"Garaku" green nestled on the banks of the overflowing river nature retreat hotel


If you go to Toyama by all means I would encourage "River retreat ya Yue Kutchan River Retreat Garaku"To!
Main building with different rooms and 25 rooms available、In a modern and stylish look、
Would be appropriate to spend a rich adult retreat!

Sat on the banks of the jinzu River、From the main lobby off the sparkle of the water felt mountain blessings! Always great views!

In the Ya Yue Kutchan、Professional appearance to now receiving attention from domestic and overseas
French restaurant "Revo"The throw Eiji Taniguchi Toyama Cuisine can be enjoyed.

This Toyama Tour ya Yue Kutchan GM MATSUMIYA Daisuke, with spring meeting!
Please support the oshita's staff!

And short hair、MATSUMIYA Manager was to be smart! Demonstrate their experience in the hotel industry across the country、
Flexible thinking and ideas、Your activities are, launched various programs with the ability to take action to make it happen!
Packed out MATSUMIYA, nice idea!

Scheduled two nights in the Ya Yue Kutchan、Relax and enjoy during your stay
I want to continue refining the gimmicks! Everyone in Taiwan、To enjoy!







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