Hotel who loved great writers who represent the "three great Villa in Atami" kiunkaku Japan


"Atami's three major villa"And be based on name House was praised、Accommodation was loved by many great writers who "Having seen since"。
1919At that time in year (0/1919)、Called the shipping magnate、It was the first ownerShinya UchidaThe villa built as a biological mother rest in、
Of private "Iwasaki villa"、Now-defunct "Sumitomo villa"And the sequence"Atami's three major villa"And praised、
After that、1947Years (0/1947) as well as reincarnation.、Birthday on number of guests as representing the Atami hotel、
During the、Yuzo Yamamoto、Shiga Naoya、Jun ' Ichirō tanizaki、Dazai Osamu、Seiichi Funahashi、Takeda taijun etc、
Japan's leading writer who has been loved by。
"Having seen since"ofFront gateThe、1919First built in (0/1919)、Which is built is called medicine medical gate (yakuimonn) and、
Existing cases、Valuable cultural、Say that the historical heritage。
2000Since (0/2000)、Atami designated Tangible Cultural PropertyAsAtamiOperated, the general public and、
Each year admission number is increased.、2012Has surpassed the visitor number 1 million people in。
In addition、2014Was broadcast in NHK asadora "Amy and Anne"Now、
Coal King of KyushuJigoro Kano densukeThe has been used as a residence、Much called buzz!
Now,、It has become a Atami attractions that many tourists visit ♪


"Having seen since"The、From the Taisho to Showa has been followed with 3 people millionaires。
Shinya Uchida era in 1918 (Taisho 7 years) in ~ 1925 (Taisho 14 years)
Nezu Jiayi Lang Era 1925 (Taisho 14 years) Year - 1944 (Showa 19 years)
Sakurai soldiers Goro era 1947 - 1999

Hotel、A vast area of 3000 square meters is proud、
1000 square meters in its magnificent Japan garden planters Garden (Yu immediately twist and the peas have been) is spread、
It is possible to enjoy up to as long as it permits your time ♪


1919Year of (1919)Shinya UchidaPreviously built townhouse.、
"Tabizo" had already been、Years after a thorough restoration、
To kurauchi、Deeds's photo gallery、It is possible to visit the customers。
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays、Has been resident volunteers、
Kiunkaku, Atami city attractions and fine dining、Introduce us souvenir!


First of all,、Here's entrance at the reception desk on the rightPer adult 510 yenThe entrance fee to the payment ♪


Fudiannei Chart

Is there a vast site、Because it has been shown to admission to the hotel's "route"、
Please follow the Guide。


And museum "Kirin large phoenix"

"Kirin and Taiho"In between the buildings containing the front door、1918And construction, (0/1918)、Completed in the year 1919 (0/1919)。
At that time、Called the shipping magnate、It was the first ownerShinya UchidaVilla was built as a biological mother rest place、
In traditional Japanese architecture、Innovative and pioneering technology is seen everywhere。
The parlor、Around the alcove and Shoin、As、Not lavish décor and distinctive features of a simple build。
Tatami hallway surrounds three sides of the room, high ceilings、
And、The walls of the colorful Ultramarine、One was repainted from ryokan。
"Kaga blue plaster"And in the traditional technique of Ishikawa pref is called、
We opened the innSakurai HeiGoroBorn in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture、Once was in the Orient hotel
Prestigious "Baiyun Building"The was for the founder、It is said in this。
Bright Ultramarine colors such as clear eyes、Maeda familyThe only feudal lords and noble was、
Is used as the Royal colors of Kanazawa、"Hokuriku Shinkansen"The also used color。
2Zashiki-floor "Taiho"The、Inn at that time "Dazai Osamu"We said stayed。
"Kirin and Taiho"In between the、Because each volunteer a certain amount of time over announcements to guide us、
I am happy, easy good spots。
Who provide on-site 1 around "Projective (charges apply)"The、Reservations are needed.


Garden landscape、A luxurious space for seeing now that low.。
Tatami hallway window glass、Artisans at the time each piece infused, made "Taisho glass"And left、
You can feel the beauty and subtle distortions of。
Build enclosed around the room with tatami room with tatami hallway、On side c (irikawadzukuri) I、
For the biological mother had been living in a wheelchairShinya UchidaThe considered compassionate.


On the hallway floor、Carpets、Knee or hip burden is time-consuming and difficult。
Is slightly up and down.、It is quite a long hallway。


Western OK-Hee

The two-story wooden house、2Was called at that time "railway King" in their eyesNezu kaichiroIn by hand、
1931 year(0/1931)On the construction of、1932 year(0/1932)In the completed。
"Jade Princess"In between the、On the front fireplace has a European design based on the、
"Fold on a price ceiling (and picked up goutennjou)"Such as architectural style found in the shrines in Japan are used。
Also"Joy"The sculptures of Chinese-style character design、Are decorated with carved scrollwork can be seen along the Silk Road。
Ceiling、Floor、Wall、And the interiors、How very invaluable eye-opener!



"Between the Jade Princess"To, attached solarium、Can incorporate plenty soft Yang、
Stunning instinctively so sigh leak shows up。
Large Windows and stained-glass ceiling、
Is characterized by brightly colored tile flooring、"Art Deco"The trend to design。
Name of the solarium、To incorporate plenty of sunlight、
With the ceiling and roof panels in the glass、These are supported by steel。
Between the ceilings and high Windows、Decorated with arabesque carved plaster decoration。
The great stained glass、Produced the first stained glassUnozawa-gumi TatsuoOf the work、
Mosaic floor tiles、Potter also、Are leaving too many works of architecture of JapanIkeda TaishanThe works!


Western-style jade Gye (gyokukei)

Western-style "Jade Gye (gyokukei)"The、The medieval United Kingdom "Tudor style"In
"Name chestnut finish"Is based on European chalets built。
However,、Ornament of the Sanskrit word for fireplace cover、
On the ceiling of the entrance used bamboo tea house,、Is a unique space。
The thick cylinder of the fireplace、And the columns of the ancient temple or shrine、Known as the masts of sailing ships of the Edo period、
These pillars and fireplace、Japan architecture "Alcove" And "Vase"Also can resemble。
Out of the Windows of the rooms including the Hall、Pillars on either side of the window to open and close the top and bottom is hollow inside、
This internal wire、Lead connected to the window weight is suspended、
Movement of Windows to open and close down by the pulley has to be smooth。
While they were warts、The building combines Japanese and Western-style、Fall into a very strange feeling。
At that time、Become a rare used furniture and interiors、
You cannot touch your hand。


"First frost" (between the writer of KIA cloud Pavilion)


"First frost"In between the、"Between the great writer"And is、"Dazai Osamu"Introduction、Even for a writer who Yukari。


"Dazai Osamu"、"Yukio Mishima"、"Seiichi Funahashi"、"Takeda taijun"And as a prominent writer of numerous
"Having seen since"The deep involvement and curriculum vitae are written。


Great Bong (between the Ozaki autumn tint)


"Taiho"In between the、"Golden Yasha"In the famous"Between the Ozaki autumn tint"And they are、
The image name of the foliage or to、Walls are stained with brilliant fall foliage color.


1948In the years (0/1948) 3/18Dazai OsamuClick here "Taiho"The stay during the、
This back and forth 3/7-31 days to stay in the annex,、"No longer human"Writing。
In the back、"Pine shrine"The decorated with pictures!


"An exhilarated Willow are darker with a Crimson" And "Ozaki kōyō"The phrase is inscribed on the glass door。
Herself over to the great gardens of Japan suggests that Windows and、
Static while spending time soothing the mind、From the writer of numerous、Will be much cheer to writing was。
Was in the mood I taste just a little bit.


Western Kongo (Kongo)

The building is、2Was called at that time "railway King" in their eyesNezu kaichiroIn by hand、
1928And construction, (0/1928)、Completed in the year 1929 (0/1929)。
After that、That has been renovated several times、1989By year、The position and orientation of the Roman style bathroom has been converted。
In a separate building at that time、Around the entrance to the room、Had become the entrance Corridor of the stone。
In the Kongo、Above the fireplace Spades、Heart、Diamond、To shape the Club started.、
And flower pattern、Very rare in the Western-style mother of Pearl inlay(Shiny woodwork)By Wi-Fi。
In addition to、Everywhere, such as columns decorated name chestnut finish and bevel cutting。
The building at that time、It was all floors is the same as the small room at the entrance on the right tile installation。
Door knobs and hinges、Wrought fittings became the building at the time of、Would be very valuable。


"Roman bath"

Western-style "Kongo (Kongo)"In the Roman-style bath with、
1989When the renovation of the year、But in many parts had been renewed to the modern materials、
And the hot water outlet of the stained-glass Windows and Terra-cotta、Is the building at the time of。
Consider the effect of texture and non-slip、Around the bath tub "Wood tiles"Others have been laid、
At tatami.、Also laying 9 mat dressing rooms and restrooms。
Here you will、"Seiichi Funahashi"Move away"Between the Peacock"In writing"Portrait of Madame Yuki"The movie
(Director:Mizoguchi Kenji cast:Yoshiko kuga, Yuriko Hamada, Liu Yong etc) of when、Includes scenes shot。
20152 February-end of March、The renovation work has been carried out over approximately 2 months、The tour was not possible、
Now、After renovation、Is open!


"Decontamination of water.

There is a spacious baths that overlook gardens。


"Atami city library"100th anniversaryAre welcomed。


Just、100th anniversaryHad held a ceremony to commemorate the。
This facility is、Various events every lending institution becomes possible。
Lending institutionFor information about facility use fee、Varies in space、Contact us, try!



A rickshaw at the time tasteful、You cannot ride、It is possible for a photo!


Tea room "comfort"

Space bar in Hotel age intact、
Has been operating as a surrounded by quaint furnishings, an elegant tea room。
Sipping green tea carefully built and kiunkaku original coffee、
And watching the garden and enjoy a taste of space.


After touring the facilities、1,000Square one would want to visit in the extensive gardens of Japan。
From the garden、From the Taisho to Showa built
Such picturesque wooden buildings with historical value might look carefully!


Japan-garden planters Garden (Yu immediately twist and the peas have been)

"Having seen since"In the garden、Neat garden(Yu immediately twist and the peas have been)Also known as、
And to enjoy the view、Are double sided, a stroll with wonderful garden。
About the view、Each building within the site、When looked at from each location、
Designed to be a comfortable garden and watching from where。
1,000The vast garden of、Each season brings change color、Guests can enjoy a seasonal goodness!


Stroll around the pond in the garden、In vivid color and watching the Koi swim gracefully、
Just、Staff came out to feed the koi ponds。
Every day regular carp bait so that watering。
It's what a nice time!
"Would you like to join?!"And to my feed to join us! (I)
Day care will be、Some carp were attached had springs that staff。
CARP and the method is not。
Us by talking in a calm and friendly tone、He taught us the charm of the garden.


"Atami's three major villa"And is referred to as、Many great writers who loved "Having seen since"The、
Nicer than imagined、Beautifully in the heart and healed in the lush gardens of Japan、
Will want to recommend one of Atami sightseeng means attraction and。
The extensive grounds、Although the flat distance increases。
The weak legs、Have enough time to、We recommend to be entertained while grasping the rest slowly。
Beautiful seasonal flowers、
Early next year、Began blooming plum trees and cherry tree kawazu cherry blossom earlier Atami、You can feel the early spring。
Filled with romantic Taisho and Showa era "Having seen since"Is recommended.

Having seen since
Location:4-2 Showa-Cho, Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture
Opening hours:9:00-17:00(Last admission 4:30Until )
Closed days:Wednesday (open if national holiday, closed)
Admission fees:510 yen (Group, 410 yen)
High school and junior high school students 300 yen (Group 200 yen)

4-2 Showa-Cho, Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture

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