Select the wine Spain wine wholesale shops of "curve round"

The Toyama, wholesale wine-savvy restaurant in、日曜日のみ一般にも開放されているワインショップ「cave l’onde Carve Rondo"To!

Of the ownerDaisuke Asano (Daisuke Asano),、Need wine "at that time、Its location、The situation "and I tell you、They are waiting for perfect Asano selection、Every time、And the fun of Homecoming in Toyama.

This time the、That came from Spain、We have select a casual wine can be enjoyed along with the Spain food addicted in my home!
The Asano、How wine is also clearly carefully, because it will introduce、To listen to the announcement is one of the fun!

"Goru Organic (GOL and organic) and Bodegas Ego" from the left.
Grape varieties:Monasterrell 100%
Fine tannins, rich is for、With this suit as well as Japanese.

"LE NATUREL (Le Naturel) / Bodegas Aroa.
Grape varieties:Garnacha based
No negative element nachuru is sulfurous acid zero、In the higher elevations cooler of fresh fruit taste、A homemade feel soft, light, and tired.

"LLEBRE (liebre) / Tomàs Cusiné.
Grape varieties:Ur-de-liebre/carinena/Garnacha and Syrah
That means the Hares 'liebre'、In etiquette, the charming illustrations of the Hare, names like、Recommended depth single variety unique and complex flavor.

"Ultreia Saint Jacques 2013 (ultra a-Saint-Jacques) and Raul Perez.
Grape varieties:Bierzo 100%
The grape varieties Bierzo、That Pinot Noir in Spain and known as the elegant and delicate wines!
Vintage 2010, maker of innovative Raul Perez、Be featured in the popular manga "Kami no shizuku", became the buzz! 2011、2012And more powerful, and have it、Of 2013、It proves to be more stylish.

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