"Maserati Japan" Japanese CEO Kazuo Makino to stir up a new wind to Maserati


"ARK Hills"The、Established as Tokyo's first large-scale urban redevelopment project、
The Center "Ark Mori Building"That has become a symbol of the Ark Office Tower。
2 minutes on foot from Roppongi 1-Chome station、4 minutes walk from tameike-Sanno station and located in a convenient and、
Close to the Nagata-Cho where the central organs of the State、In the area where the embassies and foreign companies。
In buildings in many eateries and shops have.、Boasts high-convenience!


Located in the heart of the Ark、
Fountain City to add spice to come in front of Suntory Hall "Ark Karajan Plaza"。
Born in Salzburg gave the advice in the design of the Hall
Herbert von KarajanThe name, has been named。


In the hustle and bustle of the season filled with various events are held、
City life and more engaging.、Is responsible for the heart of the hustle and bustle of the Ark!


Gather together people who love music、Playing、Fit and enjoy listening to the sound of space "Suntory Hall"。
As a concert hall for classical music "World's most beautiful-sounding "designed, aiming at、
Located in front of the great Hall pipe organ、
Stop number * 74、Having a pipe total number 5898、Largest in the world.


ARK Hills Ark Fountain


"Ark Mori Building"1 fWEST WING "At the reception desk、
Admission procedures for deeds、22F "Maserati Japan Head Office"To and go!


2015 April,Than、"Maserati Japan co., Ltd."The appointed CEOMAKINO KazuoSan。
And Maserati Japan、2010 April,In Italy、Founded as a subsidiary of Maserati HQ、
2011 yearTo from cornes & co., Ltd. that was previously authorized importer、
Transferred the right of importers、As the Maserati Japan Corporation starts operations。
In the last year2014 yearThe、100th anniversaryMaserati celebrates milestone said。
To celebrate it、New modelGhibri GhibliIntroducing、It strategy from different angles、
Are you now trying to carve out a new market。
During such、Germany brands for years, it had beenMAKINO KazuoAnd I picked him as a Japanese CEO、
Trying to breathe。
This time the、MAKINOIs going to able to hear talk about the future business development!


Maserati Japan co., Ltd. CEO Kazuo Makino

1963Year born (Mie Prefecture)
After graduating from the University of Tokyo、1988Year joined McCann-Erickson。1990In the year to the BMW Japan。
Product Manager、Dealer Marketing Manager、Brand Communications Manager、
Served as Senior Vice President advertising propaganda。
1997Since、He moved into the Porsche Japan、Serving as Executive Officer, sales & Marketing Director。
2015From AprilMaserati Japan co., Ltd. CEOOn being sworn in, to the present。

Germany brand vehicles 25 years years have been spentMAKINO.、
As a very new challenge yourself、And decided to change the brand of、
Rather than be limited to Germany cars、MAKINOIs it passion for this industry has snuggled itself is spoke。
What questions can seriously、Help for its stance.、
And、Unwrap and spoke the、Is simplicity and refreshing, even feel.、
A new wind、In the spring breeze gently touching the hearts of people felt so refreshing。
The underlying work is important to "health and fitness"MAKINOMr. a、
In your hobby、It is a battle of the faction as the kick boxing! (Terrible)
Forged body going to the gym、Have been cultivated spirit overcoming anything。
Based on our physical and mental powers、Activities of the Maserati is being tackled vigorously。


Current Maserati audience、And get out a little bit younger than previous generations to、
40Bill to customer base of the middle generation of the 50's has won in the heart。
Especially、Next year 2016.The Maserati's first SUV scheduled for launch "Levante"The announcement、
More young layers、Also has become a setting also affects families、
It seems much more likely get a new audience。

UsladeOf the activities、
A single-minded passion for Maserati's current owner us of as many owners and share、
And、By continue promoting the existence value of the Maserati brand with charm、
And the development of a new customer、In addition、20Age-30 "Young people drive away"That
I'm even a little contribution to the serious problems。

UsladeMaserati is、
"Men watch them like、"Women Accessories clad in a body like.、
And、"Good views out to the delight of having met"、"As people seek peace journey"、
"To share the joy with family and friends.、
UsladeRide to the Maserati、
A very natural has become part of the lifestyle.。
Now this works about him.、1We hope people lead to more Maserati fans。


In the end a proud Maserati emblem
"Trident"Along with theMAKINO KazuoFacebook and we have a picture together! (I)
MAKINOSan、And thanks so much for your time in your busy schedule!

Address:Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo 1-12-32 22nd floor, Ark Mori Building

Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo 1-12-32

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