On the sea breeze Dim sum specialty stores run by 3 brothers were trained in Beijing Ding Xiao Kan Ding Tai Fung in dinner.


Dim sum shop in Taiwan a world recognized "鼎泰豐 Ding Tai Fung"The top Dim sum nurses served more than 20 yearsChen 3 brothersAnd independent、One Taipei dunhua North RoadTo see京鼎小館 Beijing Ding Xiao Kan"Open。And that taste good and conscientious work became popular and beloved local Dim sum shop、2002 yearThe、Taipei Mayor spring roadIn as the No. 2 "Beijing Ding superstructure (Zinedine row)"Open。Gained popularity as quickly among Japanese living in Taipei by word of mouth delicious dumpling shops、Japan media research、Japanese tourists also visit popular stores。Beijing Ding Xiao GuanThe taste is、Preferred by many Japanese as well as Taiwan people、Even Japan9StoreThe expand branch。Current、3Brother's eldest sonChen appointed TakashiThe TaipeiBeijing Ding House in、The second sonChen chapter bannerIn TaipeiBeijing Ding Xiao Guan、3 manChen AkioThe TokyoBeijing Ding HouseIn the exercised her arms!


ChenMr. a、Ding Tai FungMs. in order to differentiate、And to improve its quality of service, not to mention focuses on dishes、Devised a new menu, such as "potato mud parcel (parcel child Satoimo) or"Natsume mud parcel (parcel child jujube jam)"in addition to giving will continue with a new trial。Beijing Ding Xiao GuanIs it of a meat paste、All day buying fresh pork to use、Boasts a commitment to the finest ingredients。In TaipeiDIN Tai FungFacebook and it says、Matrix in normal wait of about an hour, are hard.、Click hereBeijing Ding Xiao GuanMr. a、Avoid the peak hours、In store available on relatively smoothly, could be as off the beaten path so to speak.


Puer tea

A nice scent, ideal as a diet tea Pu'er tea。Action to decompose body fat.、Because the action to cleanse the blood、In a drink during a meal of greasy stuff together、Hopefully will prevent excess fat with tea!


Draft beer to drink raw pisi NT $ 120 (Yen Japan yen approximately 470 yen)

Familiar with the Taiwan beerTaiwan 啤酒。Why、On the menu'Raw'Is referred to as?、From the factory only18Days within aOf beer and it seems to。Certainly、In a bottle "ONLY 18 DAYS"And shows the。Filled with fresh, light and easy to drink with a taste does not interfere with eating.


"Fried empty core empty core vegetables stir' NT $ 140 (Japan yen and then around 550 yen)

Shades, green with a classy touch。The texture of spinach shakishakic、Becomes a habit.


"Xiaolongbao (10) NT $ 180 (Japan yen and then around 700 yen)

The dumpling skins、Continue without having to hand half-fermented flour to dough, made、Also I dust leaving feeling thicker as the Suns finished。And stuffed plump with stuffing in a juicier bean、Also plucked with chopsticks.、And not the the skin elasticity.


The meat paste、Using carefully chosen fresh pork、The skin of the pig's feet, pork mix、Collagen is plenty。And brought up steamed shandmacle、I am shrouded by the mouth-watering aroma and steam。Note because the soup is overflowing from the skin burns。掬ttara soup、Put the shredded ginger、If you add a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar sauce、A refreshing taste and offers!


The saucer got shredded ginger、Sauce is a sauce.、Black vinegar、Create in your favorite 辣油。The local people's picks、Sour vinegar or vinegar for extra strength it seems!


"蛋 fried rice with egg fried rice' NT $ 90 (Japan yen and approximately 350 yen)

The fried rice is digestible Thailand rice used、To flip through and with a stunning Golden、It is delicious and healthy 1。Rice、Stand firm in the grain、Good mixed egg on rice。And light salty flavor, more onion flavor、Sweet fried rice is a favorite flavor。Morikawa NatsukiCan I hear Taiwan Affairs as well as among the three、Become a fun dinner party。Now、Next in line、Taipei main stationBut they can beMRT only IC cardsLet's hope!

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京鼎小館 Beijing Ding Xiao Kan
Address:One Taipei dunhua North Road 155 Street 13 號 TEL:02-2546-7711
Hours of operation:May-Fri 11:30-14:30、17:30-24:00
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10:30-14:30、17:00To 22:00

One Taipei dunhua North Road 155 Street 13 No.

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