) ※ to be about (the day I Approx)
location Festival Tower 37F South Garden
FeePer person 10,000 yen ※ dishes, drinks (2 hours free) tax and service charge


Of the staffWesternIs it the gave us up to。
The concept of this cuisine、"Modern Classic Moderne Classique"。
While inheriting the tradition of European gastronomy (gastronomy)、
Palm hasn't sublimated by the pines, over the years, has honed skills and sensitivity、
Is crossing national borders, such as France and Italy cuisine、You have created a new gastronomic world。
"But it's raining outside、Dishes will be let go with a radiant!"And、WesternSan。
Sense of distance to enjoy a conversation with guest also is one of the nice production ♪

The name of the menu、Name of the prominent composers of the classical is used according to the concert hall。
On this day、Menu Verdi 3,400円Based on、
The Maine at an additional costHanoi duckTo change the、Will give this specialty dessert!

Menu Puccini 1,800円
Weekdays course ※ (special consumption tax of 8%, 10% service charge)
Main dish / Deseru / coffee and small sweets
Menu Verdi 3,400円
(8% service charge and 10% special consumption tax)
Amuse / appetizer / main dish / Deseru / coffee and small sweets
Menu Wagner 5,300円
(8% service charge and 10% special consumption tax)
Amuse / appetizer / meat dish / Deseru / coffee and small sweets
Menu Chopin 7,000円
(8% service charge and 10% special consumption tax)
Chef Leave course by the food of the day


Palms at Hamamatsu annually through, becoming sashimi、The sparkling cocktails with seasonal fruit Compote、
This season、So there was peach and pineapple、Without hesitation, whats we ordered I love peaches! (I)
And another one、Will an aperitif champagne by partnering with drummott in the original, was built.


「Delamotte Blanc de Blanc Luxury Hiramatsu」

Champagne Delamotte, made from a vineyard of Chardonnay Le Mesnil-sur-Ogier by using Chardonnay 100%。
By using only carefully selected ripe grapes
Finished up the dosage (chaptalization) to cherish the natural taste of the grapes less dry cuvee。
Hiramatsu groupOf the special Champagne you can not only enjoy in the restaurant!
Glass to Delamotte's original, as are the staff、HiramatsuEngraved has been decorated ♪


"Peach sparkling cocktail"

And the scent of fresh peaches、Enjoy rich tasting sparkling cocktails。
The people are afraid of alcohol、Non-alcoholic version is also possible.


"Your appetizer"

According to an aperitif。
Parmesan cream fluffy souffle tailoring and、
Refreshing acidity is the baked goods of crunchy using pleasant sour cream and herbs ♪


Next in line、The staff was kindly came with large ice! (Surprise)
Poker ice is my favorite、Believe it or not... this per ball! And I wonder...


During the ice white、Cup has been charged、Amuse in bite-size pieces seems contained therein!
The ♪ has become a style that you get to take in hand what was stuck to the stick


Amuse "water eggplant"

At this time delicious Eggplant with salt、Season with pepper and、Happy with the scent of olive oil。
So fresh、Enjoy fresh sweet taste and crisp texture.


"Bread with focaccia and rye"


La fete HiramatsuAnd it's has been the head chef、
And it is also active as executive officer of the groupKotaro HasegawaIs it (live 1973)。
In Asakusa, Tokyo、16Age, and into the way of cooking、「Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay"In the、
Later served for four years as a pastry chef、
It is a main dining in the same hotel "The Summit"Learn how to cook France, at、26At the age of。
Between approximately 3 and a half years、Superimposed training in many starred restaurants。

Of the south of France won the Michelin 3 star in the history of the fastest Montpellier "Le Jardin des Sens"In the、
The owner and chef of twins that are touted as a genius cookJack & Laurent pull cellHe impressed and studied under a success。
Is also a strong endorsement of both men、Current Japan Business "Sanz et Saveur"In being promoted to sous chef and be active、
To participate in a cooking contest in the world famous, such as、As a chef and uchideshi technology、
2007In the years 11th Bocuse-doll international cooking competition、
Of the first Japanese do you have accrued much fulfilled winning sixth place。
Using the traditional techniques of classic French, based on、
As if blowing a new wind、Fusing contemporary style ideas food、
It will continue to produce the lightness and joy of foodHasegawaChef。

11138111_ 858813464208253 _ 4073285831406722927 _ n

This time、When you go to the flow from Kyoto Osaka、
Salone group of representativeHirataka lineIs it to ask、Here is the last shop you select the recommended shops!
Entitled "Flat presents! Osaka different from eating collapse you see!"And complete at Part.3!

It is at this chefHasegawa.FlatMr. a、There is a junior high school classmate、
He has been active at the forefront of the food and beverage industry、Like have kept the rivalry relationship nice、
♪ Itadakimashita introduced in that your edge
Here's Mr. Hasegawa and young michibikareshi televi、Nostalgic photo is (laughs)


It is in the salon managerKenichi on the wallIs it and、About 15 people to the service、About 20 people in the kitchen、
Bridal staff because few、Large group of pretty Palm pine's。
Here you will、Staff going in to be educated、
"Determine the level of satisfaction of services was 80%、20% off food"That、
HasegawaChef's feelings are, thorough knowledge of all employees。
From the menus and conversation、How delicious to convey、Service or delivery at any timing or what work is、
Greatly affects the taste。
Here you will、Chefs are income as the venue to hear、The timing of the service is improved、
It is prepared to finish 1 plate 1 plate。
The word Street、Staff how I ' see also、
Including the beautiful posture when headed to the Hall, spectacular behaviour and other aerial work platforms、
All of the conversations was born at each table、
"Now、The happy people in front of me"That the policy
It reflected so as are listed in the chest ♪


Amuse "tuna tiramisu"

Is prepared to stick in his left hand a white meringue、
Seems to of meringue、Especially with mouth melt quality is fresh。
Raw tuna wrapped in the meringue is marinated in ginger、Japanese taste and refreshing taste。
The right spoon、Coffee Bisque on a foie gras Terrine、
Tiramisu with mascarpone-style finish。
Like our dessert to foie gras、
Wine will go ♪


Amuse "macaroon"

Hirano Matsumoto's original gift box、
Macaroons feel spices, cumin and wrapping a piece carrot mousse。
Only you do not have a macaroon sweet!
Cute bite-sized enjoying the texture and flavour macarons。
On the Bouche three、Each flavor rich and has heaps of character tastes good!


It has also been concurrently sommelier in metersWatanabe tight can (and want Watanabe),、
We pair the wines recommended。
And Who are a refreshing and comfortable SaabWatanabe.、Ask your age, the town is shocked!
Yet with some 26-year-old! (Surprise)
The original、Aiming at the chef、"Hiramatsu head office"Worked or was it seems, at、
And turned to the service、In Kanazawa 'Jardin Paul Bocuse"The will be assigned as a sommelier。
During the launch of Osaka and Jef as sommelier、
Now on Saturday and captain of the bridal and the、And on weekdays is served as m restaurant。
After、Be interviewed.、
We won one Michelin star in just two months
French restaurant of Shirokanedai of attention "Tirupusu TIRPSEIt has the owner sommelier of "Bridge straight reputation.
"Hiramatsu head office"In a young man drowned when Junior is。
This young,、Smart staff do not feel that
The overwhelming wealth of knowledge at a comfortable pace and ingenious conversation、No nothing short of impressed!
Just cresting wave in the good meaning awesome。
Of course、The wine we selected was too much!


"Louis Judd / Pouilly-Vinzelles Chateau de Roche "France Macon district

The vanger、In the small village of Macon area、
North Pouilly expected、Genis-Pouilly Roche、Genis-Pouilly Vangel、Located in the heart of the famous Saint Verant and white wine production in South。
The Château de Roche、On the Saône River、Eastward in the full、
Three major appellation of Pouilly (Pouilly expected、Roche、Vangel) on farms owned and、
Louis Judd company has signed an exclusive contract。
From the AOC Pouilly-vanzare field area is 50 ha village of vanger and Roche、
It is hard to find wine brewing Louis Judd company。
Variety is Chardonnay 100%、Refreshing acidity and sweet remained is spreading.、
From the cold、Even slight temperature goes up you can enjoy wine!


"Corn Esupuma and popcorn ice cream."

The warm sweetness of friendly corn Esupuma
A unique 1 dish with popcorn on the cold ice cream with homemade popcorn feels salty it。
Enjoy sucres are (salt and sugar) with a temperature difference between the soup。
Owner and Chef of the Jardin des Sens、Proposed by Mr. Jacques and Laurent pourcel
"Enjoy with the five sensesIt is to cherish the idea of ​​cooking called "HasegawaSan。
Symbolize the their cuisine "Shukure Saleh"That technique、This soup was born.。
By adding salty popcorn, as opposed to the sweet corn on the COB、
Flavor combining its material have amplified many times over。
Imagine watching the kitchen with homemade popcorn、But I feel kinda funny、
I like specialties enjoying、
Such a thingHasegawa's Idea of ​​abundance is seems also nice ♪


"Il Vignale / Vigna Arte Gavi "Italy Piedmont

Breed、100% Cortese GAVI。
2000In contest drew 156 kinds of GAVI in Piedmont at the beginning、
GAVI Vilma, single vineyard named for his wife to shine in the first place、
2The place chosen this GAVI Vigna Arte、As the winery has won 1st place。
Il vignale Inc.、
Produce stunning wines by Sergio Carlino's BREW House and Mr. Giuseppe Bassi。
Feel the freshness reminiscent of white flowers and minerals、
Rich, concentrated aroma。
More than anything you can enjoy complex taste and elegance of the aftertaste is ♪


"Cappellini Caprese tailoring of cold tomato"

Is this pasta has been a staple of summer and。
Tiger prawn was wrapping the Orange and white balsamic vinegar jelly, complemented by gazpacho。
The gazpacho、Cucumber and bell pepper、
Laid out under the pasta with cream cheese、Plus the richness per mix。
The fresh sweetness of the tomatoes and flavoring、
Jelly feel acidity such as wine vinegar to the tomato of the supernatant is is also cool attire ♪


Next in line、Red wine will be selected according to the main dish。
The sommelierWatanabeMr. too is a friendYamauchi based,Because they were similar to、
While such a conversation,、One piece captures the moment realizing face。
Really refreshing and nice smile ♪


「Ch. Laroche Brumont Grange」フランス

Producers、In the Vignobles Brumont (Vignoble brummond)、
Cabernet franc、Sultana grapes made wines。
Also name Brewer to have been swept to world competition、
The Medal was instituted by Napoleon I of France's "Legion of honour" was awarded in 1997、
Blue-chip producers in South-West France madiran Alain brumont。
In Hiramatsu's bought directly from France kuradashi wine、@ 'GRANGE' names are only proof Hiramatsu.。
In Japan、Palm has signed as pine、I produce in the dedicated fields Hiramatsu said. (Terrible)
Will not be marketed in the common market、Palm's pineOnline wine shopIn the sale。
Both smell and taste and concentrated fruit taste、As the feel good tannins and rich and spicy!
I think that it is perfect for Maine duck dishes ♪


"Echube grilled and girolle mushrooms of Kawachi Kamomune meat"

Kawachi duck breast and grilled、With chanterelles and、Balsamic vinegar with yuzu pepper sauce。
Manganji shishito pepper, served with。
The other day、In Kyoto "Miyoshi Takumi meatOwner of "·Itoh powerMr. delicious and is just of asked toHanoi duck
Who knew...、Had no idea it would meet so early so、
We change the main dish at an additional cost。
Here is、Over 140 years from the early Meiji period in Kawachi-Matsubara city、
Of duck and duck building devoted "Tsumura head office"The uses are locked on the eve of the Kawachi duck。
And Sharan from France, Macha no difference、
Is there still seems to be duck crunchy feel springy、
Duck ever received and resinous sweetness that much different。
As you、Umami is spreading.、Able to recognize a good duck!


Those who entertain wine、Ago dessert will show in the wagon fromage series of France。
The blue cheese with a salty früm hot、
And honey is good for、Hotel fit black orange blossom honey。
Other、Conte 24 months and goat cells-sur-Cher、Vegatables、E POWs、
Fleur de maquis surface ripened with Rosemary、Camembert cheese, if you like, you can choose!


"Passion fruit and mango mousse coconut ice cream"

Dessert of the day、The sweet acidity of the passion fruit and mango mousse、
Black sesame seeds, served with a refreshing passion fruit meringue。
Serve with coconut ice cream ♪


"Peach compote"

Palms for the summer by Matsumoto's specialty desserts and、
Extra charge1,000CircleIn the ordered。
Peaches whole Compote with one、Decorated with peach soup with cherry wine Granita。
The species in peaches、Carefully and then cut with a knife and fork。
Spread mouth Cup tender sweet peach fragrance、
And on the way into the granite、As a luxurious shaved ice with、Cool dessert perfect for the summer!


「Pacherenc the Vic-Bihl Brumaire Chateau Bouscasse 2007」 フ ラ ン ス

Also name Brewer to have been swept to world competition、Owner Alan Brumm,。
At the same just red wine maker、In the most famous sweet wines of madiran, France、
In the gull Merle 11-late harvest wine is different from botrytised wine。
Because the land can't be botrytised wine and wine。
A thick rich scent.、Sweet、Feeling less botrytised wine Tamer, but may prefer。
Compatibility with peach compote is also excellent ♪



The coffee is always black、
Preparing homemade sugar mixed with sugar and white sugar with brown sugar, make、
Weak to homemade I now want to try to put (laughs)
The coffee Crema、From the bubbling、
Delivered the aroma in the mouth guard、
High insulation in addition to、Until the end in hot, delicious!


Petits fours

Five good seasonal petits fours will take one plate。
With lychee green tea cake、Passion fruit jelly、
Ganache cake、Raspberry macaroon、
American cherry with chocolate and Earl Grey cake、
Karkur、Cheeks are left loose until the end, and lunch time fun bliss!


After the meal、In the Osaka area Director General ManagerSouth constitution.、Lovely shop。
The kitchen is also possible visitors and、To see you want to be?、In advance and will be better。
southLet's seeKitchen is your tour!"With the chores and、
Us with your greetings in unison dashing good kitchen staff、A wider sense of feel-good air。
In the kitchen、Each area is responsible for fixed、Staff flow of movement is smooth。
HasegawaJust over the details at design time、
Issued instructions, considering the ease of use and full of good kitchen。
Staff number of staff、
What is the power into Bridal、Even if the wedding reception、
Designed to deliver restaurant sales。
Also instead of wedding reception is to provide 100 dishes made all at once、
Of the table per meal to fit、20That are provided by the public attention Buri。
Breakfast food consisting of attention is、I think the unique restaurant wedding!


Here is、Hall chandelier using Ginkgo biloba tree an oriental atmosphere。
You can party on the 200 people at a venue and in。
3Birthday year、Paris festivals and beer、A variety of events organised、
Reiki energy we want is party activities actively。
At the end of last year、At this venueMoriyama RyokoIt seems to have been a great success held the Mr. dinner show of ♪


Planning a wedding in the chapel where you can enjoy a big leap to spread sky panorama、
Provided Interior。
Chapel is overflowing with warm white aisle、Large Windows is made around the perimeter and、
The view from there、Can buildings overlooking the very best treatments。
Yodogawa Fireworks、Up to this place and about the same height as、It's always popular!
In the event every summer、We recommend you book early!


Comfortable in the end serve to staff photo。
The good work people、I think the smile is really nice.。
And、This time I presented them with attendance in Osaka、
Spun us like this lovely restaurant kachiFlatAnd I also would like to thank!
Also、Thank you during visits to the Osaka!

La fete Hiramatsu
Osaka Osaka-shi Kita-ku in Nakanoshima 2-3-18 in Nakanoshima Festival Tower 37 F
Hours of operation:11:30-13:30( L.O)17:30-20:30( L.O )
Open every day

Osaka store bookings are essential! Moan in kaiseki Hinai free-range chicken "yakitori checkered" charcoal-grill chicken WINE CLUB HAMAMATSU 第4回「Champagne Party @The thirty floor」開催
Osaka store bookings are essential! Moan in kaiseki Hinai free-range chicken "yakitori checkered" charcoal-grill chicken
WINE CLUB HAMAMATSU 第4回「Champagne Party @The thirty floor」開催


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