Finally the Hokuriku Shinkansen opened! Gourmet Center attraction of Toyama journey!


2015On March 14 (Saturday)In the endHokuriku Shinkansen openedAnd、NowKanazawaAlong with attracting more attention.Toyama
Hokuriku ShinkansenThe opening match、Commercial services on the East side of JR Toyama station underpass
"When you come with that market with marché"At the same time open and。
Of sales and service、Such as food and beverage59StoreEnter、Align the wide taste specialties of Toyama、
On the West side of the station "Clarte clarity"The7Store、Shinkansen gate next to improve facilities4StoreStore openings。
ToyamaOf as a gateway to a new 'Naka"Three facilities will greet tourists in Japan and abroad。
To return home every year, and her husband's parentsToyamaThat is the、
This home offers、Fashionable what delicious things.
ladeOnly the recommended in resort hotels and fine dining、We will introduce this out-of-the-way place.


Until conventionalTokyo ⇔ ToyamaWhile the、Should be at the echigo-Yuzawa、The journey takes3Time and a halfAlso I have been taking。
However,、Hokuriku ShinkansenThe opening of theMinimum 2:08And greatly shortened the travel time、Toyama travelTo enjoy any day!
Toyama and KanazawaIt comes between the、Approximately20MinutesAnd and move in a short period of time。

Owned by JR West JapanW7 seriesThe、In both a common specificationHokuriku ShinkansenFor Shinkansen vehicles launching、
Ferrari EnzoAndE6 series ShinkansenOf the known design
Industrial designerKen OkuyamaObama's conduct under the supervision、"Kawasaki heavy industries, Ltd."It is designed。
Interior、The future of JapaneseConcept car design、Blue green car seats and floors decorated、
"Between the ultramarine of the seisonkaku (Kanazawa City)、And the Japanese taste of vermilion door get inspired from wajima, Japan。
Also、Exterior's body at the top color "blue"、Body color is ivory white、Body central belt colors are bronze (copper) and sky blue。
Is in the 12-car train、12The car will continue to E5、The example binds to the Grand class。
In addition、Others with active suspension system、Power outlet installation normally contains the car seats、
Features will include all Western-style toilets in the car at the warm-water bidet function。

Initiative started opening up around50 yearWhat tookHokuriku Shinkansen
Kanazawa、ToyamaIntroduction、And warm'll receive you tourists across the line and being worked on、Teeming with vibrant!
In this trip、
ladeToo littleToyamaOf appeal and inform、For many peopleToyama sightseeingI want to enjoy!

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