Visit the old-fashioned lifestyle at the ethnic village in a mountainous area in "Hmong" Thailand Northern!


Local guide of "Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour"Mr head、
The attractions of the day、Spread in the North of ThailandVillage of hill tribesIt is。
Current、Even dozen tribal tribe and in Thailand、The population totals approximately 1 million people。
Each has it's own culture, you've got、The same dress and language。


Into the outer Chiang Mai、Up the winding trail、It would take about 1 hour of time to the Hmong village。
Is is possible to go Charter a taxi or sǎwngthǎew、
Chengmai happy tourIs it to ask that、
It is interesting along the way of the guideChiang Mai there is a storyListen、The history of the hill tribesI think that it is a good opportunity to know such as ♪


Here is、Among the absent tribe of Chiang Mai's village、The nearest from the center of Chiang Mai
"Doi Pui Tribal Village Two young trival Village"。
In a beautifully grown flowering plant grows abundantly filled with natural village、
With roots in southern China、Beautifully clad in colorful ethnic costumes to wearHmongLive。
Here is the entrance to the village is free (* tribal Museum is paid 10 THB) in which welcomes tourists、
It is possible to glimpse into the lifestyle of old。
The Hmong、Sometimes called MEO、And the Hmong will be officially。


HmongThe、Into Myanmar from Tibet、After that、In Thailand as refugees 150 years ago immigrants come.。
Now、You can take the nationality of Thailand、"Thailand people"Became Hmong。
Within Thailand、Karen、Akha、LISU people、Hmong、Lahu、Mien、Lawa people、Ailuropoda as have nn Family、Khmu,、
There are dozens of ethnic groups。
The Hmong、Encouraging agricultural year in the top of the mountain、Growing rice and vegetables。
It、Go to the wholesale market in the city every day、It seems that making a living。


HmongOf the women who、Welcome visitors、While stall business in supported living、
16To:、Close the shop click here、In opening the night bazaar every day down to the city's。
On sale at the night bazaar and the price here is the difference、
Because of the night bazaar is still higher、If you saw what you want、It is recommended to buy here。


HmongBoasting、Embroidered handicrafts shop。
Bags and accessories were sewing, sewing, sewing machine,、Hat、And clothing are sold.








HmongThe can be seen wearing woman who has been working hard in the storefront、
The delicate hand-stitched work human hand human stitches、Exactly what is a work of art!
It has roots in Southern ChinaHmongOfficial ofEthnic costumesThe、A variety of shades and used colourful embroidery、
In the hat、Decorated with colorful beads、Put on a gorgeous necklace of silver accessories。
The Hmong、Originally for、Hmong history and folklore、Represented by embroidery specializes in their own、
Instead of expressing with embroidery、Ethnic history and pride、And、It is telling the Hmong traditional techniques to the next generation。


Over the counter.、My mom "Omiyagene ~ ♪"And so the business is good at me to come speak in Japanese (laughs)
Such as a table runner and stall100THB (about 370 yen in the Japanese Yen)Etc. and is the unprecedented price! (Surprise)
So flying everywhere in Japan Japanese smattering、It is frequented by Japanese tourists.


Elementary school students who came to school uniforms。
Kindergarten、The elementary school is located in village、
She wants to learn more、It is through the city over about an hour by bus。
Batman designed backpack and sentai found、
Any country of the children also like thing ♪ sounds like common


HmongAround the dwelling house、Base loaded with stones to block wall、
Is far more contemporary than the imagined world。
Prior to、Such as thatched homes found、Strong wind and rain to outshine、Because changing this and that。
Along with the trend of the times、Hmong life past Oita change there seems to be。


A narrow passage between the House and the House up.、We glimpse part of life。


Here you will、In factHmongDining living outside the House and live tours even shooting some possible、
Depending on the ethnic、Or at shooting ban、Villages are not welcome so give out!
1 family 5 people or more will mean、It is no less family without leaving the nest from being married to leave three families living on the。
Cloudy day, Chiang Mai is occasionally due to rain、I think if you try very mild climate.、
Chiang Mai cityGloryIs it for、Seems to feel very cold on the mountain。
In the winter、In the remains of a long cultivation of poppy flowers more 観re、Very beautiful and would recommend us!
Now、Next in line、"Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy TourExplore in sightseeing tours of "
Referred to as the most sacred temple in Chiang Mai "Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep Wat Phra That Doi Suthep"I introduce the ♪

Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour

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