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"If you go to Yugawara、There is a bakery that I want to go to" and at the request of an insin any kind of bread lover friend husband、It is said that it is popular in YugawaraBread & CircusI visited Mr.。No matter what information you look at on the internet, you can line up 30 minutes before opening.、Half the week is off.、"Not only up to 5 people in the store", and、Preface a little thrill of the Dalmatians teeming with fish, so curious of us。Immediately、We also got off the car, lined in front of the shop。Opening hours 11 am, which was around 15 minutes.。A look inside a glass window、Imagination of bread who meet for the first time with "what bread?..." and wait time are actually kind of fun。Regulars have had rubbish in women "always like this is the matrix? "And when asked、And today is better。A lot of time、Seems to be too long until the vegetable shop next to the line。In around 1 pm on、It seems there are relatively open time slot、Often meet in the Pan you're looking for at that time?。Visit bread recommended for ladies、I decided to wait while now。


Put it in the shop、From then after waiting about 20 minutes。1Stores the name to each one's admission。No one complain、Waiting for order current altitude of beauty in Japanese。This scene was evaluated from the I guess。Now、So finally got inside、Trays and ransacked starting hands.


Bakery it's almost burst into happy scent spread throughout、Natural yeast of hard and soft bread、Chip butty and a unique baked goods, many are lined with。Amount to buy 1人1人 customers without large paper bag with both hands full lift、So Baker's in sight is not。


The size is larger than any bread、The written charge half the price table、In situ cut in half if you shop if you ask so it is safe。


When come the next visit from afar can do... is out、Consult with friends wife、And this also is a State which they put on the tray (lol)


While each customer to shop in、Because the bread was sold from next to timing in the sinter shop、Seemed than wait it out。We have、Because of the next appointment time、The selection of early、Friends wife and later cut and taste the food sharing more left in operation。


Women right in the photo is the Madam of this store?。My hair is "daughter Paris looks like!" and showing interest、Could talk a little, thanks to me。Busy instead of stopping hand movement、However,、Casually was enjoying the conversation with customers.


"Pillow series and sweet potato pumpkin red beans. * pricing varies by product。

This is natural yeast dough in the pumpkin.、Sweet potato、Impregnated with azuki beans.、3Kinds of cheese is used on the upper part and in。Name is so termed from which resembles the shape of the pillow pillow series。Put my knife、Saftey second to none of the cake sale this volume of "I and I" I was screaming (laughs)


For a limited time "apple pie" 1300 Yen

Thoroughly cooked, peeled Apple、Make pie dough with flour and butter, and lay all night、Carefully baked apple pie、Ten years seems to have been to the same more than。A faint sweetness of apples packed full with cinnamon-scented gently spreads。Not in flaky puff pastry、Also I dust system。You might need a little warm。


"Raisin brioche" 520 Yen、Half-270 circle

Buttery and sweet and made less、One of the most popular items in your store!。Melt fabric soft and gentle mouth is so attractive。Sliced and lightly toasted, it is recommended that。


3 cheese 480 Yen
Has been caught of three species of Gouda, cheddar and smoked cheese and homemade smoked chicken。


Delicious Grissini 80 Yen
Burn wars was a texture。Honey、Cliche、Seems to fit such as prosciutto。


"Sausage and mozzarella cheese bucket grilled sandwich" 240 Yen


"Olive wood" 400 Yen
Colo Colo's black olive。Better to rely on wine。


Tomato Basil & garlic 400 Yen
Vegetables on the kneading dough、Tomato's in gear、Bacon、And if olive。Pizza pan。


Maple Savas cone 118 Yen
Use sour cream instead of butter。Spread soft gentle sweetness of maple that had light scones。

Eat this and heard in log evaluation、As my personal impression of the actual、Baker loved by a wide range of people with impressive said。

Bread & Circus
Kanagawa ashigarakami ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara-machi town Toi 4-2-16 TEL:0465-62-6789
Hours of operation 11:00-17:00(No items from closed):Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday

Kanagawa ashigarakami ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara-machi town Toi 4-2-16

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