Northern Thailand dishes "fun pen" antique-style restaurant



Northern Thailand dishes delicious eaten in Chiang Mai famous still store and speaking、
Long-established restaurants northern Thailand cuisine offered at reasonable price "Fan pen Huen Phen"Mr.。
This is been in business for more than 40 years.、The day my mother、At night sons are engaged in family-run shop。
So popular is the stranger in Chiang Mai、
"Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour"The local guideGloryAnd I also recommend has been、
And always crowded with tourists、It is recommended to book on a weekend night.


Delicious lunch "So"Crowded with locals come to eat、
Change atmosphere in the evening,、In the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant, a popular destination with tourists。
During the day、Mother penOn the terrace of shops open and、
The night of sonPOOM JayWho has been operating the restaurant。
Mother penThe、40Year and more than manage a shop、
At lunchtime、Northern dishes and Curry、So have treatments at very reasonable prices。
My son's favorite antique gadgetsPOOM JayMr. instruments collected little by little and
Shop furniture and ornaments here and there studded with antique、It is also fun to eat and shop!


Popular restaurant as well listed in travel guides for、Thailand who not only tourists but also popular is located。
Even to this day many tourists in front of the store and sense columns in the waiting state、
Waited for about 20 minutes or so after writing the name。


Mother penThe son ofPOOM JayIs it the original artists in、
To former friends have come a long way、So in northern Thailand is itself not had hospitality。
And development of the event、1986As a restaurant serving dishes,、Working mother and reopened with each other。
The Lanna Kingdom、Is the time Burma and Laos with the territory.、
Here you will、They offered many menu based on characteristics of the cuisine of neighbouring。
Shop、OncePOOM JaySan has been decorated with collected antiques when are traveling the world ♪


Is your store、So famous is the platters say hors d'oeuvres Muang。
In the center of the platter、Name prick num (based on pepper and Eggplant Dip)、
And then set the name prick on (not spicy dip pork and tomato)、
Around the Cape and Mu (fried pork skin)、Siwa (Chiang Mai sausage)、
Name (fermented sour and hot sausage)、
MU-Jong (Chiang Mai-ham)、MU Tote (fried pork)、This dish was with rips and boiled vegetables is。
This time the、Another ladder will be there.、Stop the platters、The order different dishes à la carte.


"Chang Beer" 80THB (about 300 yen in the Japanese Yen)

In Thailand most popular beer Singha (rawd) with a beer。
1998Won a gold medal in international beer contest、Is characterized by strong bitterness of the peculiar!


"Saiua" 80THB (about 300 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Siwa (Chiang Mai sausage) is one of the typical cuisine of northern Thailand、
In a spicy sausage with herbs、Taste may vary by store。
Things spiral、As baked on the Web.、
Easy to eat bite-size cut and provides us with。
Is a unique spicy、Beer fits better in taste get into the habit.


"Nam prick on" 50THB (about 190 yen in the Japanese Yen)

The name prick、In Thailand as in glutinous rice and vegetables, eat traditional paste、
That is, there are so many different types of cuisine。
At the restaurant here is eight name prick.、
This tomato-based、Put Minced pork, rich name prick on order。
There are some hotness、And mellow in tomato sauce、
Will be reasonably priced, easy-to-eat with vegetables and dip。
This dish vegetables are feeding a lot of love in healthy ♪


"Yamujingai" 85THB (about 320 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Central Thailand dishes tend to be using fresh herbs.、
Northern cuisine is long pepper and fennel.、There is a dish with spices, such as coriander seed。
This soup "Makuu~en"It has tried to slip the fragrant spices。
In Thailand, seeYam ยํา"The toss、Meat's "จิ้น engine" in the words of the northern part of Thailand、Guy ไก่"Means chicken。
Staff I our staff here and get a recommendation。
Galangal、Lemongrass、Chicken soup with various spices, such as Botan coriander seed.、
Was not familiar with the spiciness of the chili spice, herb、The lips and tongue and throat and stomach ache!
Sweetness out of vegetables also felt、Expecting even sour.、
To drown out the taste spicy bamboo instead of、
Painful to those it was quite strong we completely helpless soup in! (LOL)
Because it is a speciality of northern Thailand、But it does not guarantee the、Try to challenge people who are good at hot and spicy。
And tingling mouth while、Tuk-tuk to pick up at the store front、Go to the shop:。
Next in line、You want to eat chicken like us
Northeast cuisine of Thailand "Kai Yang ไก่ย่าง"Famous shops"SP chicken Chicken SP" introduction!

Fan pen Huen Phen
Address:112 Rachamankha Rd,Muang,Chiang Mai⇒ Google Map
TEL:+66 53 814 548
Hours of operation:8:30~ 16:00、17:00To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:No

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