About Toyama Toyama Toyota head office young Shinagawa President of hot talk


If you visited my parents in Toyama、And he was met by all means "Toyota Motor Corp. ToyamaHead Office "to!

40At the young age of the President and、
To enliven the entire Toyama, in addition to its own activities in attempt to approach a wide variety、
Shinagawa, Yuichiro, is he continues connecting people and responded to your time!

"Until retiring 20 years、What can I do? "And the thing is ask yourself、
Shinagawa, moving forward step by step and ability to take action very enjoyable!

"can live for you、In fulfilling their wishes sooner than actually live in for me "If you、
"Let's in the give.give.give! "And the Shinagawa's spoken words、
In lade has been exactly what the spirit and approach is the same passion or is really cool!

Mr. Shinagawa、At this busy time we thank you!






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