Spring water in baptism in kamiichi, Toyama's well spring water of the Castle by the gut from even natural skin beauty


In kamiichi, Toyama、Have water spots on the road to the rock pile, "spring Castle。Here is、Is a place where can get drinking water and would rather spots rather than loved by the Toyama Prefecture.


The Castle spring、Located at the foot of the impressive sacred Mt.、From the bottom of the cave that might at least several thousand meters depth、Rain water is groundwater over decades,、Spring water in baptism are up against。Also long-term storage of perishables as the truly mysterious water、Reasonably includes mineral and drinking water、Good mouthfeel、Constipation is better、It is said to clean the bowel。To clean the intestines、In that very nice skin too!.


Tend to bring a bottle of Toyama Prefecture、To manage this spring、Depending on the volume of water in the Offertory box will continue to donate。


First of all the、Water put water in the jizo、While grateful for the bounty of nature、Let's feel the hot summer!


Spring water here、Built-in UV sterilizer、And safe drinking water in。Spring water overflowing from the tap、Nice enough to coldly、With a dry throat、It is mellow taste clear in、You can feel the minerals、It is very delicious。Cool cool body and Lance。In Toyama、And there is a lot of water spots in addition to、Both are completely sterilized without、There is a spring of life-prolonging indwelling of the magical powers can be relieved by drinking water in baptism。In tranquil, natural、Surrounded by a majestic mountain、Water well。That the water is delicious、Until rice and the crop is not grown delicious。The other day、It seems to come to andanalyzed the water here every week of etchu-sushi the sushi's storekeeper, Izumi Kimura.


Even the beautiful swallowtail butterfly.、1 break to rest blades、Had come to request delicious water。The Toyama、Is indeed a good home!

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