Filled with smooth hot springs are Springs "garaku" Kasuga and relaxing spa facilities


Resort Hotel 'GARAKU"And I of the annexB1 floorThe water there is、
Smooth skin per well in the KasugaNatural hot spring (weak alkali chloride、Sodium chloride)It is。
The gender swap19At: 30 ~ 19:45The is done during the、
Otherwise, it is24TimeTo enjoy without worrying about time, you can take a bath!


Bath furnishings, a comfortable and modern interior décor。
Towels, SOAP and other supplies has been established for、It is also glad to staff at one diner feel free to!



Spread pureJinzu RiverThe views and、Arranging of wild is wild full baths。


Next to the bathroom stalls in time、To the extent not waterJinzu RiverWould be nice up close and enjoy!


Therapy room "and touch"

Therapy room was established as an oasis immersed in water and greenery of the shore "Or shake"Now、 That time of bliss。
In the private room、Dipped to private outdoor bath overlooking the jinzu River、
Can receive treatment and、 Will lead you to deep healing surrounded by nature's bounty.


Jacuzzi bath

With magnificent views of the jinzu River natural hot spring baths。
Jacuzzi、Carbon dioxide、A blissful time in a variety of water, such as water。
Invites comfortable big bath and Jacuzzi。
A package body soothing stimulation of water and air bubbles、Carbon dioxide promotes blood circulation、Stiffness、Pain、Will effectively relieve chills.


Open-air bath

Jinzu RiverNatural hot spring baths close。
Left wear different seasonal landscapes、Physical and mental together spend free time。
Therapy room "Or shake"In jacuzzi bath and open-air bath、
And are available for men as well women、
Relatively、"Sai-no-Yu" And "Ya-no-Yu"More also seem less used、Vacant so I recommend it!



And moisten the skin moist and delicate fog mist sauna (for women)、
Equipped with plenty of sweat and a refreshing sauna (for men).


Counseling room

In the home you wantIsamu NoguchiOfFreeform sofa and OttomanIn the counseling room welcome。

Isamu Noguchi Isamu Noguchi
1904In Los Angeles-born。
Colombia University、While aspiring doctors learn sculpture in Leonardo da Vinci art school。
Scholarships will be awarded、Moved to Paris, living abroad to send、After that、Beijing、Across Japan。
1947Herman Miller's design Director in yearsGeorge NelsonTo be begged "Noguchi coffee table"Presentation。
A great Japanese American sculptor to represent the world。
2004In 100th anniversary birthday、This periodVitra (Vitra)Acquired the sales rights。
Attractive works are reprinted one after another and have become a topic。


Relaxing Room "Hasadama"

Beautiful akoya shellfish with seven colors of lightIn the fantastic space that was colored in、Pleasant music flows quietly、
Experiencing a moment of peace、It is possible to cool down slowly。
One of our staff we were at all likely assisted inlay work of、An extraordinary desire is filled with。

After admiring the spacious relaxation room、In the main event "Lévo"I introduce the ♪

2015Accommodation in early summer is here!

56-2 Kasuga, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture TEL:076-467-5550

56-2 Kasuga, Toyama-Shi, Toyama Prefecture

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