South Nanto Ichida while Mayor and Toyama, Nanto's Discussion towards a bright future for the city!


In ToyamaWhat brushes (Nanto City)In the famous Nanto Tanaka Mikio Mayor and Mayor's Office
Toyama, Nanto's Discussion towards a bright future for the city!
It's me holding、Last year we will be reporting at lade
Johana Orihime "Matsui textile co., Ltd."The sixth eyes learn Matsui Makiko!

And greetings、And through the business card Exchange、Tanaka Mayor's business card, of course of "Matsui textile industry" [barge silk paper] has been adopted、
Because shades of soft pink First impression day getting stiff and the heart warms a nice business card!
But in a short time、Connecting people to people、Nanto City's history and culture、
Aspirations of the artisans who are a valuable asset to protect dream big Tanaka mayor shall we have spent significant time!
Thank you very much!

Nanto in the city as well as new projects in progress、
Future、lade Gourmet & Hotel Web MagazineAndSiNQBut tell you what you can do to help you have been!
Possible to do rapping!

When Tanaka Mayor of southern Nanto rare old-fashioned mountain while the yamahai "Third lol fun sake Brewery Co., Ltd. Mountain yamahai "Whats up!
"Three lol fun", Nanto City brewery in the Kii Mountain range、
It taste refreshing acidity and flavor in sake to Toyama Prefecture from Oyama using here! The drink is fun!

Finally Tanaka Mikio johana Orihime and a commemorative photo.
Mayor of Tanaka、Thank you very much for your busy!
Noriko to Nanto johana Orihime is after this will be around the city!









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