Enter dinosaur type robot "strange hotel" buzz! TDL keen not to be missed!

"H.I.S. Japan"In a strange hotel operations gave birth to Founder President of Huis ten Bosch Sawada Hideo [H.I.S Hotel holdings.、2015Since July we opened first store as Huis ten Bosch、And continues to expand nationally、This time last year 2017 December new Member "Weird Hotel Tokyo Nishi-Kasai"To!

Hotel also enjoys traveling and operated by H.I.S Group is interested、Receptionist robot of the topic had become concerned about!

Weird Hotel Tokyo Nishi-Kasai from Nishi-Kasai station good staff and location、There are also useful to TDL like shuttle!

Simple 11-storey hotel with 100 rooms that regardless of、Because real was running seven labor-management of surprise!

In fact from check-in to check-out、24Play robot reception business hour、It can save much people!

Was I still、ロボットの反応やトラブル時の対応です!フロントで出迎えてくれるのは2体の恐竜型ロボットで平安時代の風折烏帽子を被ったジュラ紀のファヤンゴサウルス!


Rooms are simple yet stylish design that employs、Accented with modern since it seems delighted tourists!

Also、"Strange hotel"、The hotels each have introduced State-of-the-art equipment that is the subject、As the characteristics of the Nishi-Kasai、49 inch furnished Chromecast "4 K TV" to start、International calls free of charge for unlimited mobile phone "handy"、"IRemocon" can control appliances with Smartphone、Home cleaning machine "LG styler" is deployed in all rooms!

Especially、Home cleaning machine of the latest equipment in all rooms "LG Styler" is business good news、Checked the smell of grilled meat and sweat smell suit in one 45-minute course、Something good that will reach both odors and wrinkles!
To try、I tried using the after dinner turned out to nearby yakitori、Chicken smell of coat for my husband and I can take a fine、Transformed into a fluffy texture! Shirt has become a wrinkle in the suitcase and how convenient!

1The latest loans by VR and foot massage equipment loans by and becomes a rental fee of 500 yen per night、Guests can enjoy a different dimensional trip in a virtual present practical glasses!

More than anything、In "breakfast ball" is a unique idea I thought、1Where to eat weekly at the Japanese restaurant Soba on the floor, oriori (ORi ORi) where ingredients are products of Japan's 47 prefectures rice!

The menu when you visit、ROE child onigiri in Fukuoka and Saitama "carrot burdock"、There were ingredients such as chicken rice minced meat balls in Kagoshima, Osaka "takoyaki toasted" hilarious、It seems so I on the Shizuoka-born husband is born in Toyama and Shizuoka goes Toyama tangle onigiri with dry shrimp Tempura onigiri!

Rice's hometown will be like (laughs)

I think good Uke or the Gypsy travelers overseas rice culture。Hot miso soup and small vegetables such as beans and sized、It was a great breakfast!

Dinosaur-like robot is back-check out、Enjoy photo shoots with a dinosaur、Can be used as a small tip of laughter to a friend、So really convenient accommodation was satisfied!

Placed Japanese humanoid robot for foreign tourists "a strange Hotel Tokyo Ginza" will open in February!

Play playful hotel、In a unique feel for the next generation、To our delight!

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