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What a wonderful hotel "garaku" now also in addition to pursue as an ideal



"Izak Isaac"GroupResort Hotel "GARAKU"Mr. a、
2000March 5On established building、And 5 years later200511-9.The annex was expanded。
Isaac groupOf the ownerIshizakiExtraordinary thought Obama's not did drawNew buildingThe、
2002Round 3 years from initiative of the yearThe days after、2005 yearSo finally the ideal facilities to complete.


This time、CherryIn good time to dance beautifully、
How to take a、The owners ' of passion although I transmit、
Stay in this ultimate luxurious retreat、Not to mention the goodies that。


In Toyama、Instead of Toyama。
While at the hotel is not a hotel。


The ultimate healing space creationEnvisionIshizakiMr. love is、
= CompletedBut not、
Still more new building open 10 years plus、Several times a weekIshizakiHimself to carry at Hotel、
Keeping an eye on、In addition to continuing to evolve。
For this reason、Elegant ambiance and a new face、
When to revisit once brought to guests of、It is waiting to meet new people。


General Manager:MATSUMIYA Daisuke (born in Aomori and 48 years old)

Check out the hotel before、General Manager,DAISUKE MATSUMIYALet's us take your time、
Let me greet, I heard you talk。
MATSUMIYAMr. a、Was appointed as the General Manager, and six months is still、
To fully demonstrate their experience up to now Japan National attraction in hotels and restaurants in、IshizakiObama's decision has been to。

GARAKUIs it the recent、
Visitors from Asia have increased、Especially Taiwan and Thailand has been increasing as。
Staff English-can I also because several、It is possible to stay。
2015/3OfHokuriku ShinkansenThe momentum is、Tokyo ⇔ ToyamaBy shrinking the distance between、You'll be more alternatives to the Toyama sightseeing!
The flow also、Up to now had been taken closed on WednesdaysGARAKU.、
5Cancel closing day program from Moon GW dawn、Open 7 days a week all year roundWill be。
It provided for on-site maintenance once a year is closed。
The hotel's restaurant is as ever、
Japanese-style "Music taste"And I, and closed on Tuesdays、The French "Revo"And I will be closed on Wednesdays、
The entire hotelOpen all year roundThe、For guests spread with hard choices.。
Just finished the renovation of the main building rooms 3 roomsGARAKUAnd I have not、
The evolution of the future not in fun。
Experience richMATSUMIYAWith of is talk that has passed very pleasantly、
In the last"No antiglobalization hotels but also entire Toyama works so hard! 」Us concludes。
MATSUMIYASan、Also look forward to seeing you again!


Courtesy car:TOYOTA origin

GARAKUMr. so、Cute origin here as a courtesy car、Other provides two wagon、
There is a shuttle service to be。
[Sasazu station ↔ garaku] free shuttle on request
[Garaku-Toyama station: shuttle free shuttle day 1 flights 11:30From the front porch
* For reservation one day in advance、Reservation clerk or front desk staff。

Also、GARAKUMr. so、Free transportation with plans to Toyama City stores and entitled、
We are love "Sushi people (sushijinn)"Mr. to'sDinner transfersHas been established。
River retreat ya Yue Kutchan online booking page


Sushi diplomat view


Sushi man owner:Izumi Kimura


Shrimp in Toyama


See also wants to come.、Mr. Lok Kutchan seems to be from the bottom of my heart。
Toyama homecoming trip was fun than ever!

Dear m. Lok Kutchan、Take care now!

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56-2 Kasuga, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture TEL:076-467-5550

56-2 Kasuga, Toyama-Shi, Toyama Prefecture

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Suitable for a heavenly gift "garaku" Toyama specialty shop Featured continuing advances in the Toyama etchu sushi sushi who characterized by distinctive Shari used red vinegar
Suitable for a heavenly gift "garaku" Toyama specialty shop
Featured continuing advances in the Toyama etchu sushi sushi who characterized by distinctive Shari used red vinegar


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