Re-creation of a "master carpenter 新迫 Hiroyasu" Iwase in the good old days old


For certain houses in Toyama City Iwase City in the good old days have been renovated since last year、
We visited the progress!

The present appearance of the town of Iwase、
Living in the city "Masuda sake brewery"The Masuda International (Masuda Ryuichiro) just、
From now on is helmed from approximately 12 years ago
Because there are efforts aimed at the regeneration of the entire town including the! Great initiative!

The master builder's 新迫 h. led、While retaining important traditional buildings in Japan、
Blowing a new wind while there indeed repair、And artists can work at、
Housing and dining in、Has been aimed at the people constantly is gathering community!

Current、Japan gardens and storehouses and play houses under reconstruction、Will be reborn in multiple locations, such as restaurant and sake Bar!

And has been completed at the Toyama Tour from Taiwan going to next spring! Master carpenter、We are looking forward to it!








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