Learn the "house sitting" Japan tea! Japan Shizuoka tea of unique cultural experience!

Izu-Kogen hotel "ABBA RESORTS IZU – Sitting(Zagyosoh) Abu resort iz zagyeosou ", we will experience the Japan cultural centre activity is going on in Japan tea!

"Sitting at the、Memories of the journey provided fulled to be something deeper than Japan's culture and history, including a variety of experiences and、The course of its highly popular among "Japan tea"、Specialty tea's introduction to the Shizuoka tea、Learn the types of tea, green tea-hojicha tea、Instrument selection and delicious way to know、3I'd like to fit the type of tea tea sweet、Experience and enjoy the Japan tea on ulterior motives.

Go to the Japan cultural experience by provided by one room of the second floor、There is green for a superb view overlooking Sagami Bay at the back of the garden!

Is knowledge of the tea ceremony.、Akio Harada of staff will be responsible for the preservation of culture taught us about the Japan tea!

First of all is the tea 不発酵 tea "tea".、"Bags" of partly fermented tea、Fermented tea "tea"、"After tea" of can be divided into four kinds of "tea"!

And、Japan's Japan tea types、Broadly "gyokuro-kabusecha"、"Green tea and tea.、Bancha、"Hoji"、Brown rice tea、"Powdered tea, tencha (tencha tea).、Into a jade green tea!

This time the、Japan tea from carefully selected ' facing tea.、"Gyokuro"、Secret (secret) of the three is our delight!

Put the tea leaves in comparing tea leaves containing 3 species、Start enjoying the scent of each! Japan tea world sense with all five senses、Experience that you will enjoy、Harada in quiz format!

From left to right in the order、3Enjoy the tea leaves of the species appearance and smell!

Each has a characteristic、Did any really good scent、I felt the most comfortable tea leaves、With the beauty and vivid color appearance, feel the elegance and the tea leaves、It was the first tea leaves left deep filled with noble aromatic!

Mr./Ms. Harada "discerning" words telling us what、How tea leaves、What tea should be the、Until the finished appearance of the secret (lol)

Warm tea set、Water time in cool、3Of time, he slowly and carefully pour the first Japan tea、There's a beautifully mellow、In the wrapped in sweetness and flavor tea、Body make-up and familiar taste!

1 the first tea leaves、What! Endo Noboru, Mikuru Asahina, Shizuoka Prefecture fujieda city Okabe, Japan three major tea producing and painstaking, produced artisan series-tea master tea [boost] 50 g 2, 000 I am, luxury tea circle!

Gyokuro green tea and different cultivation way、Obstructs the sunlight since the starting of new shoots to grow、Adjust the function of photosynthesis、Less astringent ingredient catechin、Contrary to umami theanine will be rich!

Because it was too delicious、One is finished roasting eyes tea leaves we eat good flavorful taste!

Next Japan tea、Put the Golden depicting Mt. Fuji and White crane tea leaves from the、1In a short time in minutes、You will be in your cup blueish shine beautiful colors of the tea!

Also enjoy a selection of tea、Tea time fun?! Look、It seems like tea leaves are familiar.、In Mr./Ms. Harada's way、Unique understanding of the enjoyment of the other tea taste explosion!

Dark、Nice scent、Cup rich sweet! 2 the first tea leaves、Izu Highland origin of "facing tea"!

Facing a formal tea and steamed green tea ball is、Beaded with leaves facing. as with this name from the shape that is。In the ITO district, Izu、From sales when steamed green tea ball is hard to describe.、It looks as、Counterbore. as from "facing tea" and called sold, when was it!

Is your teacake、Also in the colon and rounded bean candy-friendly in the bean have endured!

The last leaf、Tinged with red、Nothing if not visible to the green tea!

Poured into a glass cup、Held in diatomaceous earth for Western-style tea is roasted、And with complex flavors with a gentle astringency、Japanese tea somehow flower fragrance with a citrusy-enjoy!

3 the first tea leaves、Masui Park in Shizuoka Prefecture kawane-honcho、Produced by organic farming fully "with an only San abcdlifecycles I press Flash tea"! It is also a tea leaves was awarded the prize in domestic coffee Grand Prix!

In the recent、Shops who offers Japanese tea after a meal in French and Italian restaurants are increasingly、Japanese tea is cultivated from the Meiji period in Japan is now attracting attention again!

As well as the Japan tea、Chinese tea and tea culture in Europe、Such as the Taiwan tea、Tea discourse around the world speak、There's also bulge story、Tea time with Mr./Ms. Harada is very exciting、Quality was to experience and to enjoy a cup of tea!

Japan culture experience、In addition to this "origami".、"Aroma bags made.、Japan cuisine、"Fishing"、"Kimono dressing.、You can enjoy as well as Japanese appreciation!

The activities are designed to be fun in the hotel!
We recommend would be your time!

ABBA RESORTS IZU sitting Zhuang (Zagyosoh) Abu resort is zagyeosou
Address:Shizuoka Ito-Shi Yawata area 1741
Toll free number:0800-888-1168

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Fee:One person 2000 yen

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