Friends and dinner at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo night views 'keski'


On the top floor38FIn the hotel "MANDARIN ORIENTAL TOKYO Mandarin Oriental Tokyo"In the
All day dining of Italian "KSHIKi keski"Mr.。
Fit the restaurant name、Expands the night view of the skyscrapers of Metropolis Otemachi, Marunouchi, facing the floor-to-ceiling Windows across。
As the spectacle of the day、Imperial Woods、Weather day、You can view Mt. Fuji。
Roman chef's gastronomic Street in Italy
Daniele CarsonTaste traditional cuisine of Italy's supervision in recent Japan bridge、
Business lunch from the breakfast.、And all day dining available in the evenings and a variety of scenes.


ChefDaniele CarsonMr、Taken as the first step in gastronomy was born and raised in the city of Rome、
Refinements are piled in a treasure trove of natural ingredients with a Tuscan。
Dons the traditional cuisine of ItalyDanieleMr、
Luxury food shops in Italy and the United Kingdom has large growth as a Cook、Get a very high reputation as a chef。
DanieleBy the inspiration of Italy culinary traditions of his passion and the world countries
By combining great food in Japan and enjoy the Italian epic!


And change day and day begins at the end、Shining like a star-studded night that enhances the atmosphere of luxury, stylish。
While being a night of luxury and top floor of the hotel dining、Also feel free to enjoy a casual sense I'm happy!


Pizza bar ON 38TH

Mandarin Oriental, TokyoIs it the restaurant、And come up with a new direction、
KasichIn the eight seats-limited "Pizza bar ON 38TH"We are open。
New General ManagerAnthony CostaBased on the management policy also said that the new challenges for Obama、While retaining a sense of luxury and quality、
From shortened distances and chef、And plus casual、Person-to-person communication is important。
KasichTo utilize was originally in the kiln with a pizza bar and、
The pizzaiolo (pizza maker)Daniele CarsonMr. pizza in front of the guests is baked in a kiln, provides。
The fabric of the balcony was born and raised in Rome、
Blend carefully selected Italy organic flour、Water can contain plenty of aged 48 hours and finished up in the light。
High water in and aging、Air enters and soft.、Has become a pleasant fabric。
Chewy Neapolitan and Roman-style crunchy unlike、Guests can enjoy the chef's original fabric、Always in a book filled with、Enjoys popularity.


Husband Tokyo times friends took me.、Cheers to the reunion.


Draft beer


"MetLife insurance co., Ltd."
Executive Consultant
Tsushima, Hiroki


"Company man"
President & CEO
Miura, j.


President and Representative Director
Nishizuka ikuro


Takuma Yoshida


"The Doyle collection co., Ltd."
President & CEO
Love Inoue Masayuki


"Takebayseven co., Ltd."
President & CEO
Odo Takeshi


After a long time of reunion and you are active mainly in Tokyo and Yokohama, the
Not even while enjoying a night in to be a busy time!


Homemade bread


Antipasto selection 1,900 yen

Piadina of maitake mushroom Grilled Zucchini fries, veal tonnato
Caponata salad with Mint flavored marinated sardine and Marsh
Order appetizer platter and drinks rely on 取ri分kereru as in little by little.


"Baby leaf salad and asparagus who see radish salad aged balsamicovinegar' 1,400 Yen

Must be in good balance of sweet and sour fresh vegetables with balsamic sauce dressing.


"Five types of tomato salad red onion pickle Cervia salt' 1,900 yen

Staff is a simple salad it's recommended that in order。
5Types of tomatoes are good balance of sweetness and acidity、Is a high-Brix quality tomatoes!


White wine


"Red wine"

The beer:、From the wine list
Clean and dry white wine and as a selection of Nice plump, medium-bodied red wine。
Immersed in the narrative and ritual of the usual shtick is not shot (laughs)


Scent of homemade pasta homemade short pasta with duck ragout pistachio Marjoram 1,900 yen

StrozzapretiThe、In short pasta twisted type representing the Emilia Romagna、
Means "strozza" = "blocked"、StrozzapretiThe "head pastor of shimero! "It is like having a scary implications。
Good to clog the throat! I can understand phrases and the naming of a unique conception is (laughs)
Duck ragout is dash shrouded by aroma of fresh Marjoram.


Linguine with fresh tomato and Basil ¥ 1,600

Etymology and a small tongueLinguineThe、 It features an oval-shaped and have cut、Goes with rich sauce with thick pasta。
Raises an appetite to the aroma of fresh acidity of the tomato and Basil!


The finickySSSIThe、While the astronomical observations and as addicted to pictures of stars、
Night camera alone quietly watching the starry sky was moved to tears and cry seems (laughs)


Sales of imported vehicles with long experience and、Newly independentJiroChan、Classmates atNishizukaStaff-Kun!
NishizukaCum、You know mobage "Kingdom – heroes genealogy –"The creator be (terrible)


Recent、MilanA’ DESIGN AWARD 2015AtSilver PrizeThe attention
The building designers in the worldInoueAnd cum
As a soldier of fortune in the telemarketing industry, telecommunicationsTakuyaChan,、
But I had met him、Ebisu, Shibuya, and said the Office's in your neighborhood!
Please by all means make friends!


Denim Kojima, Okayama Prefecture, a world-renowned incorporating the essence of the Union as a production background "SEVEN EYES"Deal with theOdoMr. a、
Talked about attraction of jeans full of originality.


Also has look forward to seeing you again!


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2-1-1 Nihonbashi-Muromachi Japan Chuo-ku, Tokyo

KSHIKi keski
Hours of operation:6:30-23:00
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