Launched 'the hole Valley spring water in baptism"miraculous spring water in baptism's chosen environment agency selection nationwide supplying Toyama


Nature is the highest peak in the rich Northern Alps、Kamiichi-machi is located kenmochi Mt. tsurugidake Sunday at the foot of。Born and brought up the partnerThis town is、Just at the foot of the impressive with a large scale of nature、The lively nature from everywhere to be felt、Is selected in the environment agency selection I visited across the country supplying "Valley holes of spring water in baptism (Anan Tan's off Enshu-Nada)" also exists in the corner。To climb hills 6 Km away to the northeast from the launch station of Toyama chihō railway、Sacred Valley space of the hole is.、Large parking lot (paid or regular car 200 yen) also equipped with。Those who require large amounts of、2Can to rented unicycle and purchase of container size large 20 l from a liter-sized plastic container。


Approach gradual slope (from the parking lot to sacred sites five minutes) walk、Breathe fresh air of the forest is surrounded by a lush forest、Filed under the pleasant shade of a tree.


From Sando、Yakushi Temple and the Valley down the stone steps of this 108、Water is also、Located in the bottom of this。Beside the stairs、Since poly containers for transporting lifts (charges apply)、You might use would be carried in large quantities.


In the true Villa is h. operate, of、Hole Valley spring water in baptism into soy sauce or miso、Sold konjac.


People in charge、Through the mouth of the lower paid poly container transport lifts to move primitive spring water in baptism、Go to spring water in baptism.


In 0/1851、The white heart of the MINO country this hole in 3 years and 3 months training and、It is told from countries to listen to the law, the number of visitors who。Since、A number of the monks in this hole、0/1897 in recent years、Noto spirits out of SAT's three-year training、Got the emancipation。From this time”By hole”At least it will。Also、In 0/1957、Hiroshima Okamoto Hiromichi true that women who come、6In practice to "this water is on Takumi 徳水、Had a revelation and I want give people who suffer from the disease "and seems to have wills, left。On the approach to the Valley of the hole from Kurokawa village、33 Kannon is a sequence、Because there are plenty of monuments each performer Shinobu、Ancient sacred sites from where you can see。From three consisting of slates and sandstones in the Valley of the hole cave、Yakushi Nyorai Buddha Festival in front of the first cave、Without having exhausted all year round water from the springs.。Is this spring water in baptism、That is a "spring hole Valley water in baptism.。Pious people flock to spring water in baptism、"Yakushi Nyorai gather to pray for in the intently, mouth to carry spring water in baptism.。An incurable disease although cured cases only country not、And the origin of the missing enduring days of pilgrims 'hole Valley pilgrimage"。


"Jizo statues erected thanks

Located beside the shrine of jizo statues、"Drinking hole Valley spring water in baptism, was ill.、"Well that people donated in gratitude.。The "hole Valley spring water in baptism.、In one of the most famous attractions of the kamiichi-machi、 The spring water in baptism、Because it is not contaminated with impurities not easily rotten、All kinds of diseases and。Is therefore is visited by tourists of about 150000 people a year from around the country.

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