Quietly nestled on the shores of the jinzu River "garaku" only 25-room luxury resort hotel


"If you carry the legs in the Toyama... ' instead、"Here to go to the Toyama" and
Resort Hotel is worth to seeRiver retreat ya Yue Kutchan River Retreat Garaku"To!

Sat quietly on the shores of the jinzu River、Only 25 guest rooms remain private because、
Lade lovely moments of exquisite promise!

Summer vacation period may、A family travelling with much success in the State、
While MATSUMIYA, Daisuke's Manager and exchange information and chat Time!

6Released in August [Michelin Toyama Ishikawa 2016 Special Edition] with
The French earned one star "Revo"Even that Buri was unchanged.

Renovation of the main building amid now、MATSUMIYA, outgoing Manager
In a new project is started、More and more the future excitedly looking forward!





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