Corner room overlooking the sea in "Kada awashima Onsen osakaya hiina no Yu" Kada, spend a peaceful time


Kada in the fishing town located in the history as well as standing "Kada awashima Onsen osakaya hiina no Yu"The、On the third and fourth floor provided rooms for accommodation、Rooms 21 rooms with ocean views.

This room's front ChiefKaizuka, Hitoshi, (Kaizuka, Hitoshi,)And I'm in will be guided! The advance is a nine-year veteran Kaizuka, do you work here!

A female customer、Choose your service also provides、In my size from the yukata provided with choice favorite pattern! While many faintly green tint、Kawaikapuokalani Hewett cute classic rose pattern yukata ♪ cute shades!

This room is、And room 416, and the corner room on the 4th floor, East Tower、15Japanese-style tatami spacious and provided as 7 tatami flooring will be Western-style bedroom with separate type、Sequence is a semi double bed、We provide comfortable space!

Here, you can stay up to six、Has two toilets in the bathroom and the bedroom、Easy to sleep in the bathroom variety, very convenient to stay with your family!

Also、Bedrooms are equipped with DVD home theater、Reception Disney movies and sci-fi action、For happy romantic DVDs, lending free of charge in addition to couples, including "Roman holiday" and inspiring series of human、I would enjoy watching movies while on bed rest!

Other sanctuary on the desktop、The chef and researcher of 摘mi菜,Akama, Doo (Hiroto Akama)Is it by put some good weed、You can feel free to look! Of using 摘mi菜 for four seasons and seasons and has been featured with a friendly treat recipes、You can learn how to enjoy the food!

While Cypress overlooking the sea of Izu stone bath、Guests can relax!









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