Manufacturing maker Mitsuoka motor Toyama factory features tour!

Overlooking the Federal Tateyama "Mitsuoka motor Toyama factory showroom ' to! Here "Maserati Nagoya"The parent company for、Will be the main event of this MASERATI Toyama touring!

Mitsuoka motor is giving off a classic design with a unique naming "Orochi" Himiko "nadeshiko" or original presence。

We visited the factory features、Was watching cars making meticulous hand work one by one!

Beginning with March base of Himiko Himiko Roadster based 'Viewt Butte.、Such high demand for hearse、Briefly study the to MITSUOKA features the process!

Annual production of approximately 500。

Skill honed sense of finger。

Written on the backs of staff who guided the factory "into a small factory、There is a dream "of the word is impressive!


The word Street、Each craftsman has a proud company philosophy、Figure for the work itself, being driven in the intently 感ji取remashita dazzling!

"What development of Toyama" and said the saw to make!


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