In the "住吉屋" ingredients handmade suites their beloved "tasty series"


Is selling the cheese cake of year 220 000 pieces of melting texture in the hot topic in TV and magazines "Sumiyoshi Honten Atami"。
Atami is on local ingredients and products by making use of and、Made by hand every day provides a safe and secure suites。
Place、Atami attraction "Pine shrine"The location near the、
Not to mention the locals、Not many tourists use。
Atami poised to head office、Yugawara shop、Sea shop has 3 store development。
Now nearly 15 years ago、Husband friend, ownerKikuchi JunichiAnd we have introduced、
And visited Atami fireworks display will be held every year on the roof of this summer watching party received your invitation、
Such circumstances include、To rely on memories of her husband at the time.


Opening hoursMorning 9:00That would be from、
Flanked by such popular shoe cream pastry and bread、Morning 9:30And guide。
In the shop、Atami souvenir or gift to perfect a wide variety of sweets is aligned.


Popular "Melting de shoe"The、The crispy texture of the cookie dough
Plenty containing custard cream Toronto melt is cream puff of taste ♪


It is also a classic menu of autumn "Waguri cream puff"I also went up baked!
In the popular seasonal with chestnut sweets、
With a high-quality chestnut is the characteristic chestnut cream、
With homemade custard using a local Dandong-milk mixes、
You can enjoy smooth and thick cream ♪


It is a local specialties of Atami "ATAMI COLLECTION A-PLUSAnd it has been certified to "
"Of pine twigs' , 'Melting de shoe"、"Melted cheese cake"It is also ideal as Atami souvenir ♪


The "melting de shoe" one 170 yen

Is SUPAH、Local Izu Tanna, milk、Using lay fresh eggs arrive every morning at the foot of Mount Fuji and fresh butter.、
Roasted and grilled with、Enjoy the crispy texture。
Special cream packs、In Dandong, milk with Mt. Fuji foot egg custard
Has endured is a rich, smooth cream blended with pure whipped cream of Tanna in Hutchinson。
To produce a more mellow Vanilla-scented with luxurious Uganda from natural vanilla beans。
But the sweetness is kept、With good aroma and rich cream、
It is a cream puff feel nostalgic taste ♪


"Melting cheese cake" one 126 yen (5 pieces 680 yen)

It is flown or home France "KiriThe cream cheese and homemade custard "it was blended with exquisite balance
Sink in a kind of mushy cheese laid thin sponge type、
Fabric with a high-temperature oven cook。
The kiln at the surface with brown color、Inside are decorated with drowsy half-boiled。
Immediately freezes in the dedicated deep frozen, toasted、To taste。
Transderma and mouth melt smooth cheesecake、Softness comes not a moment。
The Suites is ♪ loved by a broad range from small children to the elderly


"Butter roll" usually 5 pieces 250 yen →Tuesday limited bargain price (¥ 200 5 pieces)

Yang old grocery shop "SCOTTS Scott (new wing、Old building)"But provided popular Butterball。
Jun cafe "BONNETIt is a popular menu of "
Heavi hamburger buns and hot dogs are manufactured here、
The hugely popular "Sumiyoshiya"The bread。
usually"512pcs 250 yen"Any sufficiently cheap"Butter roll"、
To become and what of exceptional every Tuesday512pcs 200 yen!A large service!
Oh that it sold during the、Allow time to recommend coming early to Tuesday.

Sumiyoshiya Atami Shop
Address:Shizuoka Atami beach town 13-2
Hours of operation:9:00-19:30
Seven days a week (I except for New Year)

Shizuoka Atami beach town 13-2

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