At old town "ISO syogetsu" Toyama Iwase founded 1911 in kaiseki cuisine.

"Maserati Nagoya"The Toyama entered in touring to commemorate the years 5 weeks、To leave the old city Iwase!

Founded in 1911 and the 107-year history, boasting a seafood meal "ISO syogetsu"In the us for lunch was!

Enjoy the sumptuous stately establishment as argentieri, manicured Japan garden view time!

1Prepared white shrimp of the 260 people special kaiseki lunch please!

Toyama local white shrimp dishes、Than visitors from all over the country boasts memorabilia and the landlady's greeting。

Fish spring dance at the Toyama Bay offshore about 30 minutes、Fish early in the morning and invert、Many of the dishes with fresh otosanu elaborate。

White shrimp ginger soy sauce
Sweet 漁reru in Toyama Bay this season's rich white shrimp!

Thorny bloom (snapper seaweed 〆、Sweet shrimp shrimp、Squid)

By Kai
Mistress says "make the fortune of our times! "And!

Squid with nut with vinegar and miso.

White shrimp fried
Fry the husk remains plus sweet flavor!

Bowl of crab Terrine

Fried crab shell

White shrimp dumpling
Dumplings filled with 200 cats white shrimp skewers 1!

Sea-bream miso soup
Ultra luxury sea-bream with half red and white rice with miso soup!

Slices of cake's sweetness of watermelon!

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