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"Imperial Hotel" It opened as Japan's first State Guest House, first-class hotel in the western greet the 125 anniversary



To welcome the guests from abroad. "Guest House in Japan"As、In the Tokyo Hibiya、
As Japan's first full-fledged Western-style hotel、1890/11/3 in the opened "IMPERIAL HOTEL"The、
Last year2015/11 in125 anniversaryAre welcomed。
At that time、Involved in the establishment of many banks and companies "Father of modern Japan economy"At least referred to
Shibusawa EiichiWho has been served as first President。
Place、Hibiya、Ginza、Tokyo station、Shinbashi is conveniently within walking distance from、
In the area、Imperial Palace and Hibiya park green for hope、It offers views of the seasons、
In the Ginza shopping area and theatre district as close、Would be an ideal base for sightseeing in Tokyo and business areas.


Hotel check-in at 14-15:00 main building front door approach、
Most driveway、The doorman of a quick response can be seen.
Imperial Hotel doorman、Always 1000 yen Bill and 5000 Yen Bill ready、
To not have shortchanged customers can exchange has prepared it is!


Front lobby

Spacious with a high ceiling and、An elegant central staircase、
And、In the golden rose to pick up flowers glittering chandeliers、
The lobby while glamorous shoot restless feeling。


This time the、Of Public RelationsKohta ShigetomiIs it to ask our hotel。
ShigetomiMr. a、Imperial HotelThe who, eight years to be、
Kyushu Fukuoka man and brave he is!
A spirit of service as the history of the Grand Hotels of Japan and handed leading hoteliers on the chest、
Spoke much of the charm along with the attractions of the hotel!


Imperial HotelThe、Last year2015/11 in125 anniversaryGreeted、2016/3Until the opening 125 anniversary commemoration period and、
In all parts of the hotel、The exhibition is held。
To celebrate the 125 anniversary logo、
Since opening、Piled up the encounter with the many guests that your life edge、
Guests each and every one from heart attack、Each and every one of the face in mind、
Hope to meet you again、As the heart tie
"Greet in hearts、Between the minds (Hospitality from heart to heart)The theme "
In Ribbon-tied!


The event each and every season is changed about two months every lobby flowers、
"Spring Flower"As is knownForsythiaAnd、
Bloom brilliant yellow flowers shaped like a butterflyOncidiumIn are being met。


(5) IMG_6292


Last year 11 month-February 12 red roses decorated with bewitching、
Also during the Valentine's day mood is plenty of used rose、
Eliminating the pedestal in the new year、New year's decorations, such as pine and MOSS、Summer's sequence yellow sunflower vivid color power fuelled、
And can feel the season flowers。
And can be used as a wedding anniversary taking place in central staircase、
Also、Has been on the spot will be staying.


Gold chandelier "Rose"And the image、Look directly、The appearance of the rose blossom。
From its appearance、This chandelier "Golden rose"And has been referred to as!


Many guests to welcome "The Rendez-Vous Lounge and Bar"The、
SculptorTADA Minami (Minami Tada)Of the teacher"Dawn" (commonly known as:Wall of light)Decorated with。
Is is a three-dimensional light comprising a 7600 pieces using a multi colored crystal glass block walls、
Fascinated by the beautiful expression of various are we!


Utilizing materials such as metal and glass、Well known piece of abstract sculpture utilizing light
SculptorTADA Minami (Minami Tada)The teacher、
Two years ago2014On March 20,.To become in the us, 89-year-old with pneumonia died when、
Dr. fans gathered here lounge、And the Memorial Association、I was told to the deceased。
Uses such as industrial products, such as aluminium and crystal glass、In combination with the light、
Brought great change to shine、"Light sculptor"As referred toMinami TadaThe teacher's work、
Well now "The Rendez-Vous Lounge and Bar"In continuing is that light shines vividly.


The front side、Bellhop counters are installed、
Upon check-in、The bellboy greeted me、Can I leave luggage。


A refreshing smile is an impressive décorItohSan。
Her husband is in the front lobby、Walking around, looking for a good composition、
Guests are reflected in the wrapping to hold the camera while respecting、
And Flash front lobby and waiting、BellhopItohJust been brought nigh。
Because of that big camera ready and rarely noted、I thought that moment、
ItohAnd it is this endeavor is。

"At this time your photo is difficult, isn't it?。
If you captured the panoramic view from the front、I instantly clean and is very quiet at night time."And。

Until the scene how to take and understand、Warm support told me to suggest time periods。
They are often seen movement of each and every guest、Good customer service is、
As you'd expect、Leading hoteliers say.


Down the stairs from the main building, and head to the basement floor、


Empire Hotel arcadeThe、As Japan's first arcade、1923 yearsTo the birth and、
Is the profound sense of history.、Align 50 specialty stores focusing on selected domestic。
At the arcade entrance、"The beginning of the hotel Arcade (The Beginninig of the Hotel Arcade)"And is entitled、
At the time ManagerTetsuzo inumaru.、
Shopping is considered one of the important features of the hotel、
And developed during Wright's hotel shopping、For the first time in Japan "Arcade"The name has been used.


"Japan to introduce to the world"Just becauseBy Imperial HotelFor to take on one of the important role、
At the time ManagerTetsuzo inumaru.、Thoroughly in the domestic commitment to the selected、
Slightly different from other commercial facilities、Relaxed and comfortableEmpire Hotel arcadeVicarage。
That commitment is、Instantly captures the hearts of foreign guests、
Japan on their honeymoonMarilyn MonroeAndJoe DiMaggioAnd Mr. and Mrs.
Babe RuthAndFrank SinatraAs of from the world-wide、
KissingerMr and Mrs、ReischauerEven the senior officials of the political and business circles, and his wife's visit this arcade、
Enjoyed shopping and ask!


Overlooking the main lobby from the hotel on the second floor landing、You can feel like a graceful flow there will!


On the 2nd floor、"Look for a quarter-century Imperial Hotel 125-year history
(History of 125 Years of Imperial Hotel in Quarter Centurries)
"And exhibits titled chronology.


Two model installed in front of the chronology、1890Of the opening year (0/1890) "The first main building"And
The architect of the United StatesFrank Lloyd WrightWorked on the design
"Wright House"In you can watch an elaborate model.


Japanese architect Yuzuru Watanabe in 1890 at the time of opening is worked "primary main building" model

The original main building、"The rokumeikan"Of the located next to the North、Yuraku-Cho side was erected in front of Japan's first full-fledged Western-style hotel。
The moat of the Edo Castle、For at that time was covered with cherry trees、It was very picturesque views。
To attend to State and foreign diplomats、In the social field was built by the Meiji government "The rokumeikan"That was、
"Guest House in Japan"As the role, will be opened。


Was asked to stand love was the General Manager at the time of、1923In the years (0/1923)
American architect, Frank LloydLight has worked on "Light Pavilion" model

The Center door of the light house、The Inuyama-Shi, Aichi "Meiji-Mura"In which are stored and reconstructed、It is possible to watch。
The light in the great Kanto earthquake in 1923, suffered、While many buildings collapsed and burst into flames,、
And withstood the quake almost flawlessly at。
Room of the month、1968Introduction to management in、Safety when you try to tear down the、
Many people missed、It came against the demolition。
However,、Building replacement opposite personalities movement marches、Aging and land subsidence will be torn down because。
If、Pinned up at the time of、If you had saved and restored、Heck、Will be left as a global architecture of。
I think not even while、While it models!!。
This year2016/3Until the、It is possible to watch here on the second floor.


In the main elevator、Head to the top floor.


In the elevator、It seems many of you may have noticed that、Beautiful bud vase has been established.


In a small vase of flowers "Rose"For a limited、1Has been replaced 3 times a day、
Always kept the beautiful state of the bud is!
The sweet aroma of rose flowers and such noble and elegant、
Spend in the elevator、Just a few moments peace is what has given us。
Now、Next in line、Introduce the 17 floor main building facilities.

Location:1-1-1, uchisaiwai-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Private accommodation bookings (Reservations) TEL:03-3504-1251

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"Seasonal cooking Ouchi" New Year's party with the Premium sake of once a year "Isojiman vintage" in Omakase course
"Imperial Hotel" The history of taste and food unchanging over its founding from the time 125 years "The Legacy of Food"


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