Le Grand runner of traditional Thailand and Thailand dance show dance beautifully


Speaking of luxury resort hotel and enjoy、Restaurant breakfast is important。
"Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai"Mr. so、
Thai restaurant offering traditional cuisine of Thailand "Le Grand runner Le Grand Lanna"And、
Japan restaurant guests from abroad also is most popular "Lotus Ren"、
And、French restaurant "Frances Farang Ses"、Chinese restaurant "Fujian Fujian"、
"Hornby Horn Bar' , 'Dara Devi cake shop Dhara Dhevi Cake Shop"Such as that.。
This day's dinner、To fully enjoy the Thailand cooking select Thai restaurant!
Restaurant、Because it is located near the entrance gate of the hotel premises、From the front will show in your cart!


"Le Grand runner Le Grand Lanna"The、
The previous "Baan suan slicen-MI"That has been operating in the Thai unit、Though was famous at that time、
Dhara Dhevi-Chiang MaiThe owner ofSchettMr. acquires stake in this、
NameLe Grand runnerThe popularity was changed and now even boasts。
Here is、In the northern Thailand restaurant、Lanna Royal patrician style has been reproduced!


"For the King"

Went up stairs to 2nd floor floor becomes the restaurant hall、
Here is、Waiting area that the image of the King's room "For the King"It is。
Runner, musician、You can admire precious antiques, as well as valuable Burmese lacquerware decorated!


The restaurant area、With airy open、
Surrounded by greenery in the evening、Cool atmosphere、You can enjoy the meal!


Indoor floor

Without walls, open floor.、This will be under the roof。


Outdoor floor

To blend some of the forest、Outdoor outdoor floor with no roof you can soak up the atmosphere。


Very hot day and it was not、Night in Chiang Mai is cool even bothered syndrome and spent。
Beer in outdoor and pleasant chirping of insects that will feel even more delicious!


The menu is、Courses or à la carte is available。
But unfortunately、There was no "Japan Japanese menu、
While examining dishes bothers in a mobile、Hall staff got to work to confirm 1tsu1tsu EMART。
But you can order the menu with pictures and、In Thailand, or English only、
"Heck、What food do? How much potions to come out? How long is painful?"And、
Suffer considerable excitement (laugh)
But it's also fun!


With "Singha SINGHA" 190 THB
(Japan-Yen around 700 yen)

With 'Singha SINGHA"The、
1933Born in Thailand in the year、Was admitted to the Royal historical premium beer。
It appeared in ancient mythology "Singha" and "lion"。Most are brewed from milking、
Beer joined the distinctive and rich taste、Is the spicy flavor balanced unique Asian style.


'Chiang Mai's original spicy guava salad with prawns and cashew nuts (สม้ตาํ ฝรั ่ง)"280 THB
(Approximately 1035 JPY Japan Yen

First of all,、Guava we recommend salad "SOM / Hwarang"。
A ripe guava、A luxurious soft feeling texture crisp like an Apple、
There's preppy texture of the shrimp with、And when mixed with spicy sauce、
And while、Tasteful、This is a very tasty salad!
A personal favorite、Volume of a great salad!


"Original mild curry with pork, pickled garlic, peanuts and ginger (แกงฮังเลหมู) "290 THB
(Japan-yen approximately 1070 yen)

Recommended dishes in northern Thailand as the Curry、"Hanley Mu"。
In the adjacent border with Myanmar Thailand North、Have many influences of neighboring countries.、
This Curry is one of these。
Simmer low and for a long time because、The pork was very tender.、Light provides a smooth with plenty of shredded ginger。
Relatively、So do not feel the pain of mild flavor、Think and even easier to eat!


"Steamed jasmine rice, sticky rice or brown rice (ข ้าวสวย ข ้าวเหนียว ข ้าวกล้องมันปู) ' 55 THB
(Japan-yen roughly 200 yen)

Thailand's aromatic rice and jasmine rice。
Characterized by long、The rice and the aroma of popcorn、Goes well with Thai Curry.


"Spicy river prawn soup with lemongrass, the lime juice and fresh straw mushrooms in a young coconut
(ต้มยํากุ้งในมะพร้าวอ่อน) "390 THB
(Japan-yen approximately 1450 yen)

I had last as King of Thailand cuisine、"Tom Yam Kung"。
With the fruit of the coconut palm provides。
Boil the "Tom (ต้ม).、The "Yam (ยํา).、"Mamoru-Kun (กุ้ง)" with shrimpThe mean。
By Mac crew (Kaffir lime leaves) and bricken (a kind of green pepper)、Used car (a type of ginger) and other spices、
Coming up with a refreshing acidity with Lemongrass、Seasonings, such as PLA, Nam, chili and sour sauce (Chile in oil)
With Manami (like a lime in Japan) fruit juice、Look mild in coconut milk, and、
The mix of spicy and sweet、Has a complex aroma and flavor are uniquely intertwined。
Restaurant、The taste varies considerably、
Here's Tom Yum Goong、The pain is mild、Not satisfied、
Elegant and with、The flavor is deep and condensed、
More than anything、Is the volume of shrimp flavor and burning an exquisite taste!
This day was only 3、1Because the dish while have a good volume、
We ate much、This amount was marginal、
I'm sure、The restaurant、Would eat anything delicious is not?!


Also in the main event of the restaurant、It seems Thailand dance show has begun!
While dining in the、While listening to a nice traditional music of Thailand、
Fascinated by the stunning beauties dance party dance around!


This is the beginning of the Thailand traditional dance your body wrapped in beautiful ethnic costumes!


In the folk music of Thailand、Saw Duang Kim struck stringed instruments and bows music instrument、Using the drum Ta form、Traditional music。
Kim、And similar to the Yangzhou Mikoto.、The gentle, soft and beautiful tone、
Overlapping treble beautiful saw Duang timbre and harmony are also great!
Is a fusion of tavorn there's underlying sense of rhythm.


Famous as a dance of northern ThailandPhone Rep
The phone House、Chiang Mai nertacin to original、And then there are two types standardized in Bangkok, dancing、
Only the Chiang Mai nertacin is telling the original style。
The original、The dance was danced in the Court of the Lanna dynasty was、
1932 year、Since the celebration ceremony by King Prajadhipok's、Dance became widely known.。
Long fingernails and be、And then quite、Will plays in voluptuous female delicacy!


The classical dances of Thailand、Because it was a special noble dance was allowed once dancing only in the Royal Palace in、
Tolerance of the costume and beauty is also one of the highlights!


Chiang Mai's famous but the umbrella dance。
Use the umbrella、In a slow tempo dance gracefully.


Thailand dance、And said to the art of finger、Scenes of affection between men and women, including
While Thailand dance its own beauty,、Soft and supple、Will represent the utmost elegance.


Known as the Sun、Enjoying funny song-and-dance、Watch a fast dance tempo suitable climate.


The end of the Thailand traditional dance show、We put a nice dance Corps Center photo is possible! (I)
Check it out guys、"Le Grand runner Le Grand Lanna"And I are try at!

Chiang Mai one day night enjoying to the fullest in the evening、
Will be put to sleep in the elegant rooms of Chiang Mai, Dara Devi。
Morning reached a comfortable sleep、Early-waking.、Introduction in the hotel a rich morning buffet is next in line.

Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai
51/4 Moo 1, Chiang Mai-Sankampaeng Road, T. Tasala, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand⇒ Google Map
TEL:+66 (53) 888 888 | Facsimile +66 (53) 888 999

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