Superb villa for the sum of sitting-so relax in modern, in one of the cottages was born!

Izu-Kogen hotel "ABBA RESORTS IZU – Sitting(Zagyosoh) Abu resort is zagyeosou "in the newly built"Villa (VILLA)"!

After experiencing the tea of Japan cultural activities of"sitting" in"Japan"、Cultural preservation staff Harada Akiko、I'll have guided to the Villa we be helped by us!

Villa、Female in new ground adjacent to the main building、Cottages in mind to spend peaceful moments、Sum of comfort with a modern taste、Provides 13 rooms, all with names of flowers、And mezonettypevila with "pool & Jacuzzi & dew heavenly bath" in triple time "pool & dew heavenly bath" Villa "basin & with open-air bath" is divided into three types of villas for、I will introduce each feature!

[Villa:315 room / Paeonia (peony)]

The Maisonette the rooms between the two "Peony"、In-built mansion nestled quietly on site at the back of、When you visited the Villa as a peaceful relaxing dining.

Mezonetvila size is 135.3 square-offers 139 m²、Living room with natural light that poured from the large Windows to the ceiling and the ceiling is at the door liberating appears!

Forests and flowers、Trees and plants、Stone、Brooks, giving the design motif、Japanese modern style resembling camphor Hiroki throughout the building!

On the living room side、There was a dining table、Back in the kitchen space、Long term stay!
Eventually、In our villa in the chef's kitchen、Motorized kitchen space and room to provide it!

2Goes to the floor、Modern, there was a bedroom、Twin semi (W1200×H2030).

And the spectacle of nature spread out from the bedroom、While healing is blessed with views of Sagami Bay views in the back! There was a bath on the deck、Has become a pleasant experience both、Private feeling generous!

The luxurious、1Mounted to floor deck length 24 m (3 m x 8 m)、In the depth of 1.2 m private heated pool、Can be enjoyed all year round, and using a little hot water、It is better to bring a bathing suit!

To its destination、Open-air Jacuzzi "JAXSON (Jackson).、In the Jacuzzi back equipped with sauna、Well prepared!

I'm happy for the、All drinks in the fridge that are being included.、Villa is specially with the Champagne!
In the "Peony"、What! "Louis Roederer Brut, nachuru Philippe-Starck model (LOUIS ROEDERER BRUT NATURE PHILIPPE STARCK MODEL) come from great!

Ultimate yet restless like Villa in this pleasant resort Villa.

[Villa:313 room / Rose-Mallow (Japanese)]

Pool & dew heaven bath villas range in size、96Square to be 112 m²、Harmony between the two rooms will be modern!

Click here to be the living room and bedroom are both facing the garden and the、Become an open design from any location where you can enjoy nature!

The pool from the balcony、26.8m(3.25x8.25m) of pride staff、For now is not heated、Summer is comfortable!

Ideal to spend a quiet moment, wrapped in the glow of the view from the open-air bath swimming pool water and lush scenery.

"Villa:311 room / Iris (IRIS).

This time、Rooms we will be indebted to this "calamus".

That applies to the entire villa.、For the parking space is provided for each gate、We also asked the car by your side! There are also two cottages with also!

Basin and open-air bathroom villas are、77M² to 90 m² with couples who stay as balanced good sense of size and、Feel comfortable!

At the entrance to floor、Branch small size while the stunning bonsai has been live、Call it the Wabi and Sabi in Japan?、Have a taste! Here flowers as well as once every two weeks replacement made it!

Behind the entrance door、A closet with motion sensor light shines、Beginning with delicate equipment such as hangers、Are also available for hotel OK!

And built a bedroom and a living room overlooking the garden connected vertically、Offers in depth、Close the sliding door ago going to bed、Guests can spend some quiet time!

Powder room is equipped with twin、Full size mirror finish is ease of use may、The Dyson (dyson) of the drying hairdryer、Beginning with "Bvlgari (BVLGARI)" wrapped in a fine aroma bath item、Women including happy face packs, skin care for men、Amenities and enhancement features.

In front of the open-air bath、Equipped with separate shower room、Pleasant springs from the body wash.

The in-room coffee、In addition to the Nestlé Nespresso coffee machine Zenius (genius)、Capsules tea-only machines ' SPECIAL. T (special.T) "also is、As well as coffee、Also available in green tea and black tea!

Well as its ease of、To properly enjoy green tea, delicious tea leaves、Of course equipped with tea too! As you'd expect、Lodging in Shizuoka tea processing!

The slim and stylish CD player provided in the bedroom、Old skool breaks CD of Taiwan things owners love love hot spring 2 pieces of green Ark provides background music!

Relax in the room until dinner time、Apéritif Champagne chilled in the refrigerator "Louis Roederer, Brut-Premier (LOUIS ROEDERER BRUT PREMIER)!

Figs in Muscat shine、And Kyoho grapes、Welcome fruit of soy sauce is!

11 months of the year is very warm、To spend on the deck、And a very mild climate.

While shaking and rocking chair、Light sparkling in the basin and Stone lanterns。

Mesmerized by appearance of the garden illuminated with light! It is a luxury!

浴bimashou a bath ago dinner and、Soak in the bath name seaboard fountain、The glass once again!

ABBA RESORTS IZU sitting Zhuang (Zagyosoh) Abu resort is zagyeosou
Address:Shizuoka Ito-Shi Yawata area 1741
Toll free number:0800-888-1168

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