In Toyama "garaku" lamborghiniaventador check-in!


Lush in nature、Its still on the banks of the jinzu River、
Forget the hustle and bustle、The resort hotel which can be called the ultimate retreat where you can spend a moment of peace"GARAKU"Mr.。
About 15 minutes by car from Toyama Airport、About 30 minutes by car from the city centerand access is in a good place。
2000March 5On established building、And 5 years later200511-9.The annex was expanded。
To an architect.、Has won numerous awardsMuseum of the sea' , 'Tomitaro Makino Memorial"The
In the Naito (naitouhiroshi)greeted mr.、"Sukiya delicacy and Asia earthinessThe concept of ]、
In the endRetreat (retreat)Sticking to the image that、Space is realized。
The last time4MoonWhen I visited、It was barely cherry blossom season.、
I visited6MoonThe、While the green of the area becomes dark and the beginning of summer is felt、
The rainy season, although、Without rain、I was able to spend a lot of time in the climate.。
This home offers、My brother-in-lawAtsushiIn the car-KunReventonTake a photo to check in with you。
Brilliant green landscape with modern and stylishGARAKUIs it of beautifully matching door approach!


"Lamborghini aventador"

Extensive use of motifs and a sharp, tight body、Iconic design
The "galwing door" jumps up lightly.。
Engine hood got the idea from the appearance of the bug、The engine mid-ship vertical position。
Carbon fiber technology、Body with light weight and high rigidity。
Open the bright red cover in the center console、To become a push button type、Start the engine with one index finger!
My heart dances to the terrible sound of the V-type 12-cylinder that sounds like a roar.。
What is the body color?、"Verde Ithaca"And give the eye-catching bright lime green eyes named!


"Easily lead" / Nakamura Takuo
Untitled (Mickey) / Nagai kazufumi

GARAKUit can be seen as a major feature of、In the inside and outside、
About 300 pieces of art are scattered all over the place.、that you can see freely。
As if it were a museum, it was as extravagant as it was、The giving that makes the art feel familiar is made.。
Four times a year.、Because the work in the museum is replaced、Every time You visit, you have fun in the four seasons♪



The check-in、14oclockAnd thank you for the early settings、The staff will welcome you with a smile♪


Main lobby

The main lobby overlooks the beautiful Shindori River and the lush forests.、
With a sense of openness of the luxurious ceiling height、Proud of the overwhelming presence、A sense of power that can be done concrete wall full of profound feeling!
The glass is covered from the floor to the ceiling.、
The more you forget the passage of time、Long and quiet views ♪


Welcome drink "beer Asahi premium MILF's"
Snacks dried cod

The check-in、I had a welcome drink in this main lobby.、We will guide you through the building.。
In the drink、Green tea、Coffee、Tea、You can choose from green tea.、
To be surprisedBeerAlso would you (happy)
A relaxing drink as soon as you arrive at the hotel、A glass of tin is the best beer!
This time the、From Hamamatsu "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIERVisiting with friends and mrs.、
Think leisurely enjoy the vacation!


Main lobby

Check-in、Before you are guided to your room、
In addition to the original yukata prepared in the room, it is possible to choose the yukata of your choice by one more, both men and women。
It is considered not to become a yukata of matching to the woman、Because everything has a different pattern、
Choose yukata and obi、I'll take it to your room.。
If you can't dress on your own、You can get dressing service, so don't worry.。
The last time、Of the new building facilities214Of the room, see white rubber between (shirotsurubami)Thank you for your help、
I'm staying here this time.、This is a renovated room in the main building♪


Main hotel corridor
"Depression would view" / Fujii Takeshi


This time、Will be helped by us couples room、Jinzu RiverIn a newly renovated302Room for the windIt is。
The next time、It becomes an introduction of the room♪

2015Accommodation in early summer is here!

56-2 Kasuga, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture TEL:076-467-5550

56-2 Kasuga, Toyama-Shi, Toyama Prefecture

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