"Enoteca manifatura" Casual standing style wine bar in Atami


Atami Station "Nakamise Street"The street out to main street, turn left and come
From the train station within walking distance "ENOTECA MANIFATTURA"。
Atami was closed in a dilapidated area "Bistro a la Plage"The sommelier had been served as
Hagiwara KenjiWho has conducted his solo、
Will be standing style casual wine bar!


Go into a store and、Many of the great wine barrel in the suddenly looming!
Had heard the rumors but、Wine barrel table、
And unique drummers in Atami is a place off the beaten path、
HagiwaraMr. fine wine selection and、Miho was serving drinking handmade feel-good stiffness and heart!
At the small counter seat 2-equipped seats 3 people is、
Base became the style of the Standing、
4Only in the barrel table、10Would you put on very high population density compact size shops。
Many regulars、Many people come to enjoy the conversation with owner sommelier Hagiwara!
Atami hot spring ryokan are here "Atami Fufu"On that former manager、Currently, of Toyama is "GARAKUIt can be served as the general manager of "
Daisuke MatsumiyaIs it to introduce、So I have been so、I've always been after a meal.


Sparkling is a special wine menu、White、Red and are listed on the black Board。
Of course order by the bottle are available!


Owner sommelierHagiwaraMr. a、Young or younger when crossing to France、And learn wine、
2011By the summer of the year、A famous French restaurant of same Atami "Bistro a la Plage"The sommelier had been served as。
However,、The restaurant is dilapidated buildings that will was closed in the wake。
After that、Looking for land to open own shops、2012 year、Atami Station are situated just a short distance near here decided to open。
The previous "Sponge factory"Was is not far from Metro in a self build land。
Shop name、In Italy, "ENOTECA Enoteca"The、
And indicates the wine center of Italy restaurant or wine bar、
"MANIFATTURA manifatura' = 'Studio"Means。
Little、Shy ofHagiwara.、
On this day、Go past as they met for the first time and her fun time!


"LA ROSCA CAVA BRUT La Rosca Cava Brut"800 yen Spain Catalonia

Traditional varieties Macabeo is harvested in the vineyards of Penedès hotels、Charlot、Well balanced blend and Parellada、
By secondary fermentation in the bottle at least 9 months of aging ago release。
Rich lather、Aromas of fresh fruit reminiscent of Green apples、
Is where you can enjoy a refreshing taste cava.


See ASTRUC MAL MAS Domaine Astruc Dee ey Cabernet Sauvignon 2014"800 yen France Languedoc

1802Years later、Domaine Astruc、Of Fame at the quality of the wine、
Limoux district-South France-Languedoc、Located in the foothills of the Pyrenees、
Land blessed with the advantages of both the oceanic climate, Mediterranean climate climate in wine-making.。
2003In fact the King of cheap wine square House (pooru_masu) Jean-Claude MAS and Michael mass、
The purchasing management、This website。
Is such Astruc cospawine!


Casual food menu also listed the black-board designs、
From a quick snackHagiwaraAnd it is homemade wine focused menu.


"Chef's choice 3 assorted" 1200 Yen

The refreshing taste of salmon and eggplant Terrine、Delicious vegetable caponata、
Tender and flavorful calamari and potato stew、Anchovy potato base accented with cilantro and、
Order one plate platter、Balanced and very welcoming, is reasonable.


Gently squeezing down while it's、The wine bar serves delicious, please feel free to。
No standing around so get very drunk.、Shop where you will find fun wine!


DRAGON BERVERANA 2007 800 yen Spain Murcia

Got a modern Winery and Brewery technology、And the La Rioja
Create high-quality, reasonably priced standard wines in Spain
"BERVERANA berberana"of、D... O... La Mancha wines。
In a deep ruby colour brownish、Is solid red fruit and oak aromas.、
A mellow yet has enough body、Are balanced and the lingering feeling of elegance.


In Emilia Romagna, MONS JOVIS 2011 1000 yen

Build a producers ' cooperatives of Emilia-Romagna's largest fruit body filled with Sangiovese。
Spread that like dense plum fruit body and firm tannins、As the cool acerbity, where you can enjoy wine!


On the rack in the store、Bottles of wine lined notebooks。
Actually,、Of which wine to drink it at all times!
And drawing affordable tag prices、Always provides about 50 stocks。
Here you will、And we sell a wine、If you have a favorite wine can be purchased。
Italy wine is primarily、Put on the rich wines of Spain and France.


All over the shop、HagiwaraAnd it's relaxed personality。
And、Went to his catapult away one-shot story、
Atami Night so memorable!
"Surprisingly Atami"
Atami is still plenty of bargains for gourmet and seems (laughs)
HagiwaraSan、During visits to Atami will always attend to it.

Address:Shizuoka Atami tawara Hon-Cho 7-2 katsuki 1F
Hours of operation:13:00To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:No regular holidays

Shizuoka Atami tawara Hon-Cho 7-2

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