"Surprisingly Atami" stroll and souvenirs for sale, shopping district of Atami Station crowded in such a catchphrase!


"Surprisingly Atami"A catch phrase on the concept、
Atami City2013 June,Than3Month of yearOver、Launched a tourism promotion Division of the Atami、
And fresh seafood、Beautiful night view、Tourist attractions、Referring to the abundant local products、
Only hot leaked、Carrying out project to rediscover the charm of AtamiAtami
This time the、My11MoonThe commemorate the birthday、As a birthday present from her husband、
Heal daily fatigue、for leisurely soak in hot springsAtamiIt bothers you to ♪


Atami Station SquareThe、So far only three minutes shuttle car parking spaces、
It caused chronic congestion in the vehicle entering the taxi pool taxi and shuttle。
Therefore, Atami city、And moved to Tokyo taxi pool、Drop off space and temporary parking in new19UnitsBy setting up、
And the congestion of the station、To improve the convenience of the user station、Has been relaunched。
Good news is that、Parking here is、Midnight-to 12:00 PM 24 hours a day、
The first 30 minutes of parkingFreeHas become a。
After that parking rates are、30400 yen per minuteAre subject to。
The parking fee is more expensive settings compared to the paid parking、
This temporary parking lot for a long time for parking, but not、
As a station for transfers、1Is anyone available to many people on purpose。
In front of the station、"Nakamise Street' , 'Atami Station Heiwadori shopping district"Even and、
Tourists often visit for souvenir purposes、30Within minutesIfFreeIn the parking、
The ♪ which has become a very convenient it is possible to have the time to swish swish and shopping


Atami mopeds locomotive

Atami Station、Atami mopeds locomotive is on display。
1895(0/1895) since 1900 (0/1900)、Bean phase between Atami and Odawara opened people car train、
The 0/1907 is people who drive train、And developed into a light railway to use steam locomotives、
1923Affected by the great Kanto earthquake of the year (0/1923), will be discontinued、
1925(0/1925) in the lurch (now JR) elongates to Atami、
Tokyo-Atami is now tied in approximately 3 hours.、Come grow in leaps and bounds is the number of water customers、
Atami hot spring development、Followed closely with the development of transportation。


Atami of the local specialties "ATAMI COLLECTION A-PLUS"As a certified、
We disseminate information nationwide。
The symbol mark、Represents the Atami located on Mt. Fuji and the South-East and、
Expresses the aim at Japan's regional brand。
It has an international sommelier to juryShinya TasakiSpecial jury's pick、
Introduction to Atami city、Applying for the many tourists who visit Atami、
Masterpieces of certified 28 points through a strict examination is ideal for those souvenir ♪


There in front of the station "Nakamise Street"In the history、
Its establishment 60-70 years of plenty、As the street where one of the famous locals。
In the recent、More new restaurants、Be mixed old and new stores are located.


In the street、Or enjoy the seafood of the Atami Japanese restaurant、
Started a new Cafe, bakery and other food and beverage outlets.、
Shops handling products、
♪ shops selling household goods in close contact with the local have been 35 store registration


1On the floor "of the hobby shop,"、"Taste very much,"、2F「Cafe AGIR」

Miscellaneous goods shop goods are aligned commitment "Hobby shop Akao"、
Next to it is、Kama with plenty of seafood and providing "Taste saddle Akao"、
On the second floor、Enjoy a delicious coffee "Cafe AGIR cafe Asyl"There。


"Wan Fu Takahashi shop"
Dried fish, wasabi pickles of the sun 's


"Dried fish Aoki"
Build tradition of string


"Iwai specialty store"
Selling Yunohana Izu of incense "Guricha"


Selling bun-water jelly around the Kogane rice cake


"Tanah House"
And manufacturing and marketing the tradition of hot spring Manju


"Chishan fish shop."
Hoshimono-ya of back alley


It is another one of the shopping district of the station "Atami Station Heiwadori shopping district"The、
Onsen manju of the specialty shops that started.、Sweets shop、Dry shop、Eating and drinking places、Gather 30 stores and cafes.


In the street、The image of the colored leaves、Decorated in autumn colors ornament!



Rare fish from seafood 漁reta locally and nationally、
Is a string and then dried in the Sun and sell specialty。


"Cedar Park beekeeping"
Graduate honey stores


"Sakurai Shoten"
Selling homemade hot spring buns


"Iso fried whole heaven"
Iso fried of Ise-Shima specialty


Onsen Manju shop


"One music"
Japanese confectionery Suites shop


"DS-made pills"
It specializes in string


Onsen Manju shop


Graduate and fruit stores


"Sweets Murakami"
Graduate and fruit stores


Peace Street in Atami Station post office next to the shopping street、"Golden Yasha"On their face Panel。
The shrine in Atami, begging forgiveness, running after Kwan-ichi Asakawa、And draw a famous scene that usually clogs kick、
It has been let out until the foot to kick!
Go to the photographer husband have as one translation、1I played in (laughs)
Including such play、You will also get it safely30MinutesIs not、
Street parking is free within around 10 minutes two。
When you slowly, meal、Recommended to be used near a parking lot!
Now、Next is "Atami Castle" introduction!

Atami City Hall official website

Atami tourism organizations


Nakamise Street shopping district

Atami Station Heiwadori shopping district

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