"Garaku" art and book Café & library


"GARAKU"Is it's Café in the hotel"Riviere"Mr. a、15:00 PMThan
Self Cafe space only to hotel guests。
Here you will、Showcasing the works of writers, both domestic and international, has been working、Museum CafeHas been with!


Spacious seating was installed inside the Hall、
As a summer Museum planning vol.3、Glass craftsNagai kazufumiMr. cool works!


Bar "Millennium"

Directing the adult space and bar "Millennium"Now、
Fujii TakeshiAnd I by the epic "Phantom flowers"And the display on the wall、It fit
"William Warren William Warren"ofEnglish pub sofaCoordinated。
"Good to see the British Pub, old classic sofa.、
"Square in the modern sense in sharp sofa.、
The fusion in a fine balance of this contrasting two sofa、ThisEnglish pub sofaIt is。
In the classic appearance、This sofa with nostalgia and novelty、
Also isnt sitting position depends on the depth of the seat surface feature、
You can discover the Constitution to fit position、Sofa excellent functionality!


Guests for drinks


Coffee for the guests、Tea、Herbal teas


Wine Server (paid)


Riverside terrace

In the peaceful views of the mountains and rivers of the far、Place to rest our mind feeling a good breeze。
Cafe 'Riviere"More tea to carry、Enjoy a relaxing tea time!



LibraryisMain facilities on the second floorTo set up、Free immigration is available from。
Is self service、For the freedom to enjoy carefully selected Chamomile and Kaga stick tea、
Relax with a book reading time.


2Artwork on the floor

From the library next door、Out of the parking lot and Park-side views.


In fullness to the relaxing atmosphere、
Able to browse books in a variety of genres and the art library。
Team by WellisThe sit in the long Chair and relax、View lobby is good look!


In an open space with a rich assortment of quiet reading time。
The next time、Spa & hot springs facilities are.

2015Accommodation in early summer is here!

56-2 Kasuga, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture TEL:076-467-5550 http://www.garaku.co.jp/

56-2 Kasuga, Toyama-Shi, Toyama Prefecture

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