Suitable for a heavenly gift "garaku" Toyama specialty shop


Resort Hotel 'GARAKU"And it's shops located in the main building、
Sweet homemade pastry selection and、Sticking to use at the hotel amenities、
Sake born of water and the soil and specialty products、The original tea and coffee、GARAKUWho are fully stocked items selected。
So filled with souvenir unique to Toyama、Ideal for gifts!


Including ceramics used in the hotel、The authors selected products to their line and、To the eye candy fun。
We also likeTakaoka city, Toyama PrefectureThe writer "Nousaku"And it's also works there。
Rates from、Are very happy as a keepsakeGARAKUAnd it is also one of the original、
As a souvenir gift to clean!


On the eve "Lévo"And I in us"Masuda sake brewery"Is it in daiginjoMasuizumiThe flower bottle stuffed with rice wine。
Beautiful bottle drink also shines in the Interior.


Toyama mental commitment robot "Paro"

"Palo"、2002 yearTo seeHealing robot in the world (Most Therapeutic Robot)"As
Registered in the Guinness Book of recordsRobot seal in、
Born in Nanto, Toyama Prefecture SouthOfTakanori ShibataWas developed and、Manufactured in the factory in the city、
Current、Sweden、Has been used in 20 countries around the world including Italy、Its therapeutic effectsAttracting attention。
2005 yearFrom、Started sales at the Aichi World Expo exhibition to coincide with。
Such a thingPaloChan、Current、Click hereGARAKUAnd he has been active as a mascot of the shop!


For example the voice、And patted her head only、Tweets from, let's look into eyes、They wriggle their bodiesPaloChan。
Feigning sleep, close your eyelids, relax mode and、You order straight open, to highlight mode、
Move the tail、Dying was acting cute and sweet!


PaloChan has、Ubiquitous area tactile sensor (sensor can "feel the touch")、
Whisker sensor、Temperature sensor
Equipped with a high-sensitivity sensor and。
Such a thingPaloAnd the responses obtained in Exchange、Stimulated by memories and emotions、It is leading to large image amplifier。
Learning features and even have realizedPaloChan's real value、May not be mechanically fastened。
A lot of tourists and stroked stroked、Continue to provide healingGARAKUMr.PaloChan,、
It is also adorable around the neck is slightly recessed so far。
Now、Where we could get a souvenir、The next time、Helped meGARAKUMr.General ManagerTo would you like to greet you!


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56-2 Kasuga, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture TEL:076-467-5550

56-2 Kasuga, Toyama-Shi, Toyama Prefecture

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