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Leaving the heavily reminiscent of the Showa era "Atami Ginza shopping area.、Feel the nostalgia Street



Of downtown that has flourished for many years as a shopping far from Atami of tourists and local residents "Atami Ginza shopping district"。
Building was built immediately after World War II is used as a store now、
Leaving the heavily reminiscent of the Showa era、The atmosphere makes you feel nostalgia。
Many long-established just to the shopping district with a long history、
Such as dried fish specializes in Atami products and confectionery、50Amenities include across the Board as the store shopping。


In front of the shopping street entrance、1918Founded in the year (0/1918)、
Long-established to be about to enter its founding 100 years to the magnetic "Atami sweets Atami Honke Tokiwagi"There。
The jelly、As a flagship product, made in the manufacturing process from inception、
Other acne mochi and picking up during the。
The splendid shrine building was built, with the skills of carpenters at the time、
Fold on the small ALBAYZIN pair、Is over sight to behold in every detail.、
When you ask for sweets、And by all means also the splendor of the building to enjoy you want to shop。
It is also one of this popular products "Kibimochi"
Atami Onsen inn "Atami Fufu"On that former manager、
Currently, of Toyama is "GARAKUIt can be served as the general manager of "
Daisuke MatsumiyaAnd I'm in has been introduced since、
We have purchased a gift for a。
This state will be introduced in later articles ♪

Atami sweets Atami Honke Tokiwagi
Address:Shizuoka Atami city, Ginza town 14 No. 1
Hours of operation:AM9:30~PM5:30
Closed on Mondays:Water tree day (open on public holidays).


Founded more than 60 years of long-established Chinese restaurant "Ramen Ichiban Ken"。
Old-fashioned simple soy sauce ramen unchanged from its inception is a shop selling ♪

Ramen Ichiban Ken
Address:1-19 Ginza-Cho, Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture
Hours of operation:17:00-25:00(L.O24:45-
Seven days a week (please contact us)


Fish homemade flour millstone ground buckwheat and rich liquor can enjoy "Soba Rikyuan"。
Izu Suruga Bay Kakiage heavenly bamboo steamer buckwheat and Shirasu bowl of shrimp specialties are popular ♪

Soba Rikyuan
Address:Shizuoka Atami Ginza-Cho 10-21
Hours of operation:11:00~ 16:00
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday


Old-fashioned net cafe in the center of the Ginza shopping district "PINE TREE"。
Sample a colorful Parfait, as well as window's position、
As a table、What! The old space invaders game machines! (Terrible)
Though time will enjoy Showa retro world as if had stopped ♪

Address:7-7 Ginza-Cho, Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture
Hours of operation:8:30-20:30


1952Year (1952) Net cafe of establishment of long-established "BONNET"。
The taste is full cinema quietly Nestled in downtown Ginza Atami "Atami romance seat"Located next to、
Yukio Mishima and tanizaki Junichiro、Singer, writer, including fubuki koshiji foot 繫 go passed coffee shop is also known as。
Full Cup、And the smell can be brewed carefully siphon coffee
I personally though not simple、Tasteful master obsessiveness Burger is recommended。
This detail will be introduced in later articles ♪

Address:8-14 Ginza-Cho, Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture
Hours of operation:10:00-15:00
Closed on Mondays:Sunday


"I want to play in the city of Atami!"Cafe was open from such feelings"CAFE RoCA"。
3The renovation was the year reaches、A new and fun and new ways to use Atami、
"100Town development that can rich life even after the year"In NPO work theme、
It is a representativeIchiki HiroichiroMr. has launched "atamista Atamisuta" And "machimori"And operated Café。
Music and food-related events held on a regular basis、The ♪ has been active as easy community Square gather people

Address:Ginza-Cho 10-19, Shizuoka, Atami, Atami seal Kaikan 1F
Hours of operation:11:30To 18:00(Wednesday only 11:30-24:00-
Seven days a week


Also seeatamista Atamisuta"、"machimori"As a result、
2015On September 18Newer guesthouse open "guesut house MARUYA"。
Guest House renovation store was a pachinko parlor、And the number of rooms 21 rooms、
The Interior of the capsule、And provide a single twin loft、
The exhibited paintings by artists from Atami on the part、Attracting attention。
The popularity is ♪ in their 20s to 30-something women and foreign tourists visiting from Tokyo

guesut house MARUYA
Address:Shizuoka Atami Ginza-Cho 7-8, 1F


Is selling the cheese cake of year 220 000 pieces of melting texture in the hot topic in TV and magazines "Sumiyoshiya"。
Previous、History was introduced to a friend of her husband's、
This state will be introduced in later articles ♪

Address:Shizuoka Atami beach town 13-2
Hours of operation:9:00-19:30
Seven days a week (I except for New Year)


1947Year (1947) of the establishment of long-established Western shop "Curry restaurants Takara-tei"。
The menu is、23The commitment is made from a type of spice Curry
It will be the curry with pork cutlet a large pork cutlet rode ♪

Curry restaurants Takara-tei
Address:5-10 Ginza-Cho, Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture
Hours of operation:11:00-20:00(L.O19:30-
Closed on Mondays:Thursday


1946Year demi-glace sauce you continue to protect from its inception in (1946) boasts a long-established Western shop
"SCOTTS (old building)"。
In this Jun ' Ichirō tanizaki, Shiga Naoya、Haruki Murakami and man of culture for many passes frequently and、
"Beef stew" and "short stew" of signboard menu is popular ♪

SCOTTS (old building)
Address:Shizuoka Atami Beach City 12-6
Hours of operation:11:30-15:00(L.O14:00-、16:30-20:00(L.O19:00-
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday (if open)


Across the street is in the oblique opposite the old wing "SCOTTS (New Wing)"。
Building and enjoy popularity in Western-style Tearoom in Atami、This building is the head office。
The menu is、There are provided as annex only、
To your liking with Wing、Enjoy with the new building.

SCOTTS (New Wing)
Address:Atami beach town 10-13
Hours of operation:12:00-15:00、17:00-20:30
Closed on Mondays:Thursday


Founded in 1959、Showa atmosphere with retro Cafe "COFFEE WHICH"。
"SCOTTS (old building)"The next to be。
And the character of "Cafe" was displayed prominently on billboards、
Glass showcase that it is not essential to the net cafe is the mark!
Also started slowly after the war 1950-a popular coffee shop coffee shop rare is now。
In Atami、Strong net cafe-hopping is possible!

Address:Shizuoka Atami Beach City 12-5
Morning business Yes

Atami Ginza shopping district

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Onsen Ryokan "Atami Fufu" attractive to interview the general manager! Atami prospects to re-break! From Showa retro Cafe "hood" literary foot 繫 go NET cafes went Burger
Onsen Ryokan "Atami Fufu" attractive to interview the general manager! Atami prospects to re-break!
From Showa retro Cafe "hood" literary foot 繫 go NET cafes went Burger


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