City night spread from Thailand's largest night bazaar Chang Klan Street area


Will be held on a scale often touted by Thailand's largest Klan Street along the night city "Night bazaar"。
In Chiang Mai、Sunday "Sunday market"、If the Saturday "Saturday market"、
AndEvery evening 18: 00 ~ 23 daysTo be held、Here "Night bazaar' Is!
Over the Chang Klan Road about 1 km、Small street boutiques and the full、
Traditional arts and crafts from the food.、About 700 more than clothing, such as ones, crowded with shops and stores.


Amazing, the colorful summer dresses and clothing on the cheap, and sold、
By shops、There were able to cut the hem (free)。
As 1 summer outfit、Too happy price、Because sewing is pretty sloppy、It in full awareness, ask (lol)


We lined up many similar products、In Japan's summer festival stalls、
Even just watching the hustle and bustle is a fun atmosphere!


Here is、Chang Klan StreetFrom side streets to enter "Anusorn Anusarn Market"。
Here is、A souvenir Bazaar lined with seafood restaurants and is。
I bought a lot! and yanked the currency must angle (lol)


In the entrance area、And leather bag、Clothing、Includes many small shops。
Click hereAnsan City ParkThe roof is followed、Tourism in the poor weather, useful!


Many lighting illuminating the bright products、And light lamps during the market。
The feeling of air drifting in the market、I like Chiang Mai、Gentle, relaxed and、
Staff in every store I also sat most of the people、The-I await the tourists think (laughs)


Find a very colorful beautiful ornament、
To check prices and100From THB 300It is just what a reasonable degree and none。
The Chinese girl had a great buy、
1To buy in pieces、Seems to me discount to buy together!


Teak is a famous Chiang Mai。
In the shop using our teak wood、I found a very cute tray!
1One difference between the engraving is one、While watching the different tint tray、Pick up your favorite child negotiations!
Stunning、Was able to purchase at a great price!


The come across a really good first thing in the、Bakery stall it.。
Machine and hand roughedgesthat not、The price will vary、Joined by cotton and silk at very reasonable prices。
In Thailand、Because sunlight shining strong、I stole very handy!


Get back to、Eat delicious seafood restaurants are、
Not to mention the local better、Crowded with many tourists.


In the space next to the restaurant、Twinky CHAN's cabaret show "Kiyohide al kubrā who demon"The solicitation had
180cm big and beautiful! Caught bith、Were asked to photograph!
On the condition、And a commemorative photo together "Chip、Chip、Tip ~!"And your will (laughs)
To give the chip、Chest size、The appeal saying, across the chest!
Her husband out of will、Think cleavage reluctantly and then place on one chip。
When、The next "I also、I also、Me too ~!"And of continuous。
Was a very exciting moment (Baku)


After enjoying anusorn market、In addition the Chang Klan StreetNight bazaarTo return once、
Located in the vicinity、Also go to the bazaar of another。
And either say、Than the night bazaar、It seems market extends back into the side and is high quality of the products。
And、Minutes not in main street's back market、Exactly the same product price drop。
If you have time、You might try to stroll around.


Here is、Ansan City ParkMore about 100 m to the "Nonformal Bazaar Kalare Night Bazaar"It is。


Bazaar also have a roof and be、The product does not change much。


The interesting thing about this Bazaar、While writing and painting artist、There are shops that sell that。
Colorful watercolors and pencil drawings、Oil painting,、You can achieve various art!


2In-floor、You can also free to see traditional dances。
Will revel in the dancer's dance gracefully to the traditional music with light parting as well!


Walking around, browsing the night bazaar and the neighborhood market, Bazaar、My stomach has been empty!
Local guideGloryIs it in because it was looking for reputable shops and delicious Thai restaurant、
We have to go there。
Next in line、Impressed by so much deliciousness at a Thai restaurant
"Lemongrass Lemongrass Thai Restaurant"Is it's introduction!

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