Facing the Japan Sea with rich fishing and heroic Tateyama Mountain range is beautiful Toyama

Toyama to home for the first time in half a year! Welcome to Toyama City!

Toyama Toyama Bay facing the sea of Japan, with winter is nice I will exhaust our, is highly recommended!(° ∀ °)Bruno < Toyama Japan it came! (Toyama valve)

Imizu cityShinminato new bridgeHeading across the HarbourKaiwo Maru ParkAnd、Beautiful spread the sail was born as a merchant marine school training ship sailing from "Lady of the sea" and is referred to as "kaio" greets!

Toyama stationIs due to the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen,、22015 years ago reopened to new、Thanks to the convenient Tokyo between Toyama is smart!

Air in Toyama City tram is running.、From the train station 10 minutes walk is within walking distance、400Symbol of Toyama boasts years of history "Toyama Castle"The appearance is seen、Ruins of a castle as Toyama Castle Park and recreational area。

And、Say something nice、The towering natural beauty can be found everywhere inTateyama Mountain range! Wearing a snow this time of year and truly beautiful!

The charming Toyama、And the hometown of her husband.

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