Raichou Valley, overlooking Tateyama Mountain foothills and Toyama Bay! Ride the gondola to the Summit of the 1,188 m!


At the foot of Mt. Tateyama Mountain gateway to Northern Alps, Alpine route。Play through the seasons、As Japan's largest ski area lively winter "Tateyama sanroku ski field"。From the spring through the fall、Trekking and mountain walks、Is a lot of play in Mt. Tateyama zip line through the mountains, green。Here is、Entrance to the gondola lift "Sanroku stationIt will be "♪


Tranquillity is 560 m above sea level、Gondola swimming time takes approximately 8 minutes、1180 m Summit climbs quickly。Round trip: adult fee is 1000 yen and a、One way and buy a ticket only、Not many people back home everybody on their feet。Of course、We are buying round-trip tickets (lol)


There is sense of speed than I thought、Getting and more.、As much as the car below looks small。As long as the 360 degree thrill, I felt even the decrepit condition of the gondola (lol)、And filled with greenery and mountains、Be healed in the best!


Gondola passing each other going down the mountain side、Almost unattended, as。And beams.、Your body encased in mountaineering garb, etc、So many people are wearing shoes as well as on its own、Many people came for walking and trekking.


Arrive to the gondola Summit Observatory。Fuji Hirano from Japan Sea、Panoramic views of Noto Peninsula spreads! At the Summit、There's a little playground、Or enjoying the holidays for families with children、But there should be booked in advance、And the people who enjoy activities wire taut in the woods with the pulleys slide down the zip line、There were those who enjoy paragliding.


Tateyama sanroku lush。I guess the weather is a little bit more and had better views were.


Summit station and departure、How to enjoy the trekking course takes about an hour and a half in approximately round trip for beginners、3 hours for intermediate to more challenging course in 4 hours、Also 登山 経験者向け the road for about 8 hours in the 11.2 km in earnest as might be conquered as a training course! Preparation of sneakers even if、Beginner's course so I wanted to try it?。The next time、Let's neatly with shoes!


And taking a tea break for the vending machines at the summit station、High altitude because there、Because the weather was cloudy feels a chill、The mountain gondola ride soon!


Erkenbrand was surprised.、Free gondola Windows raw、Take a scene outside from the way I was。But so much trouble、Tateyama sanroku asked Memorial shoot back!


Enjoy shades of gray、It is really peaceful and good location。I always return to the Toyama.、Also feel the passage of time、I will take a deep breath before this magnificent nature!


To purchase a gondola lift ticket、Adjacent dining could discount ticket 100 yen。Crepe shop to raise eyebrows with its discounted tickets going to dash (lol)


Chocolate banana crepe ¥ 450 → 100 yen discount.350Circle

Bytes looks like a young girl made a polite chocolate banana crepes。And thinly sliced banana and a half amount of the balance and、Ate a crepe in whipped cream and chocolate with plenty of pretty heavy suites is (laughs)、It was delicious、Is the food would get bored later.。However,、The crepes here、So in the second half and corn flakes、Mix ingredients of crepe dough was chewy and the crunch texture、Surprising and end good taste! Small、While、Her husband that had slipped well at this ski resort high school。Skiing is so good at。Let us come into play next winter? (laughs) also has fun to be home at the time.

Tateyama sanroku ski field
Guide to gondola lift
Period of service:2014April 26.(Soil)From 11/9/2014(Day)
Hours of operation:Weekdays 8.:30~ 16:30、Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays, summer vacation period 6:00-17:00
Gondola fee
One way:Adults (junior high school students and above) ¥ 600、Child (elementary school students and over) 300 yen
Round trip:Adults (junior high school students and over) 1000 yen、Child (elementary school students and over) 500 yen

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