"Atami Station shopping area" The store opened the night in quiet quiet shopping


There in front of the station "Nakamise Street"In the history、
Its establishment 60-70 years of plenty、As the street where one of the famous locals。
In the recent、More new restaurants、Next day very crowded street mixed new and old stores。
However,、Which shops welcome the closing time to 17:、
Will sharply the number of tourists at night。
During such、Because the shop has been operating quietly and at night in a quiet shopping street here.


In the street、Or enjoy the seafood of the Atami Japanese restaurant、
Started a new Cafe, bakery and other food and beverage outlets.、
Shops handling products、
Registered 35 stores selling household goods to local shops。
Less crowded in the evening、Very quiet shopping district。



He got a narrow、Established Showa 21 years showcase is lit and the red curtain comes with Chinese noodle shop "Koran-Tei"。
Showa atmosphere with retro exterior and Interior。
Soy sauce is old-fashioned chicken soup ramen offers。
Ramen、Not to mention the fried rice、Such as Yakisoba noodles also justified various、
Rely on alcohol to be the sashimi dish and、And one person is easy to visit us!

Address:5-2 Tahara honcho, Atami, Shizuoka
Hours of operation:17:00To 22:00(Month-gold)
17:00To 22:00(Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
Closed on Mondays:No regular holidays



From the train stationNakamise Street shopping districtThrough、Go along the road located Regensburg。
Goodwill and red signs also drifting atmosphere of the Showa era's landmark retro ramen。
Shop with only six seats in the sense of a very compact size、
Distance based so touching the person next to、Is feeling quite good and also。
In the old soy sauce based ramen、
Chidzire brings out the best flavor of soy sauce soup to enjoy on the tongue and the throat is characteristic of noodles!

Address:5-14, honcho tahara, Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture
Hours of operation:11:00-21:00
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday



Atami was closed in a dilapidated area "Bistro a la Plage"The sommelier had been served as
Hagiwara KenjiWho has conducted his solo、
Standing style casual wine bar
And unique drummers in Atami is a place off the beaten path、
HagiwaraMr. fine wine selection and、Miho was serving drinking handmade feel-good stiffness and heart!
Atami Onsen inn "Atami Fufu"On that former manager、Currently, of Toyama is "GARAKUIt can be served as the general manager of "
Daisuke MatsumiyaAnd I'm in has been introduced since、
In this fun pattern will later post!

Address:Shizuoka Atami tawara Hon-Cho 7-2 katsuki 1F
Hours of operation:13:00To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:No regular holidays


It is another one of the shopping district of the station "Atami Station Heiwadori shopping district"The、
Onsen manju of the specialty shops that started.、Sweets shop、Dry shop、Eating and drinking places、Gather 30 shops and cafes。
Also here but so is quiet at night。



Preserve entrance in front of the fresh fish and swimming to become landmarks "KOBAYASHI"。
Has been serving fresh fish and seafood caught in local waters、
Abalone and mollusks、Spiny lobster、Horse mackerel、Such as red snapper、Can you cook every order enters。
It is recommended、1Days of 20 food "Chirashi sushi dreams」!
This becomes the main menu of this shop、
To eat it、Would be there all the way from afar to visit!
But it's also the most popular、With chef secret miso "Gold Medal sea bream saikyo-stir fry"。
Diet、2And table seating on the floor、
3Floor parlor is a relaxing, guests can enjoy a meal and tea-ceremony dishes。
(Reservation Charter marked with *, etc.)
Here is、Announcer known in the foodieMiyagawa ShunjiAnd I'm in has been introduced since、
Will post later for more information.

Address:Peace, Atami, Tahara honcho 3-8 station Street
Hours of operation:11:00-20:30
Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday


One step、Enter the alley、Neon lit several shops。



In the alley between two JR Atami Station Street
Cafe made and old houses dating back 30 years or more to play "CAFE KICHI"。
Table made using scrap wood and mud、Green space surrounded by handcrafted lamps。
The menu is、Put in hand driped original coffee、Tea、Chai tea with milk of masara、
Of pesticide-free Japan tea and Chinese tea and cake etc etc.。
In the evening、Good news is that beer and wine、Alcoholic beverages such as cocktails.
Let's check the Café will be open to late!
Vestiges of the old houses left in some places in、
Tea or coffee to BREW one cup at a time、Chai and enjoy!

Address:Atami tawara Hon-Machi 5-9
Hours of operation:13:00-21:00 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday



In front of the station is not、Speaking of Atami China shop here。
O-Edo Onsen Monogatari from Atami Station toward the coast slopes down 5 minutes away "Chinese ICHIBANKAN"。
"Chinese ICHIBANKAN"The、30Years and more open in this area、Not to mention the locals、
Hosokawa Mamoru-HeeAnd former Prime MinisterKazushige NagashimaIs it, is the area that had many celebrity fans。
Above all、Yasushi AkimotoAnd I will eat dumplings here, but、
That fan drove all the way from Tokyo, come!
Biggest secret of the deliciousness of the dumplings is to bake。
Using the strong cabbage Aichi Prefecture, sweet、To take the smell of cabbage boiled down and、
Under the boil will squeeze any excess moisture from chopping a cabbage、Point is leave more water at this time!
Combine gravy and moisture in cabbage、Bean moist and complemented。
Turn on the water to bake normal but、"Chinese ICHIBANKAN"Now、In a special soup is cooked at once。
Chinese soup、Pork bones、Chicken、Chicken、Ginger、Garlic、Made with kelp、Seaweed flavor is the point。
Actually,、Her husband was devised by our dumplings are、In a Chinese soup toasted!
Once、If you know the breathed a Chinese soup dumplings、Now back to the water (lol)
Click here also、Announcer known in the foodieMiyagawa ShunjiAnd I'm in is introduced、
We do not hear at this time, unfortunately, so、
Also the opportunity to bother trying to think!

Address:7-48 Misaki Cho, Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture
Hours of operation:11:30-13:3017:00-21:30
Closed on Mondays:Thursday

Atami City Hall official website

Atami tourism organizations


Nakamise Street shopping district

Atami Station Heiwadori shopping district

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