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2010OPEN since April,、Its overwhelming popularityMARINA BAY SANDS Marina Bay sandsThe、The fantastic architect Moshe Safdie Moshe Safdie designed。World-class Conference and exhibition facilities、Luxury hotel、Iconic Art Science Museum、Las Vegas-style casino、Advanced Theatre、Entertainment、Is such an incredible variety of shopping facilities and restaurants containing landmark buildings in one large complex。In Japan、SoftBank SOFTBANK starring SMAP COMMERCIALS went up happen in this hotel?!


Gardens by the Bay gardens by the BayFrom to marinabeisands hotel tower 4F o cross the bridge of Dragon fly bridge.


Here is the front entrance.。The structure of the hotel、Roughly divided、Divided in the Tower area and shopping center、The Tower area hotels and、Include the famous rooftop sands skypark、In the area of shopping center、7Tens of square one shopping centre area there are。The two are connected by a walkway.。


Sands Hotel、Has become the ceiling open overflow of space。Sands skypark three buildings with history、54Becoming a hotel through F、2561There are guest rooms。


Breakfast is、In the lobby restaurant Rise rise S $ 38-(Japan Yen 3040 yen ~) offers。


For non-hotel guests alike can enter the OK、Is the sky deck to enjoy the view from the side of the hanging gardens were built on top of the hotel tower sands Sky Park。Here is、From a height of 200 m above the ground、Paid observation deck overlooking the Marina Bay area (guests are free)。The ticket office、Go down to basement floor from the entrance of the Hotel Tower 3 here!


Admission fee is、Adult S $ 20 (Japan ¥ 1600 yen)、2-12-year-old child S $ 14 (about 1120 yen of Japan yen)。To buy tickets、Up with private elevator、56The direct floor sky garden entrance.


The round portion of the hanging gardens of hull、To the West the merlion and Shenton way、On the north side to the Singapore flyer、To the East of the gardens by the Bay、Can a typical hotel in the Marina district, overlooking the below。It is a very nice view.

By the way、I like everybody! "Infinity pool" pool 200 m above the ground, I hope.、Original hotel accommodation guest swimming pool has、May-Friday 10:00 14 pm、213 times in 1 day、There is a free guided tour of the approximately 15 minutes can go to the pool zone。Every time students served in the 50's、Reservation is not allowed。If you sign up for in so far to buy tickets for the sky deck in the basement of Tower 3 at the time.。The tour is free of charge、Upon entry to the lookout fee S $ 20 (Japan ¥ 1600 yen)。Are not allowed in the swimming pool directly、So you can enjoy the views、Try and come experience the diner during that time.


Just to overlook walked around the gardens, by the Bay。I feel small and the view from the height of this。This time、Around 10 in the morning.、Recommended time visit the sky deck will still be night。Shine like a jewel box of Shenton way、It is waiting for scenes such as watching a movie。Singapore sunset is 19.:20So when I was、To enjoy the night view 19:30Visit the past and it is good。But I think with good views from the top、Night、I think we wish to contemplate from the bottom done twice each night night show "wonder-full".


In the center of the photo、The world's largest Ferris wheelSingapore Flyer, Singapore flyerBelow。165 m in height、28The Ferris wheel seat、Has become the all-glass、You can enjoy the views in all directions by walking in the air for about 30 minutes。Riding the car hire、S $ 33-(2640-Japan yen ~) next I。Champagne and cocktails, or、So 組meru gorgeous flight plan with dinner as well! During the transfer to the last time I have、Suffered from forest fires in neighboring Indonesia's smoke、Reached the level of the last worst air pollution、According to the Singapore Environmental Agency (NEA)、21"Danger" with 401, the air pollution index level was。And、Because it was after 5 days return transfers、Going to lean that seemed in good visibility is somewhat、That scenery and crisp, not too bad!。


A unique shaped like a flower floating in the Marina Bay below buildings、It is also designed by Moshe Safdie's ArtScience Museum Museum of art science。Art and science is built on the theme。The shape was spread like a Lotus Flower、10It looks like fingers from is called "hand of welcome"、One finger is corner Gallery。Entrance fee is S $ 28 (2240 yen as Japan yen) in the entire pass。


And the county building to forest city views to the Memorial to took a picture in the background、But like composite picture、Upon entering the sky deck、Exclusive photographers shot tourists in front of the screen and、By combining pictures, were sold (lol)


After admiring the sky deck、From Tower 2 staircase goes down below!


The Shoppes at Marina Bay sands shopping center with more than 300 shops and restaurants are concentrated。The little shop is open 10 a.m.、L1 floor luxury brands and jewelry、The clock store, seems still closed。On the floor of this、Become Rotary-shaped stairwell in the Center、Prada、Hermes、Cartier、Fendi、We have the popular brands such as the Gucci shop。Louis Vuitton is connected with the outdoor water store、Shopping mall and the connection part is in the Gallery。


Now in Singapore、2One has a Government approved Casino、"Resorts world Sentosa"、"Marinersbeisands" is attracting attention from around the world。Continued construction boom also、Will be one of the attractive destinations for future Casino enthusiasts。


L1 floor of the Marina Bay sands、B1 floor、On the B2 floor、Guests can enjoy a glass of giant shopping malls "Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands"。The inside of the curve Mall、About 400 m from end to end。7Million in the vast space of more than、Casual fashion shops lined with over 300 stores from a world-wide brand shop。The luxury you're looking for people who、Check out the previous L1 floor。Enjoy affordable shopping、B2 is recommended。GUESS、Agnes's、Casual brands including Banana Republic shops。


Canal shopping centre in B2、There is also the attraction in sampan boats were used as means of transportation used for 'sampan ride'。This is fare per person from S $ 10 (Japan Yen 800 yen)。


The Park's central fountain、The water in the L1 floor saying "rain oculus" Aqua Bowl、Took about 15 minutes, swirling flow B2 floor Canal art path。To in the Marina Bay sands、Integrated facilities and large art exists in all 10、Casually decorated。One of these is rain oculus。


The Shoppes at Marina Bay sands、There are a number of restaurants into shopping or sightseeing。


In the area of shopping center、Dim sum is a proud DIN Tai Fung、Snacks are also slim Cafe coffee bean & tea leaf Bistro、Kaya toast are such as the famous toast box、Lined with familiar chain stores in the city。All the things are perfect for、Spread around the rink floor B2、"La supple masters" of the food court。960In a large food court seating、Not to mention the Singapore food、Malay cuisine Yatai food、Renowned Chinese cuisine and other Asian countries are。Fried hockersmith "Tai Fung"、"New record" of chicken、Bak Kut teh "yellow KOA shredded meat bone tea restaurant room" etc etc、Array is want to try local food!


That especially became especially concerned about the、I'm this porridge "A1 Porridge".。Started as the Teochew style clay pot frog porridge、Gradually has earned local popularity。At the end of innovation and creativity、Richard tha said it is producing attracts new variations and flavor!


From a steaming hot pot looks through the glass like pour porridge、I have very powerful!


"seafood Porridge" S$7.90(Japan Yen $ 632)

Hot porridge is unfortunately too much too unlike menu photo gear was used much (laughs)、Very tasty clams and scallops scallop soup、Dried whitebait also adds to the flavor, become a good accent。Not so delicious porridge eaten in Japan! Because (surprise) the spices that you can adjust the spiciness is on the store front、If you like, why not try! I want to eat again! And gigantic effect that seems straightforwardly is porridge!


Then I could eat the most delicious porridge breakfast、The next destination is、This phantom Let's G0.!(Why not:Lol) I picked a normal TAXI cab in front of the hotel.

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MARINA BAY SANDS Marina Bay sands


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